Codashop Free Fire & Riot Games | Top Up Credit for Gamers

Codashop provides a convenient seamless purchase for gamers who expect to top-up their credit and move to the next level in the series.

It also corroborates with other fantasy gaming platforms to provide game software and accompanying top-ups in one integrated UI. With Codashop, there is no need for gamers to forego a level boost because of credit card issues.

Here is how the platform works for gamers.

Suppose you wish to buy into a higher gaming level on Valorant or League of Legends, you don’t have to use your credit card to get the boost or credit. Codashop makes the entire payment chain easy and fast.

The ease of points purchases and integration on Codashop make it a unique bet for gamers who want to access all the offers in one ensemble.

For instance, League of Legends fans can easily top up using the easy steps below.

Opt for Codashop Valorant Point Top Up.

Type in your Riot ID (valid details for your Riot Games account).

Also, fix a specific order for Valorant Point (same as VP).

Play Popular Games with Codashop Top-up

Then, a payslip prompt pops up on the screen.

Follow the cues to round up the purchase by making payments.

After the last step, your VP rewards will be credited to your account.

That is just how easy the Codashop Credit top-up is, apart from being less stressful and versatile. Gamers don’t need to separately assemble each point from all the providers before moving to a high level.

If you have done a bit of backup research on the essence of Codashop, though, you probably have come across some pockets of skepticism about the site. Some people don’t know the value of a seamless credit point purchases platform when the same could be bought from Valorant.

The thing is that Codashop offers very cheap prices in most countries — in places like Indonesia and Nigeria, the pricing has been lauded.

Moreover, it chops down the stress and possibly complex procedure involved in getting a boost outside the site.

Other than a Credit Point for games, there are other features and services rendered by the platform. Learn more about them in this article.

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Seamless Top Ups on Codashop | How It Works

Imagine a corroboration between game providers and a payment processor. Now, think how infinitely easy it would be for such a merger to churn out amazing values for customers (gamers, of course).

That is precisely what Codashop has done with the series of different game types it incorporates on its UI.

We take a general look at some of these games here. Check them out.

Riot Games — Get Valorant Points (VPs)

As you probably gleaned from the opening remark of this article, there is a current merger between the platform and Riot Games (of League of Legends fame!).

Just last year, the pair had pulled off an amazing global tour that winded up as a top-list trend in many game communities. Riot Games offered torrents of promo campaigns en route to the roundup in Turkey. Some early participants got freebies.

Every part of the outing was fascinatingly headlined by Codashop, which leaves the fans expecting similar turns this year.

Whether or not the League of Legends players attended the event, they still get credits on a cheap review. Here is a copy of the latest update.

1450 RP 700 RP
4500 RP 2650 RP
14000 RP 7000 RP

So, there is a beautiful start to a rewarding streak of playing immersive games from Codashop partners.

For players who stick out for the more wholesome Runeterra stories instead of just the abridged versions, these top-ups are equally available.

1000 Coins 500 Coins
3650 Coins 2050 Coins
11000 Coins 5350 Coins


In case you are wondering how this rubs off on the participants’ pockets, check out the partnership with 8 Ball Pool below.

Miniclip — 8 Ball Pool

After concluding a deal with Miniclip (8 Ball Pool providers), the company rolled out a series of promos and discounts-geared deals, intending to ease the credit top-up pressure on gamers. The result is that gamers can now access up to thirty-five percent off the main charge — i.e., 35% less than they would usually pay for the same value.

Here are a few of the available cash deals:

Golden Spin Pool Coda Bundle
5 Scratchers 3 Golden Shots
20 Cash 15 Scratchers
110 Cash 50 Cash
800 Cash 250 Cash
20000 Coins 2000 Cash
112 000 Coins 52000 Cash
800 000 Coins 256 000 Cash

How Do You Pay for Codashop Top-Ups?

It is very easy to buy credits on Codashop, depending on the payment processor supported for the users’ location. Most of the provided pay channels work well with the retail and deliveries partnered with the company.

So, you could likely get good integrations from brands like:





Grab, and so on.

To start a payment, just select a top-up from your preferred game service (check out the Valorian Points procedure in the first section). Then follow the prompts to fix a purchase price. Once you complete your payments, the request goes across instantly.

As a plus, Codashop offers cash back, not counting the plethora of game software integrated on the official website.

Conclusion: Why Top Up with Codashop?

There are several reasons that Codashop is a unique site among other integrators that offer similar services. Here are a few of these benefits.

Easy Payments

Unlike before, those who purchase Credit Points using the platform get to access good offers and special deals (refer to the tables above for the applicable games).

The partnership with popular games — recently, Free Fire in Nigeria — creates an incentive for game companies to offer affordable plans and appreciable Credit Points to fans.

Seamless Service

Well, this isn’t a hard one to hash, considering that gamers from all over Asia, Africa, and Europe are easily using the top-up without routing to the providers’ sites to complete payments. Codashop makes everything seamless.

It Offers Lots of Games

You can check the site for your favorite games. Chances are the games you are looking to play will be on the website.

So, Codashop offers the best ensemble of games, allowing the players to access their favorite top-ups for newly-released consoles without stress.

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