Balance of Nature Reviews | Pros & Cons | Company Bags FDA Warning

Balance of Nature Reviews online has become a hot topic for many popular health blogs, considering the regulatory hang-ups, the nutritional value of the supplements, and increasing consumer dissatisfaction with the pricing.

In all the ensuing media highlights, a potential customer may possibly wish to know if the company offers any legit products or not. That is what we intend to find out in this article.

According to some medical/health journals publishing daily on such issues, Balance of Nature offers several supplements that could really boost your general body systems — immune system, vitamins, fiber, etc.

The PR keyword about the whole formula is that the brand offers the best products as far as supplements go.

Now, there has been enough time for people to have their personal experiences using the supplements. And despite the tips and cues from Balance of Nature Reviews (from some health-niche blogs online), many customers aren’t satisfied with several crucial aspects of the products.

In terms of marketing, generally, the following complaints come up often:

  • High pricing
  • The prices don’t allow for proper negotiation, considering that the formula is closely-guided and could be any typical routine for other supplements.

On the production side, the majority of the complaints are as follows:

An FDA warning about the irregular checks (or no checks at all) for the manufacturing of these supplements.

Also, there is no Balance of Nature Reviews on the components of the capsules.

These complaints bear on the safety and effectiveness of the Balance of Nature capsules in the long run. For one, a public notice from the FDA isn’t just for some flimsy oversight. Anyone looking to buy healthy capsules from any brand would take such caveats seriously.

Before we crunch the pros and cons of the supplements, let’s take a general look at the Balance of Nature roadmap. Who Started the Company? Further, what is Balance of Nature all about? Find out in this post.

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Balance of Nature Reviews: Overview of the Company

In 1997, a Chiropractic medical practitioner, Dr. Douglas Howard, started a company that would focus on providing a vitamin and mineral-rich diet supplement.

His insight was to use a simplistic combination of fruits and veggies to cater to the daily nutritional needs of consumers on a daily basis. Typically, such a routine works perfectly fine with only a few capsules as the maximum intake per meal (or day, according to specification).

According to popular Balance of Nature Reviews (and mainstream PR reports), the main ingredients used in the eventual supplements are sourced from phytonutrients, which are produced by plants.

Usually, a functional body system requires a micronutrient threshold to do a range of works properly — this involves immune system repairs and supports, overall improved digestion, better motor function, etc.

Much has been said about the ingenuity of Dr. Douglas Howard, leading up to the batch of supplements that make it to the markets after the brand was founded. So, below is a brief intro of a few available Balance of Nature fruits.

Available Balance of Nature Veggies & Functions

As you might be expecting, these come in different categories according to the supposed function and target areas in the body. Each one has its specific blends of vegetable extracts too.

Balance of Nature Reviews
Balance of Nature 100% Plant-extracts

Depending on the purpose of the fruit brand on sale, the available products include the broad classes here.

Repair Blend

Made with kale, soybean, onion, green garlic, carrot, zucchini, cauliflower, celery, and spinach, this blend is provided as a 576 mg cohort, with applicable prices.

Also, it is supposed to provide the body with all the required micronutrients for body growth and nourishment (basically, repairs and regeneration).

Protect Blend

Unlike Repair Blend, this brand is a different mix altogether. It consists of a different combination of ingredients such as shiitake mushroom, wheatgrass, carrot, soybean, garlic, red cabbage, cayenne pepper, sweet potato, and kale.

Based on the branding, we suppose this fruit is good for the immune system, provided as a 713 mg.

Maintenance Blend

This veggie mix consists of zucchini, white onion, cauliflower, kale, wheatgrass, spinach, broccoli, soybean, green cabbage, and celery.

You can get Maintenance Blend in a 720mg unit. (Check the site for the pricing for each of these brands above).

There is a further Fiber & Spice class — respectively 10g of Balanced Whole Fiber Blend and 3g of Protect and Repair Whole Spice Blend. Balanced Whole Fiber is made with whole monk fruit, whole apple, flaxseed, and whole psyllium husk.

Additionally, Protect and Repair Whole Spice contains cinnamon, mustard, ginger, cardamom, cumin, coriander, mustard, fenugreek, and nutmeg.

As can be inferred from the product cache, the company only provides all-natural supplements, fruits, veggies, and spices, in keeping with the 100% plant-extract target as insinuated by Balance of Nature Reviews.

However, the journey hasn’t been all smooth for the brand, considering that many Balance of Nature Reviews has been decidedly complaints and downvotes. We go through these issues in the section below.

Balance of Nature Reviews Consumer Feedback

At the start, we mentioned the high pricing as possible determents for people looking to patronize a reliable supplements brand. Currently, other aspects of the Balance of Nature Reviews PR have been in the spotlight, especially the capsules.

Point In Case: Capsule Is Not Working

You can check the section of user feedback on any Balance of Nature Reviews platform. The chunk of complaints is that the Balance of Nature products aren’t worth the bother.

According to a widely-reproduced copy of a sexagenarian’s comment on Reddit,

“…I’m in my sixties and still healthy, but the Balance of Nature capsules aren’t the energy boosts they’re made out to be. Ignore the hype.”

Other feedback about the said capsule — all the brands that are supposedly able to release energy blocks — is similar to the above quote.

And by extension, the issue easily involves another aspect of product sales (pricing).

Point In Case: Overpriced Supplements

Here is the major deal breaker (even if there is a fix-it-all routine with the supplements) — the supplements are overpriced. Add the possible misnomer from sponsored Balance of Nature Reviews online promoting the veggies, spices, and fruit blends as energy units, then the whole hype fizzles away.

This ties in with the general dissatisfaction about the components of the products, all of which lack any medical scrutiny from professionals apart from Balance of Nature Reviews on social media.

Supposedly, Balance of Nature uses a special technique to preserve fruits and veggies and prevent them from losing their nutritional value until processing. Without any independent insight on this, it just boils down to hype.

Regardless of this snag, though, the chunk of Balance of Nature Reviews on Amazon is positive, with a 4+ rating out of a total of 5.

FDA Issues Warning Letter to Balance of Nature

In a letter dated August 20, 2019, the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) inspected the Balance of Nature facility at 785 E Ventur4e Dr. Geaorge, UT, detecting serious violations in the process— although this is largely underreported in the media.

Balance of Nature Reviews
The U.S. FDA Warns Balance of Nature

Most Balance of Nature Reviews feedbacks conveniently throws this bit of crucial detail out the window, despite the entity involved in its evaluation.

Following their investigations into the matter, the U.S. FDA subsequently highlights sloppy routines and misleading branding used by Balance of Nature on most of its PR platforms.

Also, much of the criticism goes to the product cache, which has been designated as “Adulterated Dietary Supplements” by the FDA.

In light of the applicable health laws, such supplements do not have the required usage recommendations. For one, hydrated psyllium husks indicated for reduced risk of coronary heart disease must needs be consumed with appropriate fluid intake.

You can read the letter here (FDA Letter).

Even if there is a 5/5 rating on Amazon from Balance of Nature Reviews, the update and ensuing public warning from the FDA effectively put paid to all the hype. Obviously, Balance of Nature has some serious work to do about its products.

Pros & Cons | Is it Worth It?

It is one thing for a company to offer a series of supplements. But it is quite a different matter for such a company to pass all tests upheld by the drug agency in the relevant jurisdiction. That would prove to be the major issue with Balance of Nature Reviews, the capsules, and the brand as a whole.

Here are the pros and cons of the company.


The capsules are actually made from plant extracts with actual beneficial ingredients.

Also, there is good CS support.


Despite all the positive Balance of Nature Reviews, the FDA has issued a warning to the company about Adulterated Dietary Supplements.

The supplements are overpriced.

Many customers report instances of Balance of Nature capsules not working at all.

No reviews from reputable medical journals.

Balance of Nature Reviews Conclusion

The best way to evaluate the sort of products offered by Balance of Nature is to defer to professionals. In this case, the FDA has the final say in the matter.

Even if prospective buyers are merely interested in the veggies and fruits mix, they need to know the contra-indications for some of the components. And Balance of Nature has been outed for grossly violating proper recommendation procedures according to the law.


Please, always consult your medical doctor to verify that the capsules you wish to consume are not harmful.

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