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Crypto Bot Trading — in the world of cryptocurrencies, the crypto trading bots are maybe not originally but currently among the most used terms.

Crypto trading bot actually refers to AI systems, software, and or set of computer algorithms with automation. These bots help individual companies and or organizations buy and sell cryptocurrencies or other assets in relation to that at a particular set time.

Increasingly, these bots have advantages due to their updates by the platforms that use them to provide services to their users. But not all of them are free.

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Right here we are going to answer most of the questions people normally ask about Crypto trading bots and crypto bot trading. The questions might include but are not limited to the following below.

What is the difference between a crypto trading bot and crypto bot trading?

Okay, this is quite the question but basically a simple one. We’ve already mentioned above that crypto trading bots are software, etc. that helps a user(s) automatically make crypto purchases or trades at set conditions.

While crypto-bot trading can mean two closely related things. Number one is, the process whereby a bot is automatically set to buy and sell cryptocurrencies at some preset times or market movements for profit

Secondly, it can mean any trade at all in crypto which involves the use of bots, whether passively or actively.

Of what importance are crypto trading bots?

Crypto trading bots are a very good help when it comes to trading as a beginner because some of them come with preset functions. These functions allow it to trade for any user without having to require the assistance of an expert.

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It simply means with these bots you are already an expert on your own. Though you need to have an idea of specific markets where you are supposed to use the bots in each case.

They help you check the market and prevent overspending or loss of funds during trades, you don’t miss a trade and you also take profits while you sleep.

When you acquire a bot, you don’t have to pay the bot to run, trading fees are lower when compared to hiring experts from the market. Users are now even allowed to copy trading strategies from professionals into their bots.

The information above is not the only function of trading bots some even send alerts to users on any specific market variations.

What are the best trading bots in the market?

Well, from the beginning this has been a very much-awaited question, and w have the answers that are just right for you.

For clarification purposes, we will only give you guys the best seven in the market and they include

  • Pionex: one of the cheapest in fees and in trades with free inbuilt trading bots
  • Zignaly: good for beginners, you can copy and trade signals from experts into this bot, it is free

The two above are among the cheapest you can get in the market others are

These ones have prices that can range from 10-50 dollars per month based on the plan you choose. And they provide the best results anyways.

What are the downsides of using crypto bots?

Many people will have different opinions about this question. Does the crypto market require bots amidst the market being so volatile and all whatnot?

Most of the disadvantages of crypto trading bots come from users. However, others are related to the program of the bot ad those who created them. Most people cannot code so they don’t know the backends of the bots they want to make use of.

Before making use of a bot, users should check and verify the originality of the bots they are trying to use. Most importantly is the platform where it comes from as well as the market in which you wish to trade.

Another can come from giving whole account access to a bot without knowing fully well how the bot functions. Mind you some bots are scams. Transfer your trading funds into another account and then give access to that particular account to reduce losses on any fraudulent account.

Moreover, in this post, we have given you the best platforms that provide the best bots that are safe.


Though we deny it sometimes, bots are among those things that keep us going during market downturns, they save us a lot of losses according to the basic trading presets.

the basic function is profit and that is what the real ones provide. As per the details above, no shivers or confusion should get to you about the downsides of using crypto bots. The ones present here are the safest and best you can get from human responses.

If you are going to try crypto trading bots make sure you choose from any of the above and don’t forget to share your experience with us here.

To get more information on the best trading bots, you can make use of the comment box below to let us know. For other information, check our website we accept questions and opinions.

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