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The BOTIM Cash Loan company has partnered with Payby Loan to create a payment system. It is a payment solution that offers a mobile app supported by the Payby fintech system run by BOTIM.

Currently, you can have access to not only fast & secure chats/group chats but also payment streams on the platform.

Also, Payby is integrated into the BOTIM platform for fast & reliable payments across e-wallets supported by the platform. With this tool, you can withdraw and transfer money to whoever you want to by just scanning a block code & carry out both local & international transactions.

Further, with the help of its partnership with Payby, it now offers urgent cash loans to residents in the UAE, who are willing to take loans and pay them back later. Transactions can be done instantly without much stress.

In this article, we highlight updates about the partnership between Payby and BOTIM, how transactions are done online, and how to get both of the company mobile apps on your mobile without much stress.

See below for details.

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BOTIM Cash Loan – Payby X BOTIM

Coping with COVID-19 was challenging for Payby. However, the company pushed through and kept on working non-stop to improve its payment structure. It currently offers better services to its users & merchants on the platform.

Payby users can now access it on BOTIM – a popular video-calling app in the world, which also runs monetary transactions besides its primary video chat functionality. That’s a big improvement!

If you download the BOTIM app, you will find the Payby payment system as an attachment & transaction service among the app’s services. And all these partnerships will not only credit those within Payby but also users of the BOTIM mobile app.

This makes using the app convenient and fast for online payments and even urgent cash loan requests.

Therefore, all those using the BOTIM app currently in the UAE should visit the Google Play Store or Apple App Store,  download, and upgrade the BOTIM app instantly to see the newly introduced feature on the app.

BOTIM Cash Loan | How To Use BOTIM X Payby App

BOTIM Cash Loan: On the BOTIM app, users can transfer funds to those in their contact using the Payby services on the app.

Also, you can receive money from other BOTIM users, top up their UAE mobile number account, and carry out contactless payments at a Payby-enabled merchant.

Within the upcoming months, you should be expecting many more features & benefits from both apps & services as the years go by. With all these interesting & updated features within the BOTIM app, would you like to download the app to find out for your selves?

See the following section below, and see how you can download the BOTIM mobile app, and upgrade the mobile app instantly.

Download the BOTIM Mobile App

BOTIM Cash Loan: Downloading the BOTIM mobile app is easy, you just need to follow the guide in this section & freely have the app on your mobile device.

Firstly, the app is currently seen on both the Google Play Store & Apple App Store, and to visit the stores download the app, and upgrade the app, follow the procedures below:

Visit the Google Play Store/App Store on your device 

Access the search section, type in BOTIM, and click on the Search button

BOTIM Cash Loan
Download BOTIM on Play Store

Once the search results are out, click on the appropriate BOTIM app

On the BOTIM app page, locate & click on the INSTALL/DOWNLOAD button to begin downloading to your device.

And once the download process is finished, click on the OPEN button to access the app.

Now if you already have the BOTIM mobile app on your device, and the app seems to not be carrying the Payby services on your app, proceed to your Google Play Store or Apple App Store, search the app, and upgrade the app.

After upgrading the app, it instantly has some updated features, which will include the Payby services attached to it.

The BOTIM mobile app also functions like a loan app. Why is this so? This is because, on the app, you can borrow loans via Payby, and pay them back with interest once you reach the pay period.

And once you collect the loan, you will instantly receive the funds in your Payby account which can be withdrawn instantly to other e-wallets, where you can collect them via local & international banks.

Meanwhile, all these loans and transactions come with a charge when carrying out the process, but we’re sure that you can afford it once you come across such charges while using the app.

Another alternative here to carrying out cashless transactions online is Payby, this is more like a Fintech, they carry out all services regarding online funds transfer & banking. through their mobile app.

Conclusion – FAQs on BOTIM Cash Loan

What is the BOTIM App?

BOTIM app is a mobile social app, where users & can make free voice & video calls to those their mobile contacts, and other friends globally. The app is mostly used by people in the UAE (Dubai). All these calls can be accessed via 2G, 3G, 4G, 5G, and also Wi-Fi connections.

Once you download the app, you’ll have access to more interesting features on it, and explore the social world via those you meet with the app.

Is BOTIM Safe?

BOTIM uses authentic safeguards to preserve the conveyance and security of your personal information. Perhaps, they cannot guarantee users that unauthorized third parties will not be able to out bridge their security measures.

Where was BOTIM originated?

Most people think that BOTIM is a Chinese app, but NO. BOTIM is not a Chinese App. The app originated in San Francisco, California, and was developed by Algento, a private American Technology Company.

Is the BOTIM App Free in UAE?

Based on local regulations: an active subscription to the Internet Calling Plan is required for those in the UAE to use BOTIM to make or accept free voice and video calls.

For further updates on the BOTIM Cash Loan, feel free to visit us here on Start Easy Crypto, and don’t forget to share our article. Leave a comment below.

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