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Best Korean Drama series – No doubt we all have in one way or another witnessed the dramatic increase in the search for various Korean dramas as well its TV series.

The South Korean entertainment industry is gradually dominating the world, as Kpop, Korean movies such as Parasite & Minari as well as the Korean Television series taking over the world by storm.

Meanwhile, the term Korean drama otherwise known as Kdrama mostly refers to almost all South Korean fictional television series regardless of the subject or genre.

These include horror, comedy, sci-fi, and romance, to mention but a few. However, most of these TV series are mostly based on webcomics, which in form of storytelling is almost the same as comics that originated in South Korea.

Generally, you must stumble into a love story regardless of the genre (be it horror) and the same actors are pretty cool in almost everything.

Fair warning: Almost all Korean dramas have quite outlandish premises, but that’s honestly what makes them so good. You just have to learn how to accept the strange and unexpected and go along for the ride.

Not long ago, Netflix became the major spot or platform where you can find the best Kdrama offerings for the United States audience, with lots of shows labeled as Netflix Originals.

Therefore, this collaboration and the overall shift to streaming seem to have to change the business as well as the structure of the dramas, just like before when most Kdramas were about 16 episodes long & seasonal.

Hopefully, Korea & and its media still maintain their conservatives, the international audience is really having an impact on the perspective of the Koreans being more inclusive and representative of all types of people.

However, to help you go straight forward to what you want in this expanding area of television, below are the Best Korean Dramas on Netflix, both original & not.

List of Best Korean Drama

The Silent Sea

Director: Choi Hang-yong

Cast: Bae Doona, Gong Yoo, Lee Joon, Kim Sun-young, Kim Si-a, Lee Moo-Saeng

A sci-fi horror series based in space. the Silent Sea narrates the story of a crew that went for an investigation on an abandoned research facility where the tragedy took place.

Their mission was to retrieve valuable samples that would probably help in creating more water, an expensive & vitally important resource both now and in the future.

However, the crew stumbled into unknown territory as they enter Balhae station. The movie is kind full of mysteries & twists as it is led by well k own actors – Bae Doona & Gong Yoo.

Our Blues

Directed by: Kim Kyu-tae

Cast: Lee Byung-hun, Shin Min-a, Cha Seung-won, Lee Jung-eun, Uhm Jung-hwa

This is a  drama series with the clever premise of Evocative a docu-series or reality show. Our Blues tells a story of the individual lives of people who live & work on Jeju Island.

Taking a step into these individuals’ highs and lows, Our Blues made use of an innovative omnibus format, making room for both sweet and bitter moments of the residents’ lives to be highlighted and exposed through various varying lenses.

This film features  Lee Byung-hun, Shin Min-a, and Cha Seung-won, Our Blues creatively Highlights the beginnings and ends, and moments that can be considered the climax of one’s journey, revealing universally well-told tales about life.

Best Korean Drama Under the Queen’s Umbrella

Directed by: Kim Hyung-sik

Cast: Kim Hye-soo, Kim Hae-sook, Choi Won-young

Those that enjoyed watching The Greate, Game of Thrones and The Crown are sure to love this movie, Under the Queen’s Umbrella.

This is an awe-inspiring historical drama about a group of individuals fighting for the throne. The main character in the story is Hwa Ryeong (Kim Hye-soo), an aggressive queen trying to turn her sons into young men fit to wear the crown in the future.

Although she regularly plays a game of chess with both her family as well as the people in her courtroom, she still holds the powder as hard as she can without letting up – Under the Queen’s Umbrella 

 Best Korean Drama Narcos-Saints

Director: Yoon Jong-bin

Cast: Ha Jung-woo, Hwang Jung-min, Park Hae-soo, Jo Woo-jin

Narcos-Saints, also known as Suriname fits right in with the ultra-popular American-Colombian Narcos and Narcos: Mexico & also Features similar vibes to Ozark and Breaking Bad.

The storyline focuses on a businessman Kang In-gu (Ha Jung-woo), who is to cooperate with the National Intelligent Service to track down a Korean drug lord who controls the country.

This is a serious drama that features lots of fun but it leans into the bizarre nature of the shockingly true event it’s based on.

Business Proposal

Director: Park Seon-ho

Cast: Ahn Hyo-seop, Kim Se-jeong, Kim Min-kyu, Seol In-ah

This is the story of Kang Tae-mu who is a  workaholic & the new president of GO Food and Shin Ha-ri a new researcher at the company who is seeing the intimate relationship with her college friend Lee Min-woo.

Although her interest is elsewhere, Shin Ha-ri’s best friend Jin Young-SEO convinced her to go on a blind date with Kang tae-mu in her place.

When Shin Ha-ri came to understand that she was on a date with her boss, things changed and became complicated as she try turning him down.

Other Best Korean Drama Includes the following
  • Hometown Cha-Cha-Cha
  • The Heirs
  • Mr. Queen
  • Extraordinary Attorney Woo
  • Jirisan
  • Love (ft. Marriage and Divorce
  • Military Prosecutor Doberman
  • Mr. Sunshine

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