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Affordable Temporary Health Insurance could also be called short-term health insurance which involves a type of policy you take out for cases like emergency hospital visits and the like.

Despite being called short-term insurance covers, this type of policy could cost you more in the long run if you decrease interest in expensive medical care that is already going on.

In the same vein, among all the types of health insurance you can get in the market, one with the less expensive nature is Bronze, so when you are choosing the type you want if you have in mind to take out a short-term affordable policy, you should opt for Bronze.

To help you get it right with your health insurance, this post will guide you through purchasing your health insurance for a cheaper rate, how it works, and the insurance companies that sell these policies.

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What is Affordable Temporary Health Insurance?

Affordable Temporary Health insurance or short-term health insurance is a type of policy that is designed to cover come to play when there are temporary or mostly emergency health issues.

This type of coverage works for when a health condition occurs temporarily then the policyholder would not have any need to wait for rescue from their long-term health or life insurance policy.

Although they are seen as the most Affordable Temporary Health Insurance, the cost of taking out this policy coverage could vary depending on the company you are purchasing your policy from. So, if you choose a company that would give you Affordable Temporary Health Insurance for a high cost, you cannot blame anyone for that.

Among all the types of health insurance you will find in the market, you can only get the best short-term cover when you choose your policy under bronze, however, convertible term insurance could start as temporary insurance but along the line, it would modify.

So, when your health is concerned, it is advised you pay attention to even the tiniest details.

Do I Need Short-Term Health Insurance?

Short-term health insurance is considered the Affordable Temporary Health Insurance but it is a thing of concern getting to find out how truly legit the policy is.

In case you are asking what the link between these two is (short-term insurance and Affordable Temporary Health Insurance), term insurance is proven to be the cheapest insurance you can get so when you go after short-term health insurance, you are likely to get very cheaply and temporarily.

Outside your normal health and life insurance policies, the need for Affordable Temporary Health Insurance is not mandatory but important because in some cases, you may find out later that your health insurance does not cover some little emergencies.

In cases as such this, you may not have the time to take out a short-term policy cover so, while you can, it is advised to get your short-term health insurance handy for cases of emergency.

Also, to make sure you need this policy, you must pay close attention to your health insurance policy down to the terms and conditions as well as the extent your policy can cover you.

What Does an Affordable Temporary Health Insurance Cover?

As expected, Affordable Temporary Health Insurance has limits to what it covers just as it says by the name short-term,

This type of policy is short-lived therefore, it cannot cover your entire health cases therefore, you must pay close attention to know what and what is not covered so you know in what cases you need your main health insurance and which you need your Affordable Temporary Health Insurance.

Below is an outline of the cases an Affordable Temporary Health Insurance can cover;

  • Emergency visits to the hospital
  • Some parts of your medication prescriptions
  • Some doctor’s appointments

What it Does Not Cover

Your Affordable Temporary Health Insurance would not cover you in a lot of cases concerning your health, before you read some of these cases, it is very important to pay attention and read the terms of your plan also, pay attention to which plan type you choose.

This is because, all the plan types under this Affordable Temporary Health Insurance have their coverage area specifications so, if you have in mind your policy to cover a certain area and go for the wrong plan, you may regret it at last.

On that note, below is a list of cases and conditions where Affordable Temporary Health Insurance does not cover you, in such cases, you can turn to your main life/health insurance for coverage;

  • Short-term health insurance does not cover you against pre-existing conditions
  • Maternity care
  • Mental health challenges
  • This type of health policy does not guarantee essential health benefits

The reason you will need to take out Affordable Temporary Health Insurance is not because you have a medical condition but because you do not have an idea what the next minute will bring about.

So, suppose you are in college, laid off from work, cannot afford proper medical insurance, and already have proper medical insurance coverage but need one in case of emergencies. In that case, you should proceed to take out Affordable Temporary Health Insurance.

Companies that Offer Affordable Temporary Health Insurance

If you made up your mind to take out short-term health insurance then you should be searching for the best company to take out your policy from.

If you take out your policy from the wrong company, you may end up going for the wrong plan which would not cover your need.

Some of the plans under this type of health insurance include;

  • Maintainance plan
  • Preferred provider organization
  • Point of service

Although these are the main health insurance plan types, you can also take out Affordable Temporary Health Insurance under them if the company you chose offers them and if they are your choice.

To help you compare quotes and take out your policy coverage from the best company, below is an outline of some of the companies that offer Affordable Temporary Health Insurance;


To get Affordable Temporary Health Insurance, you must pay attention to the company you are taking out your policy plan from, and the plan type you are choosing for your policy.

Besides the fact that it is called an Affordable Temporary Health Insurance, the actual cost of your policy will depend on the company you are taking out your policy from as well as your age, zip code, etc.

If you are interested in taking out the main health insurance, the cheapest policy you can get under this type is the Bronze plan.

Carefully compare plan types, companies, and coverage options before you conclude your policy takeout.

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