Bismart Registration | Affiliate & Non-Affiliate Withdrawal | How it Works

Bismart Registration allows you to join the Bismart Affiliate Marketing program, win rewards from the various promos run by the company, and also get gifts from the Spin Cyclers.

It offers a lot at little to no cost to the affiliates. The brand basically requires affiliates to share sponsored posts on Facebook, Instagram, or WhatsApp. That’s all it takes to start earning profits from the company.

Also, its affiliate programs can be crunched as a side hustle into the affiliates’ daily work schedule. Bismart members merely have to use social media for work.

Why Do People Join the Program?

People tend to sign-up for a Bismart affiliate opportunity for various reasons. However, many of these reasons tend to be related to finance. A robust account balance guarantees financial security. So, Bismart Registration is a trending search in many places currently.

Further, the members don’t do much to earn ROIs from the company.

Bismart is a multi-level marketing program that deals in data sourcing, information management, and so on.

However, its official website (specifically, the domain) has been unavailable for some time, which raises concerns. But the coupon code vendors are still in business, providing referral codes for people looking to join the Bismart Affiliate Marketing program.

How Does It Work?

Bismart works in two ways — broadly, this involves Affiliate Packages and non-Affiliate Post-sharing.

Of course, these are only unofficial categories, especially since most members look to upgrade to a higher package in the affiliate.

So, the Affiliate Packages pays you N1600 per referral, while the other side of the business gives you credit units recorded as Bismart Points.

On registering on the platform, you get a 1500 Bismart Points coupon. Also, when you log in to your Bismart Account, you get 150 BPs.

Even without using the Bismart Registration for Affiliate programs, you can also share the sponsored posts and get up to 300 BPs.


BPs is short for Bismart Points.

Apart from explaining the Bismart Registration procedure, we outline the earning methods, Pros and Cons, and a Verdict. See below for details.

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Bismart Registration | Sign-up for Affiliate & Non-Affiliate Earnings

You can easily register for a Bismart daily profit program using the following steps.

Sign-up for Bismart Affiliate Program

Here is how to register as a Bismart Affiliate

  • Request a coupon code from a Bismart Registration Link Vendor.
  • Check that the code has the Bismart tagline, including a registration link.
  • After paying for the code, you can click on the link provided in it to access the official registration slip.

On clicking the link, it redirects to a Bismart Registration page, which allows you to complete the sign-up process. All it requires at this stage are just your email address, phone number, referral code (which allows the Vendor to get a bonus), etc.

If any additional info is needed, it will be specified by a prompt on the screen.

It isn’t necessary to join the affiliate program straight off. So, the newly registered member can decide to keep to the sideline — and this involves sharing sponsored posts on social media accounts.

As we mentioned previously, you can earn money from the platform just by registering. This earns you one thousand five hundred (1500) Bismart Points.

You can also earn a few more bonus ROIs without doing much work on the site. However, there are other ways to make profits from Bismart that don’t imply referral vending. We explain how this works in the following section.

Bismart Registration | Sign-up & Earn Via Spin Lottery

It isn’t clear how this works specifically. Regardless, the concept of shufflers or ROI cycles in multi-level marketing is not a new one. Usually, a unilevel grid is used to calculate the wins.

An affiliate gets the top position, with personally recruited members entered directly below the affiliate as Level 1 referrals.

Subsequent recruitments are entered under the Level 1 affiliate as Level 2, and the pattern is repeated for Levels 3, 4, 5, etc. Each entry in these levels can generate as many positions as possible.

In this case, though, Bismart members merely get to click on a spin to claim their profits for the current cycle.

There are different versions of this spin lottery on the company’s telegram channel. Every one of these posts agrees on one thing — members win prizes by merely “spinning” on the Lottery.

Additionally, the Bismart Registration qualifies members to vie for the compensation packages and affiliate ranks on the site.

Bismart Registration | Affiliate Compensation

The Bismart affiliate compensation packages work on the same ROI payment model as the unilevel cyclers.

Also, it uses a ranking scheme to award prizes to qualified affiliates. However, there are not enough details about this on the official site (which is unresponsive at the time of writing).

Here are some advertised prizes that members can win on the platform.

Home Theatre


Plasma TV

Washing Machine

Electric Cooker

iPhone (preferably the latest version)

Bismart Registration
Bismart Prizes for Affiliates

Also, a Samsung Galaxy (obviously, this would be the latest ultra pastels)

There are more of these prizes listed on sponsored PR posts and YouTube channels. No one has shared a testimonial about winning it yet.

Bismart Withdrawal

Bismart profit withdrawals are not automatically processed on request. Instead, the member requesting the transaction will have to wait for the allowed withdrawal period, during which they may only withdraw within the allowed limits.

Optionally, the affiliates are allowed to withdraw earnings as long as they leave at least a N1500 deposit in their Bismart Account. This happens only on Tuesdays and Saturdays, with processing time taking up to 24 hours.

Regarding the withdrawal limits for non-affiliate members, a 15000-BPs (Bismart Points) earning threshold will be required before any cash-out request can be processed.


One thing to note about this plethora of rewards, prizes, and affiliate earnings from Bismart is that it doesn’t offer any products or actual services. Also, it doesn’t even post sponsored posts that could generate revenue to fund the unwieldy programs it put up.

The only reason people keep signing up for stints like this is that it pays easy money, not because it is legit.

Clearly, there is information about Bismart owner or any of its execs. Even affiliations with other companies or ad giants like Facebook aren’t available on the site. So, what kind of ads could possibly generate enough conversions for a company that couldn’t service its site’s backend to pay millions of people?

The company is not reliable.

Bismart gets one out of five _ A poor rating!

(Alternatively, you can check out the tasking opportunities from Amazon, a reliable popular retailer globally).

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