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123series Movies is one of the best platforms for anything about movies, Tv Shows, and dubbed Series, especially in HD formats. It provides the latest shows and new videos making waves in cinema. That is just the sort of top-notch video format to expect from this site.

The first point to note about the website though is the basic UI feature, showing that the providers want the site users to get the most from their visits. Everything is on the homepage, with a menu icon _ typically three short horizontal bars at the top left corner _ directing the visitor to the categories for other entries in the 123series Movies list.

You can easily spot the directory for the newest titles on the site using the 123series Movies categories. Here is what it looks like.

First, click on the menu icon. Then go through the drop-down list and select movies according to Recently Added, Tv Shows, IMDb rating, and more. It specifically suits users accessing the website with an android phone. iOS devices would have to run the platform through unique software.

If you usually download your movies based on the reviews and ratings, check out the IMDb ratings for the Tv shows and other entries on the 123series Movies list. To get a balanced picture, cross-check with the fan feedback for some of the titles on the 123series Tv Series cache by looking for reviews on rotten tomatoes and so on. You will see that every entry merits its place on the site.

In this article, you’ll see how to get the best 123series Movies categories and squeeze out the best entries from each movie genre or Tv Show on the site. See the following sections for more!

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123series Movies _ Get Timeless Series & Rated Movies

You can count perhaps a few platforms that offer such complete movie genres as 123series, yet none of those sites can boast as many entries per niche as this platform.

123series is crafted for everything that has to do with movies and Tv Shows. It enjoys the number one spot for providing these movies in HD and Mp4 formats, but mostly in HD. Also, the titles you’ll get from this website are evergreen _ they have the same fascinating content as they did on their box office premiere.

One major bonus for 123series Movies fans is that they get to explore scores of movie options apart from the already cliché titles that most other free movie platforms usually offer for free. If you watch movies a lot, you are probably familiar with this pattern _ many movie sites just seem to have the same titles over and over again! Just check out 123series Movies for a breather.

Here are some animation entries that are still available in the Tv Series category (the genres are mixed).

Doraemon _ updated since 2014 to more than twenty-six (26) episodes

Ginatama (animation) _ season 5

Moonshiners _ Season 2

The End of the World

Let Me Make You a Martyr

Home for Christmas Day

Godless _ Season 1

Blue Planet II _ Season 1

Little Women: Atlanta

You can get lots more on the official website. Just check out the list for your favorite TV Series and much-anticipated episodes. The 123series Movies & Tv Show categories provide all of these contents for free.

Moreover, you get to download movies in high-quality video formats, mostly in HD 720p.

See how to download movies and Tv Shows from the site in the section below.

How to Download 123series Movies & Tv Shows

You can download as many movies and Tv Series as you like. The only thing you have to consider is your data and internet connection. Once these are in order, use the following steps to download your preferred entries.

  • Go to 123series.net (check for any domain variations if this .net option doesn’t work in your locality).
  • Click on the search box (if there is any redirection, cancel and go back to the previous site).
  • Enter the name of the movie/Tv Show.
  • Upon clicking on the search icon, you will see the titles for your movie search.
  • Select the 123series Movies title you want.
  • Finally, click on the download icon.


While downloading movies from 123series Net, you will have an easier time using the search box to locate the movies than going through the entries on the homepage.

The reason for this is that 123series Net redirects quite frequently to an ad URL, which could chop down the users’ data. We discuss the Downsides due to the ad issue in the section below.

Downsides to 123series _ Too Many Redirections

Although 123series Net has many mouth-watering titles and download options from many genres, it doesn’t quite pass the safety test. It doesn’t leave the visitors any choice, every first few clicks on the site always lead to an ad page.

That can be a big problem, especially for newbies. It seems as if the titles on the homepage are ad gimmicks intended to lure visitors to click on them.

So, despite the website claiming that the contents are safe and all that, there is still an ad issue that needs fixing. You could easily click on malware by frequenting websites that are ad-splashed like 123series. Even a cursory tap on the search box will redirect to an ad page. That is stressful.

For most people, the best catch is that they eventually get their data’s worth after downloading the movies and Tv Shows they want. Maybe the same model works for you. If not, check out the following alternatives to the 123series Movies series.

123series Net Alternatives for Movies & Tv Series

123series can mess up the download time if you need to download movies fast. To cut through all that ad redirections, consider using these websites.


It offers users premium streaming time for all on-screen entertainment, regardless of the entries the users choose.  Some of its best content includes movies from 123series.

Other Options are:

SolarMovie (a few ads will pop up until you get to the download page)

FMovies (for all HD 720 Mp4 movies)






N/B: these alternatives are typically third-party websites, which means that the ads issue on 123series Movies is likely on them as well. There is literally no way of absolutely going around the ads, considering that most of these sites won’t work if the visitor is using an ad blocker.

If you wish to download movies from the website, you just have to watch out for likely ad baits.

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