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Boohooman Review — one in an increasing line of fast fashion retailers online, BoohooMAN primarily focuses on Menswear and accessories, with extras for women as well. It is quite affordable.

It doesn’t have an easy time on feedback sites, though, considering that some people have reservations about using the platform. And the reason for this is not even far-fetched — people are getting wary of thrift wares and fast fashion.

As a glance through any Boohooman Review platform will show, the company basically produces its products through fast fashion. So, it may not be the best shopping spot for those looking to avoid retailers that rely on mass-produced clothes in a short time, which is what fast fashion is about.

If you are doing a brief survey hoping to find a practical, stress-free clothes retailer, you will probably need to compare several reviews to get an unbiased idea of what’s what. The quickest way to do this is to check a polling site or a feedback forum.

Some of the most recurring Boohooman Review feedback include the ones below.

BooHooMAN Return Policy — Not Entirely Reliable

From the CS delaying communications to downright refusal to refund, BoohooMAN has been downvoted for not following through with its Return Policy.

Is this actually the case?

Sadly, there are just too many Boohooman Review posts about this it isn’t easy to discount the incidence. One customer specifically points out that the UK makes it the customers’ right to demand a refund for products sold over long distances.

In this case, sticking to the terms of service and the advert description as it appears on the site is never to be compromised, as long as the company wishes to prioritize quality and transparency.

But here, Boohooman isn’t getting quite right, judging by the refund policy downvotes.

Customer Service is Very Good

Nothing beats a good and reliable CS, especially when the company is big on deals and deliveries. Previous fast fashion brands in the UK had their most recorded drawbacks from poor Customer Service.

Irrespective of Boohooman Review updates turning up negative (for some cases), the company is lauded for its good CS.

A good CS is a scarce commodity for retailers. If a retailer doesn’t have a drop-off location, it gets most of its publicity vetoed through the performance of the CS. So, Boohooman checks this box satisfactorily.

You can read about other aspects of the platform in this article.

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Boohooman Review | Why Use the Retailer?

If you are going to use Boohooman, what is the incentive for dropping other likely options out there? Many reasons come to mind. Also, whatever you are purchasing on the site, you certainly need to verify that a few features are in order before clicking that purchase button.

So here are a few of the unique features of Boohooman.

It offers a Thorough Refund Policy

One thing about Refund Policies is that they’re hardly uniform. You can find one considerate policy on one page, but the next section will be an entirely different story — possibly hardliners.

Specifically, the refund policy is always clear-cut, allowing the customers to know first-hand what’s at stake.

The thing is that the company does not just provide the appropriate refund policy as required by the UK jurisdiction, but also offers a thorough T&C. From the jump, the customer already knows what to expect if the need should arise to claim a refund.

It is Affordable — Includes the Accessories

Generally, fast fashion offers better pricing flexibility than thrifts, and there is always the advantage that you are not buying already-used clothes.

Boohooman Review
Boohooman offers 30% off all menswear

Also, compared to popular vendors, a fast fashion clothes retailer like Boohooman avails customers of their money’s worth. If you are looking to buy high-end fabric, then consider trying options other than fast fashion.

However, for people that prioritize good pricing and accessibility, Boohooman makes for the perfect affordable men’s wear retailer.

It Offers Many Clothes Designs, Patterns, and Multi-purpose Wears

Boohooman experiments a lot with the finished pieces it puts up for sale on the site. Most of the clothes are casual wear and multi-purpose.

You can select from several styles on the platform, without forfeiting the durability or quality of the material. This ranges from Maxi dresses to casual hiking shorts.

Boohooman Review
Oversized Tie Dye Skull Graphic Shorts

This might seem a trivial thing for retailers, but its receptibility actually has an impact on the next batch of designs that makes it out of the store.

In one instance, a retailer was accused of using selling clothing articles that coopt details from a designer. So far, this has not been the case with Boohooman, which thrives on making mostly unique designs.

Boohooman Review | Pros & Cons

Depending on the site you look at, Boohooman gets either heavily criticized or outrightly upvoted. So, here are the most informative complaints and positive feedback about the company.

Also, consider that the company seems to be compared to retailers that do not use fast fashion. This could be an unfair metric, especially since the factors that go into the production costs are not the same for both platforms.


  • It offers affordable clothes and accessories
  • Boohooman supports long-distance deliveries
  • Haulage costs are lower than other fast fashion retailers in the UK
  • Further, the company offers a large catalog, for both men’s and women’s clothes.
  • It has good Customer Service.


  • Customer Service has been reported to cut down the specified refund amount.
  • Poor delivery — reportedly trails behind the fixed date.
  • Clothes are switched, resulting in the customer getting a different merchandise than what was ordered.
  • Moreover, most Boohooman Review updates criticize the company as a fast fashion brand, citing that is unethical.

Recently, a bit of sleuthing alleged that Boohooman is using cheap labor, paying its workers way less than they are worth without any accompanying benefits. This has been the case with mass-produced fashion brands lately.

 Is Boohooman Legit? See Alternatives

Deciding on a good retailer often invariably involves checking that certain ethics are observed, especially during production. If a retailer uses cheap labor, for example, it already gives the wrong signals and people will likely avoid it.

Perhaps you wish to patronize a retailer that doesn’t rely on fast fashion, regardless of any effect it has on the cloth price. If this were the case, then Boohooman is not a viable option for you.

However, BoohooMAN is a legal retailer in the UK. It is, regardless, not one of the best options for everyone.

Alternatives to Boohooman include the retailers below.

Nike — doesn’t use fast fashion and had more than 100 million visits per month in Q1 of this year.

Hollisterco — doesn’t use fast fashion and records a page visit count of over 10 million.

Shein — this is also a Chinese fast fashion cloth retailer, heavily criticized for using cheap labor

Uniqlo — another fast fashion brand that offers cheap men’s and women’s clothing.


Boohooman is a reliable retailer, however it coopts fast fashion, with most of its marketing strategies criticized by experts as unsustainable.

It checks most of the boxes on the retail aspect but fails other criteria (such as ethics and adherence to the refund policy amount).

Visit the website.

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