BloomChic Reviews | Is the Plus Size Dress Retailer Legit?

BloomChic Reviews: BloomChic provides a variety of plus-size clothes, which are listed on online retailers in the US.

A Cami Ruched has been upvoted as one of the best entries on the product cache customer review platform. And This is only one of the clothes that generally make the luxury, pliant, and easy wears category.

For those who have had enough dubbed thrift wares than they could stomach, the brand comes as a reprieve. We check the BloomChic Reviews on popular user feedback forums, with the result that people generally like the product.

So, here is a quick overview for newbies to get an idea of how the business works.

BloomChic Reviews Overview

Based in Los Angeles, California, United States, BloomChic ( operates as an online retailer, offering multiple stores and offices for easy reach.

It proves to be one of the fastest-growing stores that don’t make it to the media. According to Chainstorage, BloomChic has been the object of investment probs, as at least one private equity firm.

You know a company is ticking all the positive trust score boxes when it has investors swarming on all sides for a slice of the investment pie. Also, the valuation and holding is as high-toned as the headlines trailing the brand.

Even with the plum offers being thrown at the investment side of the company, BloomChic has kept a corresponding growth arc, with the plus-sized clothes slated for possible expansion in 2021. Other projects are underway as well.

The part of all the buzz that could really catch your interest is the BloomChic Reviews, which has many prospective customers sitting on the edge.

So, we begin with the most recurring reservations that people have about the company.

Possibly Run Via Proxies

A section of the BloomChic Reviews claims that the company is falsely entered as a US-licensed business. Why is this so? Apparently, the issue is that the bulk of the operations has been outsourced from China — or Hong Kong, according to other independent BloomChic Reviews.

This wouldn’t be an entirely new experience for people who already know how expatriates run their businesses in a foreign country. As in the UK, the US could be a lair for poorly regulated businesses.

In that case, you can get a good business deal from a proxy. Someone simply buys a registered business name and resells it to an offshore firm. Such start-up strategies are also usually covered by legislation — although not in the United States.

Despite these speculations, BloomChic isn’t even headquartered in Hong Kong. Our gleanings from BloomChic Reviews online are that customers suspect that the company is based out in Hong Kong while using Warehouses and drop-off points in the US as detours.

Considering that BloomChic lists on Amazon, these fears from the BloomChic Reviews aren’t something you should go by if you intend to buy the clothes.

Clothes May Be According to Order, But Unreliable Delivery

In case you see some reviewers downvoting the platform for these criteria, just ignore the chunk of it. There is nothing overtly out-of-the-way about the lapses between the time the order was placed and the delivery period.

However, all the complaints aren’t so petty. In fact, there are some serious downsides to the branding of the product.

Perhaps this could slide by as an oversight, but some BloomChic customers keep reporting getting a light fabric instead of the rich and bloomy material that was advertised on the site — although the specifics (cloth description, size, and brand) are not provided.

Also, if BloomChic has customer support on most media platforms, the sustained complaints could detract from this CS as well. Good support would resolve the issue, after all.

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BloomChic Reviews: Does It Provide Good Quality?

Most BloomChic Reviews don’t rate the company high in terms of product quality. The luxury seems to be lacking, and over time, some customers can’t help but decry the state of it. According to a report,

“BloomChic Clothes are so terrible.”

Excusing the fact that this isn’t specific as well, it wouldn’t be the first time a customer has sent such a review on a forum.

Regardless of these side jabs, are BloomChic Clothes really that poor quality? The answer is NO, of course. Perhaps the customers have played too far into the fashion splurge that features often on most online cloth retailers.

Although BloomChic actually has a large number of quality products, it doesn’t seem to be any better than a step beyond a high-brow thrift ware retailer — as regards the casual everyday wear on the site.

If we are to spot the reason for the downvote on BloomChic Reviews, we would have to put it down to the illusion of luxury attached to even casual wear. A recurring complaint from customers isn’t just a glitch. After a time, it actually becomes an attribute.

So, what is the verdict on this part?

Don’t just conclude based on a photo ad if you are going to purchase the listed BloomChic clothes.

However, this doesn’t mean that the clothes are all in bad shape generally. BloomChic will have to fix some loose ends, especially the preferred marketing PR it employs.

BloomChic Plus Size Clothes

The other major product cache to consider on this platform is that it mostly provides plus-sized clothes, listing clothes from many brands regardless of the designs.

BloomChic Reviews
Check out Some Plus Size Clothes on BloomChic!

Even if these wares were to contain light fabric, they don’t actually deviate from the branding on the retail site. However, the company may have to adjust the pricing, considering that user satisfaction is a costly forfeit for poor-quality clothes.

You can check the plus-size departments, though. None of these stores seem to offer anything out of the description on the retail page. So, the BloomChic Reviews downvotes on some customer feedback forums might be sampled on a fringe section.

On the whole, BloomChic offers good quality clothes at affordable prices. See our conclusion below for the pros and cons.

BloomChic Reviews Conclusion: Is It Legit?

Rounding up the complaints from BloomChic Reviews online so far, the company seems to have its downsides — and good sides too. The inflow of investments would complete the final touches on the products, hopefully.

Here are the pros and cons.


The pricing is affordable

It sells plus-sized cloths

BloomChic is easily available in several countries with good support.

The company sells products via Amazon and other popular retailers in the US.

Also, it has actual warehouses, instead of producing on demand.


Clothe descriptions are often misplaced, with the customer ending up with a poor-quality design.

The delivery isn’t completely reliable, considering the sheer volume of feedback complaining about delays.


Although BloomChic is legit, ensure you have a good preview of the products you place an order for to avoid it getting misplaced.

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