Airtel Night Plans 2022/2023 | Subscription & USSD Codes (Get 1.5GB for N50)

With Airtel Night Plans active on your device, you can browse as much as you like within the period of 12 AM to 5 AM, and after the range of these periods, the Airtel Night Plan goes back to being inactive.

In today’s article, you’ll find out the latest Airtel Night Browsing code, and how to check the Airtel Night Plans data balance once you subscribe via USSD or SMS.

Network providers in Nigeria have been very annoying lately, instead of helping us economize & cut-down expenses, because of the unstable condition of Nigeria’s economy, they are increasing what’s meant to be a lifeline for those who are unable to afford normal internet data plans.

Airtel, as a telecommunication network has shifted its hand up a little, and it really affects lots of people using the network in Nigeria. Its night plan has been hyped from 1.5GB for N50 to N200.

However, the Airtel data bundle that’s N25 for N500MB now comes with only 250MB, which makes it look similar to MTN which offers the same 500MB for N50 currently.

Airtel’s 250MB for N25 might have been reduced, but it can still be activated for more than a night, which is even better compared to other networks that offer the same night data bundle.

Alright, let’s go into the main aim of writing this article today, which includes details about all the midnight plans, subscription plans, subscription codes, prices & limits.

How to Subscribe for Airtel Night Plans 2022/2023 via SmartTRYBE 2.0 Midnight Browsing

Airtel Midnight browsing plans are offered according to MBs & GBs once you key in the right USSD code on your mobile device. The plan’s validity will also be displayed to you while subscribing to the Airtel Night Plans. See below for how to subscribe to Airtel’s Midnight browsing plans, Airtel offers:

  • 250MB Night Plan – N25
  • 500MB Night Plan – N50
  • 1GB Night Plan – N100

You can easily subscribe to these night plans above once you have up to N100 in your credit account,  but how do you sub for these plans, and with what appropriate code? See below.

Moreover, before subscribing to these plans, you must opt-in on Airtel SmartTrybe Prepaid Plan, if you’re not, simply opt-in via this code – dial *412#, and follow the prompts to complete the process.

To subscribe to Airtel Night plans, follow the procedures below:

  • Access your call app on your device
  • Or simply dial *412#
  • Type or Select a number from 1, 2, 3 – Airtel Night Plan 250MB/500MB

Once you select the number, with your account sufficient with at least N100 credit, you instantly subscribe to the Airtel Night Plans. The plans can only be valid for about 5 hours through the night till bright morning (12 am to 5 am).

You might also wonder if you can buy Airtel Night Plans, which might be the 250MB bundle, actually, the answer is YES. Since you have enough credit or sufficient money in your Airtel account, you can purchase as much as you like for Night plans & other plans as well.

In a night, you can purchase more than once for similar plans, which is why I included 1GB for 100 among the above plans because when you subscribe for 500MB (N50) twice, you’ll get up to 1GB (N100).

Once you get a Night Plan on your radar or account, you do not have to call or inform about when your bundle will be active, because immediately it clocks 12 am midnight your Airtel Night Plan bundle will be automatically activated.

See the following section below, and find out how to check your Airtel Night Plan 2022/2023 data balance, and what USSD code is needed to check it automatically without wasting much time.

How to Check Airtel Night Data Plan Balance – Applicative USSD Code

Once you’ve subscribed to the Airtel Nigth plan, and probably used it for some hours, we’re sure you would like to check the data balance and find out how much data you’ve used up within the period it has been active.

Currently, when you try checking your Airtel Night Plans data usage details, it might be difficult to process due to some network issues, but we still have a solution to that, and it’s the same solution I have been using to check mine. See below:

  • Visit your Phone settings
  • Access your Data Usage¬†
  • Open and navigate through the data to display starting from the subscription that was done.
  • Set a data limit and watch when you’ve reached or exceeded the daily, and once that is done, you’ll be able to know your data balance by estimations.

You can also check your Airtel Midnight Data Balance via direct SMS, and to do this, see the following steps below:

  • Launch the SMS app on your device.
  • Click on ‘Create a new message.’
  • Type in the keyword ‘Status.’
  • And then, send the text to 141.
  • Wait to receive a message with information about your Airtel data balance

For further updates on Airtel Night Plans 2022, feel free to visit this page often on Start Easy Crypto, and don’t forget to share or leave a comment below for informational purposes only.

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