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Golo Reviews _ the diets that make up the entire Golo concept are prepared to help people lose excess calories and keep to a minimum daily limit of 1300 calories.

It comes with a lot of benefits, all targeted at healthy weight loss and generally improved body well-being. On a closer look, though, helping users control the level of fats consumed per day seems to be a non-supplement-specific formula.

Ever since the diet was introduced to the public, Golo has been variously reviewed by a number of health blogs, but only a few Golo Reviews platforms could muster enough medical expertise to fully explore the potential of the Golo diets/supplements.

So, here is a quick overview of the general details about popular impressions about the Golo.’

Golo Diets Overview

Most of the health experts that contribute to the Golo Reviews agree on the fact that there is not enough data on the efficiency of the Golo Supplements. Also, they point out that the results aren’t quite distinguishable from those that are gotten by merely cutting down on daily feeding.

Another interesting aspect of this is that there isn’t any chronicle on the after-effects of the drug, which would usually determine if the results are dietary or solely facilitated by the intake of Golo Supplements.

Further, in terms of general pricing and affordability, Golo — considering that its formula doesn’t produce drastic results — might come across as a bit expensive to some people.

However, on the good side, Golo is a workable plan for anyone looking to enjoy a healthy eating lifestyle, burn calories, and keep in good health. So far, there haven’t been any recorded side effects or complaints from the users.

Understanding this formula is a tad complicated by the sheer amount of Golo Reviews sponsored by the brand. Even so, the main ingredients are intended to work on the consumers’ metabolism rate, which in turn is calibrated into fuel points, and each person is allowed to choose a list of Golo diets (fats, vegetables, carbs, or protein).

There is a specific food size per pre-determined fuel point. On the whole, each dish is specially made to boost the appropriate insulin levels in the body — insulin resistance contributes to a slow metabolism.

Golo proffers lean meats and whole grains. Of course, processed grains aren’t as nutritious as many food vendors tend to advertise. Rice, for instance, when processed, loses most of its much-valued nutrients because the bran has been skimmed off with the husk.

Our verdict? See the Golo Reviews per product cache from the company in the sections below.

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Golo Reviews: Golo Release Diet Supplements & What to Eat

Golo uses dramatic branding for its supplements, which it titles Golo Release Supplements, providing the products with different price tags.

So, you can use the capsules — any of the available ones invariably contains one or more of zinc, magnesium, citric acid, plant extracts, and chromium.

Most of these supplements are plant-based and are supposed to work on the following factors:

  • Reduced Stress Levels & Anxiety,
  • Reduced Hunger & Cravings,
  • Healthier Immune Function,
  • Balanced Blood Sugar & Insulin Levels, and
  • Increased Energy & Reduced Fatigue.

Further, a closer look at the supplement ingredients shows these extracts:

Albion Dimagnesium malate 15mg

Zinc Bisglycinate Chelate 10mg

Chromium Nicotinate Glycinate Chelate 70mcg

Rhodiola Extract

Golo Reviews
Golo Release Dietary Supplements


Berberine Extract

Salaretin (captioned as Salacia extract)

Apple Extracts

And there are other extracts besides the ones above.

The takeaway from all the formulae is that Golo Supplements need not diet to reduce calories and fat. Users can shed belly fat by simply taking the capsules, which in turn preps the body’s insulin for optimum performance.

Basically, the same results would be accomplished by taking Golo supplements, instead of relying on diets. According to the sponsored Golo Reviews online, the capsules complement hunger drives and cravings, while stimulating weight loss.

What To Eat: Golo Recommendations

This is where things get murky a bit, considering that the food classes are provided with contrasting specific types. Medical experts have highlighted this issue, too. So Golo offers the following low-calories food recipe.

Nuts (cashews almonds and others)

Legumes (black and garbanzo beans)

Golo Reviews
Golo offers plant-based extracts

Brown rice as part of the Whole Grain recipe

Animal Protein (which surprisingly includes beef, chicken, eggs, cheese, and yogurt).

Seafood and fresh fruit.

If a medical expert were involved in the compilation of this list, there might have been more details on the sort of meat and seafood. On the contrary, Golo doesn’t seem to set much stock by medical protocols — peer reviews and placebo reviews.

Going by these lists, it is clear that health indicators aren’t included, which is why anyone looking to use the capsule will need to consult a medical doctor for advice. For that matter, the medical oversight — which seems intentional considering that all the Golo Reviews don’t talk about it — from Golo constitutes the biggest downline.

Golo Supplements Pros & Cons

The best part of Golo Supplements is supposedly the Golo Release formula, which is provided at affordable prices. Also, the supplements actually contain extracts that could contribute to calorie burnout, boost insulin, and improve your health.

However, there are no specifics on any of the Golo Reviews about the capsule functions, which makes the published testimonials on the site less plausible. See the Pros and Cons below.


  • Golo Supplements are provided as substitutes for diets.
  • The capsules are approved by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration. So, it passes the basic consumable food test.
  • Many users might find the price tag affordable for most of the provided formulas.
  • It attempts to solve the hunger issues that often prevent people from trying weight-loss routines that are based on dieting.

However, other benefits of the supplements aren’t so remarkable, unlike the sponsored results on some Golo Reviews online.


There is no peer-reviewed medical article on the Golo Supplements, which makes it hard to determine how the extracts are supposed to increase basal metabolic rates.

Most of the medical benefits of Golo Release are over-flogged and blown out of proportion.

Also, the official website doesn’t specify the sort of food types that the users could ingest, considering that sea foods might contain high unhealthy levels of heavy chemicals.

There isn’t enough medical check to conclude that the results claimed for Golo Release are genuine.

Additionally, there is the issue of contra-indications on the capsules, which use carbs in one of the insulin-boosting formulae. If you asked a medical expert about any contradictions from carbs, the most likely reply would be that the body converts the excess into fatty tissue and stores it just where the usual body fats are.

Are Golo Release Supplements Healthy?

Seeing that there aren’t enough publicly available details or medical reviews about the Golo Release formula, professional dieticians will be uninclined to recommend Golo as anything more than a regular weight-loss routine.

Apart from this basic function, the capsules don’t seem to be of much use. Moreover, the capsules don’t specify the health constrictions that are easily posed by ingesting carbs over a long time.

Lastly, there is no medical prop for the results supposedly gotten from the supplements as the Golo Reviews claim. There is no contrast from a coincidental weight-loss routine outside Golo Release. Always consult a doctor before taking supplements that do not have health contra-indications, even if they are FDA-approved.


Golo faces a lawsuit for falsely advertised drugs.

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