Bismart Affiliate Marketing | How to Join the Program | Is It Legit?

Bismart Affiliate Marketing allows participants to earn daily profits by reposting sponsored ads, clips, and posts on social media platforms.

It offers typical programs, such as coupons to members whenever they log into the platform, referral bonuses, and daily returns per shared video on Twitter, Facebook, or WhatsApp.

Although there is no specified blueprint on which the company operates, the official website claims it collates data and uses it to influence companies that use such information — possibly for improved consumer experience, personalized services, shopping reminders, etc.

You can see this on the site.

“We are a multi-disciplinary team passionate about data with extensive and recognized experience in its treatment, analysis (sic) and interpretation…”

It also claims to be Microsoft’s Best Worldwide Partner in Business Intelligence. But this is cloned from the actual Bismart trademark referenced by Microsoft.

That’s a stretch, and there has been relative silence from the media about it. And that’s for a good reason. You merely have to look up some of the names attached to the testimonials to pick loopholes.

For one, the name Antoni Sunyer appears on the site. The person is supposedly affiliated with Banc Sabadell Group (this is wrongly spelled as Banc instead of Banco), with a comment that endorses Bismart. Yet quick research shows that this person is not even part of Sabdell — at least, not someone of note within the company.

Currently, there are several brands of the same Bismart company offering similar programs in other countries (Nigeria, for instance).

Bismart Packages

Here are the available Bismart Affiliate Marketing packages for the sponsored videos.

  1. Bismart Affiliate Marketing Package A: N2500

In this package, members typically sign up with at least two thousand, five hundred naira (N2500), which qualifies them for 1500 Bismart Points.

This comes by default upon signing up for the program, with subsequent bonuses that come whenever the member views a sponsored vid or reposts it on social media

300 Bismart Points — goes for the video-sharing (sponsored pots, vids, or ad clips)

1500 Bismart Points — goes for activation of accounts after signing up on the site.

150 Bitmart Points — paid out to affiliates for watching or sharing sponsored videos.

Apart from these points, the affiliates also earn up to N1600 for referring people to the platform, including N200 per shared referral link.

  1. Bismart Affiliate Marketing Package B: N300

This package is low-brow, curtailed for those who don’t intend to go all in. Its starting price is at least N300.

Other pricings will have to exceed this basic threshold amount. However, there is a higher, Bitmart Points-accruing subpackage under this package that pays up to four hundred and fifty naira (N450).

See other aspects of the Bismart Affiliate Marketing plan in the sections below.

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Bismart Affiliate Marketing | How to Register | Affiliate Sign Up

If you are in for the sort of program by the company, then use the following membership registration procedure to join the program.

How it Works

First, purchase an affiliate coupon code from any verified Bismart vendor. Usually, there are designated vendors or marketers who disburse the coupon links — albeit, for specific prices. Once you purchase a coupon code from any of these people, you can then request a registration link. That’s the second aspect of it.

Second, complete the required payment for the activation coupon and wait for the link to be sent to your specified email address. (Coupon Code pricing is N2500)

Third, open the registration link provided upon registration on the platform. Usually, this would redirect to the official sign-up portal for all Bismart Affiliate Marketing members. You can now complete the registration process using this slip.

To complete your Bismart Affiliate Registration, use this procedure.

Enter your name in full (the markup space usually supports three separate words, i.e., first name, middle name, and surname).

  • Enter your valid email address
  • Also, enter your password and coupon code.
  • Ensure you understand the T&C
  • Click on the consent box if it suits you (otherwise, quit the process entirely).

If the sign-up (same as the registration on the official website) has been processed, Bismart sends a notification to the new affiliate’s designated messaging media — this could be via email or SMS.

Activate Bismart Affiliate Marketing Account

Opting for the affiliate program doesn’t signify a pass for earning ROIs from the company. Upon completing the sign-up procedure, the affiliate is required to activate the account.

How does this work?

It is quite easy and very basic. All it takes is a few clicks (just tap on the highlighted icons to finish the activation process).

Why Does Bismart Affiliate Marketing require account activation?

Usually, it is a play on the sophisticated Know Your Customer (KYC) feature used by most crypto platforms to verify that the account is not a bot or a spoofed customer account.

So, Bismart sends a message via email to the affiliate after completing the registration. The process is complete once the affiliate retrieves this and clicks on the verify/activate icon.

Post Sharing & Bismart Withdrawal Limits

Bismart Affiliate Marketing doesn’t require selling an actual product or canvassing buyers for the company. Supposedly, Bismart deals in data sourcing, which doesn’t necessarily require retailing products or pitching services to clients.

Here is how the post-sharing aspect works.

Once you are logged into your account, select the sponsored posts cache.

Go through the entries to pick a recently sponsored post (this usually reflects the video upload date).

Toggle the attached share button to access the share icon.

Finally, choose any preferred social media platform and post the video on it.

How does the withdrawal work? Well, the members can withdraw at least fifteen thousand (15000) points, as long as the cash-out window is open (6 pm-8 pm on the 15th of each investment month).

However, this period varies from affiliates to ranked members, although the basic task remains the same.

Is It Legit?

The current Bismart Affiliate Marketing rife in Nigeria can’t possibly have any legitimate ties with the big data company, Bismart. So, the operators are counting on a possible conflation of the two sites to create the perfect shroud for this sort of business.

Regarding the affiliate aspect, only a well-funded program with a steady revenue stream can reliably run a scheme that pays members for sharing vids on social media.

Even if Bismart Ng makes high ad conversions from these rounds, it can’t support just about any number of affiliates, who would be sharing the vids among peers that already know about the deal. It beats the whole idea of market ads because people would just avoid viewing the videos.

As novel and trendy as it sounds, revenues from an ad fest aren’t the goldmine that people believe it to be.

In contrast, Amazon offers a tasking regimen that pays people for a legit review of allotted products. It doesn’t just crunch a catalog into a video and push it out for any random person to share on social media and earn money.

On a light note, Bismart Affiliate Marketing helps the operators to proliferate unchecked ads online. And there is nothing to show that these ads translate to profits.

Additionally, the company owner(s) is anonymous. That’s a red flag.

Bismart Affiliate Marketing is paying now, but for how long? Similar platforms have offered the same affiliate programs, yet they all closed abruptly after some time. Why? Because a high ROI passive income opportunity is a template for a rip-off.

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