Get Approved CashNow Loan App Faster | How It Works

Get Approved CashNow Loan App Faster: with the appropriate procedures, you can easily fill in for a CashNow loan and get it in due time without any stress.

To get started, you will have to comprehend the Terms and Conditions of both loaning and repayment, especially if you plan on paying back in installments. Sometimes lenders don’t play by the popular rules. In such cases, anyone looking to take a loan would be better off consulting a “how to” article before going through with the request. Hence, we write to clarify these points.

Since there seem to be many loan apps around the African fin-tech space these days, you might be wondering if taking a loan from CashNow Loan App is a wise decision. If so, here is a preview of what the micro-lending finance landscape looks like in Africa.


Different regions in Africa have a basic economic plan on which it is modeled, which becomes clear-cut along ECOWAS and non-ECOWAS countries.

Regardless, many fin-tech companies offer seamless transactions across different banking platforms. Some of these companies make online transfers and utility payments easy for customers. On the other hand, several companies offer loans with little forfeits on the customers’ part. That is where an app like CashNow comes into the picture.

Can You Get the App Anywhere in West Africa?

At the moment, the service is available in places like Abuja and Lagos as KashNow. So, yes you can get the app in West Africa.

Also, the Kenyan version is available, offering rates varying from Ksh3000 to Ksh50000. In this regard, we explain the requirements and process you need to Get an Approved CashNow Loan App Faster.

Read on below for details.

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Get Approved CashNow Loan App Faster: What You Should Know

To Get an Approved CashNow Loan App Faster without any problems, ensure you have all the requisite credentials. So, we begin with the information that is vital to the loan request process. See a brief breakdown below.

  • Ensure you understand the CashNow Credit Agreement.
  • Do not attempt to sidestep the scrutiny and background search
  • Also, do not go ahead with the agreement (or any other loan agreement, for that matter) if they do not align with your budget.

As per the last point, interests on the approved loans are available in two basic forms _ fixed and aggregated.

If you opt for the fixed interest, you will have to meet the accompanying credit requirement. So we list a few preliminaries here.

Accreditation & Repayment

At a Glance, the Process involves the Steps Below.

CashNow uses an automated system to run background checks on the customer looking for loans, establishing legitimate credit scores based on employment status, outstanding debts, and (possibly) account history.

Also, it offers loans in the range of three thousand to fifty thousand (3000-50000) in the customer’s preferred currency, as long as the request comes from a supported country.

Further, any accredited customer will have a maximum of fourteen (14) days, counting from the date of the loan credit, to repay the borrowed amount.

Repayment is often automatic, with the app requiring the customer’s banking details via the T&C preliminary to credit the customer’s account.

N/B: You will need to high credit score to Get Approved CashNow Loan App Faster. As such, you will have to meet the above criteria.

Going further, we will explain more about some of these terms. See the following section for how to download the application.

How to Download CashNow Loan App

Depending on the make of your device, you can get the CashNow Loan App on either Google Play Store or Apple Store. Here are the steps you will have to follow.

  1. Go to Play Store (search on Google if you do not already have the app on your mobile phone).
  2. Search CashNow App.
  3. Check that the provider, app rating, number of downloads, and reviews are satisfactory.
  4. Then install the app on your device (mobile phone or PC).


  1. Go to App Store.
  2. Search CashNow App (as in the previous steps for Google Play Store).

After downloading the application, complete the profile cred process by providing the necessary details. The first step is to provide your valid phone number (or another viable contact). You will receive your verification code via this number.

Subsequently, you can register on the app.

Upon completing the registration, retrieve the loan credit limit as stated on the app. After considering the available T&C and allowed borrowing range, you can apply for a loan.

Note: you may have to provide more than one contact and other backup details for some entries while registering on the application.

Moreover, a boost to Get Approved CashNow Loan App Faster is to consider the provider’s Terms of Service and user agreement. It helps you to play within the supported margin, reducing the chances of irregularities, especially during repayment.

Below is how it works.

Preview of Loan Agreement: T&C

In every country, Africa in this case, the CashNow Terms of Service is provided by Quantix Technology Projects L.L.C., a US-licensed app printing platform.

Once you agree to the T&C, you are bound by the contents legally and pledge to uphold your end of the agreement. So, here are some criteria that directly determine whether you Get Approved CashNow Loan App Faster.

Note: besides cookies and set-up data, CashNow typically collects data about your credit history and shopping/market habits.

The following must be provided to ensure that a verified profile is created.

  • Name,
  • Address,
  • Valid Contact (phone number),
  • Name of Emergency Contact,
  • Number of Emergency Contacts,
  • Relationship with The Provided Emergency Contact, and
  • Salary.

Also, you will have to provide your account number.

The credit product offers the following features:

  • Fixed Credit
  • PayBy Account for repayment upon approval or request
  • Repayment Structure (strictly repaid on the first month for short-term loans) requires a first-month installment along with accrued interests.

Loans exceeding one (1) month of repayment typically accrue 2.7% (not including a 4.9% service fee from the credit amount).

Moreover, the interest is reviewable via a fixed APR, although it accumulates more margins should a customer default on repayment.

Are there any downsides to the Get Approved CashNow Loan App Faster procedure? There might be a few issues. Check below for details.

Get Approved CashNow Loan App Faster: Downsides

Please note that late payments automatically attract AED 10, not counting a 0.3% interest that aggregates over the loan repayment period.

Also, CashNow Loan App has a leash on the extent of the cost charge extracted from the defaulter customer, implying that the customer may be ceding any legal protection on his side upon defaulting on loan repayments.

Moreover, continued delayed payment from the customer could result in legal procedures against the user.

Why Could This Be a Problem?

It could easily be a cause for alarm given that CashNow seems to use a vindictive, final approach in recovering its money. Such methods raise brows in many demographics, especially in Nigeria where problems of Loan Sharks are discussed in published media.

Get Approved CashNow Loan App Faster, Feasible?

Yes, you can Get Approved CashNow Loan App Faster if you only need short-term debt servicing, which you are likely to repay comfortably. Good luck!

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