HBO Max Prices _ Download Exciting Titles & TV Shows

HBO Max is a good platform for everything that has to do with live-streaming and keeping a tag of your favorite TV Shows and movies.

The platform has lots of movies on the dossier, which are readily available to the app users. Depending on the user tier, the HBO Max contents are cached according to the subscriptions the user is on.

It constantly adds new titles per day, with tiered experiences for subscribed users. HBO Max just offers the best deal anyone could be looking for online, along with varied options for free and paid app usage.

Every year, some new apps try to capture trending movie & TV Shows highlights for movie fans globally. Sometimes the race is stoked with various platforms offering new features and movie categories. HBO Max provides the current site/app in two options _ Free & Subscription-based.

Here is a brief overview of the app’s history & early features:

Managed by AT&T, HBO Max came on the entertainment scene three years ago, quickly reaching a user count of over thirty-seven (37) million in just a short period. It basically functions as one of the go-to apps for streaming movies online in the United States.

Recently, many users abroad have switched to the HBO app, instead of sticking with some improvised third-party options out there, although the platform was predominantly crafted for US users.

The thing is that you can now download the mobile application into your PC or mobile phone, live-stream newly selected TV Shows & Movies, and watch as many titles as you like. All you need is just the right string of movies and internet data.

As a plus, most HBO Max users would relish the app more specifically because it uses very relatable subtitles _ in the English Language if the movie isn’t primarily set in the US or any English-speaking region.

Also, If the movie is set in a medieval European culture like Scandinavia, it usually has good subtitles for people who do not comprehend the Nordic language. You’d never miss any chance to clinch optimum entertainment on this app.

Seeing how the site is suitable for any category of users, you might naturally wonder if the subscription plan is affordable. So, we took the liberty of explaining the layout and the validity periods in the following section.

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HBO Max _ Free App Vs Subscription Plans

Most of the apps offering entertainment tend to have a basic-tier plan for users that would like to stream on the app for free. Maybe this free feature appeals to you, but perhaps you could have a better experience with the paid service.

Check out the contrast between the Free App & Subscription.

Option 1 _ Free HBO Max App

If you are looking to get loads of on-screen fun without paying for the content you download, then you will relish the free HBO Max tier.

Every title on the free plan is free, and they get updated every day. It just keeps compiling new entries from popular, trending, and recent movies in the cinema. However, that is the extent to which it measures up with the paid-tier movie cache.

Alternatively, you can get your favorite titles and recently-released movies from the app by upgrading to Premium. So below are the available subscription plans for you.

Option 2 _ HBO Max Subscription Plans

HBO _ short for Home Box Office _ offers competitive terms like other movie platforms like Netflix, Amazon Prime, and Disney+. The current price tags per user tier may be a bit steep, though. However, they will be generally affordable.

HBO offers three tiers of subscriptions for all users. One common thing among the tiers is the live-streaming feature. To access more features and unlock extra packages on the site, you will have to consider the higher subscription plans. We will take them in steps.

Subscribe to HBO Max Standard!
Basic _ $9.99

The HBO Max Basic plan is just one notch higher than the free package, although it has more titles and longer streaming hours than the free one.

Also, once you upgrade to the Basic Plan, you can enjoy your Hollywood movies & TV Shows without worrying about pop-up ads.

Standard _ $15.49

Previously, this tier was fixed at $14.89, but the price was recently reviewed. So, the current subscription is $15.49, with more options for you to discover and stream more loads of movies than you could get on the Basic Plan.

It also doesn’t contain ads, placing it in a different category from the Free Plan.

Premium _ $19.99

Here is the best deal on the cart. If you are looking for top-notch entertainment from HBO Max, consider the Premium subscription. It is the highest tier to subscribe to, and it has loads of daily content for users to stream.

Also, the Premium Plan seems to offer more flexibility than the lower tiers, with seasonal roll-outs for users.

Should You Get The Free Plan or Upgrade?

At this point, you might be wondering be at a loss as to which HBO Max plan to go for. Considering the tier comparison above, the choice would depend largely on what you want to get the most from the site.

If you are just going to hop in every now and then and stream a movie, then the Free Plan is best for you. Also, you will enjoy the free tier if you don’t want to pay money for the movies you stream.

The only downsides here are basically ads and limited streaming features. As long as you are using the free tier, you will have to endure the pop-ads whenever you wish to stream movies _ and it just keeps guzzling data.

On the other hand, you can simply opt for the paid tiers to enjoy unlimited content along with flexible features. The only thing you have to put up with is the prices, which could be daunting for many people.

So, here is the call: the Free Plan has ads but the Paid Plans don’t _ and they offer premium content and flexible features. You can go with the one that works for you.


HBO Max is not available to users residing in West Africa, at the time of writing. In that case, the following alternatives _ third-party sites _ might be the recourse, especially if Netflix is not an option for you.

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