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You can access the current AGSMEIS Loan Application Portal 2023 for the CBN NIRSAL AGSMEIS ongoing loan for qualified applicants.

The NIRSAL scheme is a composite program, which includes AGSMEIS as part of the loan/funding earmarked for agriculture and Agri-allied ventures. It is disbursed via microfinance, which operates through the NIRSAL Microfinance brand. So far, different rollouts have been implemented, with expected in the coming weeks.

At the onset, the program targets enterprises and the growing SMEs — small and medium-scale enterprises — in Nigeria, intending to accelerate production by providing funds for them.

By the close of the session 2023, a budgeted number of loans will have been distributed to a specified business sector. The AGSMEIS Loan Application Portal 2023 is one of the most viable offers for businesses in Nigeria looking to access loans under less stringent conditions.

At the time of writing, the AGSMEIS Loan program has overseen up to ninety-five-billion-naira disbursement.

If you are looking to kickstart an enterprise of yours, or wheel a concept into a thriving profitable venture, consider the AGSMEIS Loan by CBN.

You can scale your business through many financial hurdles by accessing this loan. For one, it provides a safety net against bankruptcy. Also, you can easily get a free pass to other benefits that could follow up the basic AGSMEIS Loans.

However, the AGSMEIS Loan Application Portal 2023 primarily targets entrepreneurs venturing in agriculture.

So, if you are in the niche of grassroots farming — with a few machinery or tools —, you can benefit a lot from this program.

At a Glance:

AGSMEIS is short for Agri-Business/Small and medium Enterprise Investment Scheme.

It is an initiative by the Central Bank of Nigeria to facilitate the Federal Government’s economic plans, which focuses on agro-allied, agriculture, and SMEs as catchment areas.

Also, it provides affordable loans in structured tiers, depending on the particular section the beneficiary wishes to enter.


In case your criteria for a viable loan offer is the interest rate, consider the avenues covered by a CBN loan rate of five percent (5%). That is precisely the rate for the ongoing AGSMEIS Loan Application Portal 2023. However, you can conveniently sidestep collaterals to access the loan.

You don’t get to withdraw funds without a review from NFMB, the recognized agency for disbursing the AGSMEIS Loan. For instance, the market heuristics that culminates in your getting the required equipment are run by NFMB. However, you will be able to access the funds in your bank account, depending on the NIRSAL criteria.

See below for the AGSMEIS loan-eligible applicants.

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AGSMEIS Loan Application Portal 2023: Eligible Applicants

As we mentioned at the start, the ongoing AGSMEIS Loan Application Portal 2023 is open for specific catchment areas, which includes the ones below.
Kerbs and Electric Pole Making

Automobile Services

Fashion and Dressmaking

Art & Entertainment Welding and fabrication

Catering & Event Management

Apparel and Textiles


Cottage Industry




Masonry Hospitality

Agriculture & Agro-allied Processing

Health Services

Animal Husbandry

Cosmetics, Beauty, and Makeup Artistry

Electrical and Electronics

Courier & Delivery Services

POP and Tiling


Creative Industry

There are adequate provisions for all applicants in these categories, regardless of the specifics of each niche. For instance, those that require machinery to function are duly covered, and likewise, those looking for a stimulus fund to start their businesses.

Also, the current AGSMEIS Loan Application Portal 2023 is structured to accommodate any job description that falls under the SME categories.

See the AGSMEIS Loan requirements in the section below.

AGSMEIS Loan Application Requirements

Regardless of the AGSMEIS Loan or NIRSAL applicant description, anyone looking to access the loan will have to provide the following perquisites.

BVN _ ensure you have a Bank Verification Number (also, keep an easy link close by so you can easily retrieve the BVN when required in person, although this isn’t always the case).

Valid Identification Card _ ensure you have a valid ID card or other means of clarifying your ID since it ultimately affects your credibility during NIRSAL assessments.

Provide Two (2) Guarantors _ Often, the details of at least one guarantor are required to qualify for the AGSMEIS Loan Application Portal 2023 eligibility criteria. It could be a determining factor for people who have met the other requirements.

Provide a certificate from an EDI agency supported by the Central Bank of Nigeria

Also, you will have to provide an EDI-reviewed Business Plan, along with supporting documents that could add credence to your business scheme (not necessarily a blueprint).

See below for the AGSMEIS Loan Application Portal 2023 application procedure.


There might be different specifications for each job description in the above list. However, the steps in the following section will generally serve every group. If you wish to access the particular criteria for your job niche, you can request the slip from the official website.

How to Apply for AGSMEIS Loan Application Portal 2023

You can apply or register for the ongoing AGSMEIS Loan Application using the open portal — As a prelim, ensure that you are among the eligible job category before filling out the application form. If you don’t meet the criteria, your forwarded application is automatically invalid.

After forwarding your application, you will have to meet the following post-registration requirements.

  • Attend an Entrepreneurship Development Institute session — only the ones supported by CBN.
  • Also, you will have to complete your registration through the CBN-recognized EDI channels.
  • Ensure you enclose all the required details in the application.
  • Moreover, attach all the specified photocopies in the application, which could facilitate quick verification.


The AGSMEIS Loan Application Portal 2023 is currently open. Also, the program targets enterprises and the growing SMEs — small and medium-scale enterprises — in Nigeria, intending to accelerate production by providing funds for them.

Additionally, the concerned agencies have begun disbursements, with over ninety-five thousand naira paid out via the relevant AGSMEIS/NIRSAL agencies. You can track your application by keeping a tab on the NIRSAL & AGSMEIS application portal.

Typically, the qualified applicants are contacted by AGSMEIS. You can keep a tab on this post for updates.

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