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Ekbet App _ Developed by a company based out in Malta, Ekbet proves to be a reliable online gambling platform that provides the best market for all players.

For those looking to gather in the profit pile at the end of a straightforward punt, accessing a variety of odds is the best part of online gambling. So, Ekbet contains all the options in one broad basket, offering fascinating deals to everyone who cares for extra cash.

Ekbet focuses on various punting categories, proffering good odds on each one. Here are several of the available options on the platform.

Table Tennis


Cyber Games


Bet on Football Games on Ekbet Now!




Also, by attaching a well-researched stats preview to each game timeline before the timing starts running, Ekbet puts an edge on the already awesome list of punting options on the site.

As a player on the platform, you can view the lead-up to the actual games, including all the formations, skillsets, technique analysis, and other bits of detail that factor into the odds of netting huge profits.

If you are going for the cyber sport option, you will enjoy a trash-talk prelude from the arcade and streetfighter characters, which all add to the fun of it all.

Further, the app makes for a handy bet tool since it contains all the details on the web interface option. Every game designation is well-crafted to provide the optimum win option for you.

An interesting twist to the experience of online betting is the Betting Exchange coopted by Ekbet, which allows the punter to stake against fellow punters, instead of slogging against the platform itself.

But the above features are generally for the sports feature. Other categories on the Ekbet App have their specifics. For instance, if you opt for the Live Casino bets, you get a whole new crop of amazing offers from the get-go.

See what the Ekbet App generally has to offer in the sections below.

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Ekbet App Live Casino | Play & Win on Fair Stats

In this aspect of the Ekbet casino games, there are lots of novel games for people who aren’t yet invested much in card-game varieties. For that matter, Teen Patti is a good example of the sort of evolution that Casino games have undergone.

Apparently, sticking to a fixed rule for a deck of cards for centuries doesn’t seem to offer that much thrill for players.

So, there is a breakaway from the boring casino norm of sticking to cards — i.e., queens and kings’ kind of cards. Teen Patti brings a different set of characters in a toned swirl of colors, making the prospect quite refreshing for beginners looking to earn profits.

The same goes for online bettors too! Having a new set of cards on the table shuffles the profit stack, ensuring that the games are based on fair play, by default. At least,  this time, nobody gets to make long-term maneuvers without putting in as much research and experience as the other guy.

On the flip side, Ekbet supports a full house, meaning that traditional live casino games also make the games categories in this section.

Below are several available options here.

  • Dice (all varieties are likely provided on some games)
  • Andar Bahar
  • Roulette
  • Baccarat
  • Sic Bo
  • Dragon Tiger

And there are other games — usually live TV punts on Wheel of Fortune and similar game varieties — besides these ones above.

Moreover, Ekbet gives adequate considerations for players looking to engage the best dealers, background designs, and general outlook for good effect.

Every detail on the live game app factors into the overall gripping sensation that comes with any gambling experience.

If you want to use a different betting category — say, a South African-grown game—, try the online slots on the Ekbet App. Regardless of the ones you opt for, Ekbet provides the same functionality, unless you want retro graphics, which aren’t always available on the UI. Based on the description, Ekbet is basically a 3D live gambling platform.

See how to download and use the mobile app on your smartphone in the section below.

How To Download Ekbet App & Set Up

For iOS devices, Ekbet App isn’t available on App Store. The Procedure in this section only works for Android phone — typically Android 5.0 or higher versions — users. Also, the app is available for Samsung, Ziox Duopix, and other phones (check the site for the complete list).

Use these steps to download Ekbet App on your smartphone

  • Go to the official website.
  • Click on the Mobile option on the homepage.
  • Then select the Android Download icon.
  • If there is a subsequent request for download, click Accept.
  • Otherwise, the Ekbet App will download automatically once you click on Android Download.

Ekbet Benefits

Some general benefits of the Ekbet App include the following.

It is Fast & Reliable

There is no momentary glitch due to a technical fault on the backend. While using the app, you can opt for good settings, access to at least one game section, live broadcasts, and more. None of these features has been reported as glitchy or bulky.

Considering the scale of features in every Ekbet App betting category, the fast and steady service consolidates Ekbet as a truly outstanding handy gambling app.

Live Broadcasts

Of course, there are many mobile apps for betting that provide live broadcasts. But here is a teaser — Ekbet offers a FREE live broadcast!

This feature works on all the provided categories (casino stand-offs, sports, slot games, etc.). It comprises lots of sports broadcast gimmicks, all provided without any request for a subscription. Also, none of the live videos is abridged, which helps the viewer to get a complete idea of the punt layout, including where the best odd clusters are.

Ekbet Provides an Exchange

At the start, we explained that Ekbet uses an exchange, which chops off the risks that come with punters staking against a gambling platform. If you are playing on the app in this case, you literary stake against other players.

Also, the benefit of a neutral provider is a good prop for reluctant players, who might be hung up on the thought of the platform pushing skewered odds to punters. However, using an exchange conveniently solves the issue and leaves all parties happy about the available options.


The online downside to the app so far is that it isn’t available on App Store for iOS devices.

Instead of using a more direct download link, the service providers tend to use a copped electronic route, offering an INSTALL function in third-party coupon-selling sites. However, even these alternatives will not work for iOS devices.

You can get an Android smartphone if you are looking to access the offers on Ekbet, though.

Last Words

Originally, Ekbet catered to only Indian punters. It provides services in two aspects — sports and casinos.

Also, there are general features for each category in this platform, with specific details for each one. However, only interested players who have the supported devices get to play the game, at least on the Ekbet App.

The limited range for supported devices constricts the app download counts to only the demography of Android and Samsung phone users that love to gamble online. Generally, though, Ekbet offers one of the best features compared to other platforms.

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