EEDC Customer Care Number Abakaliki | 084-700-100, Fill Out the Contact Form

EEDC Customer Care Number Abakaliki: The EEDC office of the customer care line in Abakaliki is located at No.27, Awolowo Road, Abakaliki, in Ebonyi State. Currently, the customer care number for the Abakaliki branch is 084-700-100.

To find out more about other customer service centers in Abakaliki, Ebonyi State, see the table below:

EEDC Customer Care Number Abakaliki – Customer Service Centers – 084-700-100

Service Centers Addresses
Owutu Edda Service Centre EEDC Office, Owutu Edda
 Amasiri Service Centre EEDC Office, Amoku-Okposi, Amasiri
Afikpo Service Centre No. 11, Amaechi Ngodo Road, Afikpo
Onueke Service Centre EEDC Office, St Mathew Plaza, Ukwo Road, Onueke
Ishieke Community Service Centre Isieke Office at Ndiabor Ishieke Community
Azuiyiokwu  Service Centre Azuiyiokwu Office at No. 55 Afor ezunna
Isielu Service Centre EEDC Office at Isielu Local Govt. Headquarter
 Okposi Service Centre Okposi/Uburu Office, Court Area Okposi

How to Contact EEDC Customer Service, Abakaliki

EEDC Customer Care Number Abakaliki: Contacting the EEDC Customer Service is simple, you just need to follow the steps given in this section below respectively, and all your requests will be delivered right to the Enugu Electricity Distribution Company.

However, there are different ways to contact the EEDC customer care service, both offline & online, but we recommend that you use the online method because it saves more time & money to contact them online.

And also, the online process is quite simple for rookies that would like to contact the EEDC customer care line., See the methods below:

EEDC Customer Care Number Abakaliki – Online Methods of Contacting the EEDC Customer Care

  1. You can call their hotline contact center on 084-700-100
  2. Contact the Customer care via Email Address
  3. You can also contact EEDC Customer care through SMS/Whatsapp.
  4. And Finally, you can visit the official site, and fill out their embedded contact form on their Contact US page.

The procedures on how to apply these methods effectively are outlined below respectively.

How to Contact Center on 084-700-100

EEDC Customer Care Number Abakaliki: Contacting the EEDC customer care hotline is an easy thing, the process is similar to calling an ordinary person formally. All you can do is dial the hotline on your dialer with your mobile device, and send the call. On replying you will speak up, stating all your requests, questions, and suggestions to the customer care in charge of the call.

Their reply to your AQs will determine the next action you are to take in order to solve your problem. If you’ve done all these, you will see that this is the best way of contacting the EEDC customer care service. Other procedures you can apply to the methods listed above are as follows. read on to find out more.

How to Contact the EEDC Customer Care via Email Address

If you visit the EEDC online contact page, you will find their company’s contact email address listed on the page. All you are to do there is to copy the email address instantly, move to your Google mail account, and send your request via the email address to start up a conversation with the EEDC Customer Care team.

How to Contact EEDC Customer Care Via SMS/WhatsApp Contact

EEDC Customer Care Number Abakaliki: To contact EEDC Customer Care, you can also send your questions/requests via an SMS, which to send, you need to write the necessary information on your message write-up background, and send it to 0815 082 6061.

The same procedure above also applies to the WhatsApp contact process, the EEDC WhatsApp contact is the same as the SMS contact number. This means that you can optionally choose among the two methods to apply when trying to contact the EEDC, both methods are active.

How to fill out the embedded contact form on the EEDC official site

Filling out the form is an easy process. It’s just like trying to log into your personal account on a website, the process is almost similar. Follow the procedures below in order to fill out the contact form appropriately.

  1. Visit the Contact Us page on the EEDC Official platform.
  2. On the page, you will see a form, which you are meant to fill out alternatively if you are unable to contact through other options given on the platform.
  3. Within the form, you’re to provide your credentials initially, this information includes your name, telephone number, email address, and lastly your comments.
  4. Finally, click on the Submit button below to send the form & comments you made on the platform, and automatically, you will get a response within some time.

In the comment section on the form, you can type in your requests & questions about their services before sending it.

Note: Before you can submit the form appropriately, you need to have an existing account on the platform, which you will log into before making a statement on the form, send it, and get feedback on that same account. Meanwhile, for further interesting topics on Customer Care Support, stay with us on, and please don’t forget to share.

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