GTBank Fixed Deposit Rate | 4.95% Best Bank Interest Rates for Customers

As a customer, you can access the GTBank Fixed Deposit Rate of up to 4.95% by meeting the annual deposit sum and other criteria.

Currently, GTBank looks to promote a good relationship with its customers and hopefully, get them to use other GTCo packages. They already have the targets working nicely with their mobile banking app, which is arguably one of the best in Nigeria.

Have You Heard of GT Target?

With GT Target, they intend to add profit chippings to the principal amounts saved by customers. So, this package is for you, as a GTBank customer — all extra tips that come into your account could accumulate to the GTBank Fixed Deposit Rate.

Do you have an account with GTBank? If not, please check out the values and packages for present account owners. You might want to access the offers after a glimpse.

To get to the annual rates, though, the right GTBank brand to look up is the GT Target cache. So, what’s in it for you and how do you get it? That’s what we wish to find out in this post.

Where Do You Start?

Every year people who save their money in banks could barely withdraw all their money without some extra kobo getting chipped off the money. Sometimes the unnecessary deductions are so infuriating that the account owner may wish to explore other banking options.

No doubt, banks aren’t always responsible for random deductions — apart from charges — from the users’ accounts.

People also pay utility bills, subscribe to online services, or attach their accounts to some online platforms for seamless service. Any one of these payment methods could lead to random deductions from people’s accounts. What’s the solution to this?

Have you thought about an account that sort of allows you to budget? GT Target could deliver similar services that allow you, the customer, to better manage your expenses.

With the GT Target account, you can do more than run a better expense calendar. You can arrange your To-Do lists to fit perfectly with your annual budget, coupled with a whooping GTBank Fixed Deposit Rate at the end of the year.

The aim is to steer your yearly objective to a milestone. And this is absolutely possible with the GT Target account. It props your annual saved amounts with a GTBank Fixed Deposit Rate. Although the interest is not the highest in Nigeria, it works well with reviewed GT Target accounts.

See more details about the rates in the sections below.

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GTBank Fixed Deposit Rate: What to Expect from GT Target

The first thing that ought to come to your mind about this account is that it accumulates interests, which compound into an appreciable amount at the end of the year.

It goes a long way toward solving some of the owner’s long-term goals, especially those that could stretch the annual budget beyond the original plan. Some percentage interests that keep increasing until the expiry of the validity period are definitely the best deals from any bank.

Many Nigerian banks are jumping on the trend currently. However, only several of these banks could offer well-reviewed alternatives and savings cache as GT Target.

So, according to the official website, you as a GT Target account owner will get a 4.95% interest rate at the end of the year.

Also, you can get a bonus of one percent (1%) if you can maintain a year (1) Standing Order in deposits. That is the bonus offer for the package, although there might be other options in the coming years.

GTBank Fixed Deposit Rate: How To Get Started

In case you haven’t used a fixed deposit account before or you are just getting to know about it, here are the things you need to know.

You can open a GT Target account via internet banking using your mobile banking app. It will also be suitable for all transactions that would normally run on the usual bank accounts outside the GTBank Fixed Deposit Rate packages. You can withdraw from any branch in your location, as long as you have at least N500 standing order in your account.

Due to the terms of the account, typical periods for deposits are biannual, quarterly, or daily, with no limits to the amount to deposit.

One obvious benefit of this offer is that it allows you to GTBank Fixed Deposit Rate, which comes as a 12-monthly bonus. However, you will have to maintain the required Standing Order to access these deals.

Optionally, you can fund your GT Target account, which allows you to access GTBank Fixed Deposit Rate, via typical means like fiat cash or transfers. Also, this comes with other transfer options like GTBank-to-GTBank transfer, inflows, etc.


There might be other instruments that are supported by the current packages available in this GT Target account. It seems that most customers are looking for a sustainable good GTBank Fixed Deposit Rate on their savings at this period. So, if you are looking to get this basic feature on a GT Target account, you can use the official channels to open a valid account.

See below for how the account-opening procedure works.

How to Open an Account for GTBank Fixed Deposit Rate

To ease the paperwork and other in-person visits that might encumber the process for you, check out the official GT Bank Site for details. Also, you can contact customer care for help.

Generally, the following procedure gets you to the GT Target Account portal online.

Here is how it works.

  • Go to the official site.
  • Subsequently, you can follow these steps.
  • Sign in to your mobile/internet banking app
  • Retrieve the Request Menu from the page and click o GT Target.

Now, set the most convenient minimal Standing Order for you, along with a periodical savings threshold — four months, six months, or every month).

Alternatively, you can contact any close GTBank branch for thorough guidance with the process. Visiting a branch is the best option since it solves the problem of oversights or any other specifications that might be necessary.

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