How Much Does Moniepoint Charge Per Transaction & POS

Once you get to use the Moneipoint transaction services, you might be wondering “How Much Does Moniepoint Charge Per Transaction?” not only that, you’ll also ask how much is the Moneipoint POS charges?

Do not bother yourselves in searching the whole internet for the right amount of charge Moneipoint collects for all their transaction services, you’re in the right place.

Because, in this article, you’ll find out how much moneipoint charges on all its transactions, including POS charges. You’ll also find out about the Moneipoint bill payment commissions, and other related charges involving Moneipoint services.

Therefore, carefully consider this article, and notice relevant charges you’ll come across while using the Moneipoint POS machine, and other transaction services within the Moneipoint Agency.

But first, let’s consider briefly what the moneipoint agency is & what its charges are all about in the following section below. And also, once you’re done considering this article, and find answers to your findings, please do well to share this article for others to benefit.

Details About the Moniepoint Agency  – What You Should Know

Moneipoint Agency is regarded as one of the largest mobile fintech platforms in Nigeria. The company tends on offering a secure & fast way of sending & receiving money within the country, from any location around Nigeria.

Once you join Moneipoint as an agent, you’ll have access to the company’s financial services, which include cash transfer, cash withdrawal, airtime top-up, paying bills to customers, and also make money from Moneipoint transaction charges.

Moniepoint’s POS (Point of Sale) terminal also appears to be fast & secure, you hardly come across system issues while using the POS services. When someone uses the Moneipoint POS for transactions and complains of some sort of issue, they might think that the problem was caused by the POS company – that’s a lie.

Actually, under normal conditions, when you encounter issues with your POS machine, you have no right to blame the POS company or agency, maybe you might say that the company didn’t develop their products well, which might make them at fault.

Meanwhile, the cause of the issue is due to network problems or rather from the POS agent close to you. You can’t blame the POS agency for tampering with your banking transactions.

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The Moniepoint POS was recently launched in order to offer financial services to customers who don’t need to stress themselves going to the bank to carry out their banking transactions.

Once you apply for the Moniepoint  POS, you’ll have access to send & receive money across terminals, saga money, purchase airtime & data for internet usage, and also pay off bills.

To easily & freely get the Moniepoint POS machine, you need to first visit the Moniepoint official platform, and then contact the Moniepoint teams directly via their contact details, and then request a POS machine, upon which you’ll get instructions on how to apply for one.

To get the Moniepoint POS machine, you need to have at least 25,000 Naira in your account to purchase the machine. However, once you meet up with the Moneipoint Agent application requirements, you can possibly get the POS machine for free.

Once you get the Moniepoint POS machine, you can then access your Moneipoint dashboard by visiting, and then logging into your account with the details provided by the Moniepoint Agency.

How Much Does Moniepoint Charge Per Transaction & Moniepoint POS Charge

In accordance with the agent’s price, Moniepoint POS withdrawal charges should not go beyond 100 Naria for every 1,000 Naira to 10,000 Naira withdrawal from the POS machine.

Moreover, the Moniepoint transaction charges are also determined based on where you want to send money. But to send money to banks, the POS deducts about 20 Naira. See the Moniepoint POS transaction charges below:

  • ₦1000 charges – ₦5
  • ₦2000 charges – ₦10
  • ₦3000 charges – ₦15
  • ₦4000 charges – ₦20
  • ₦5000 charges – ₦25
  • ₦6000 charges – ₦30
  • ₦7000 charges – ₦35
  • ₦8000 charges – ₦40
  • ₦9000 charges – ₦45
  • ₦10,000 charges – ₦50
  • ₦11,000 charges – ₦55
  • ₦12,000 charges – ₦60
  • ₦13,000 charges – ₦65
  • ₦14,000 charges – ₦70
  • ₦15,000 charges – ₦75
  • ₦16,000 charges – ₦80
  • ₦17,000 charges – ₦85
  • ₦18,000 charges – ₦90
  • ₦19,000 charges – ₦95
  • ₦20,000 charges – ₦100
  • Amounts above ₦20,000 charges are ₦100.

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Moniepoint POS Charges

On the Moniepoint POS machine, there are no attached extra bank charges. And also, the Moniepoint POS charges seem to be as low as 6.2% on every 1,000 to 4,000 Naira transaction made with the POS machine.

Moreover, on Moniepoint, the higher the transaction, the higher the charges rate on commission. See the Moniepoint bill payment commission in the following section below, and find out the commission rate on most of the Moniepoitn bill payment services.

Moniepoint Bill Payment Commission

As an agent using the Moniepoint POS machine, you’ll also receive a commission on every bill payment service you perform for any customer that comes to use your POS service.

On data & airtime top-up commission, you’ll receive:

  • 3% commission for MTN services
  • 4% commission for both GLO & Airtel services
  • And 4.5% commission on Etisalat or 9mobile services

On TV subscription commission, you’ll receive:

2% commission for DSTV, GOTV, STARTIME, and ELECTRICITY services while using the Moniepoint POS services.

Meanwhile, for further inquiries about the Moneipoint POS charges & transaction charges associated with Moniepoint fintech services, see the following section below.

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Moniepoint Customer Care Contacts

Moniepoint offers a 24/7 customer care service. So, if you intend on reaching out to them for inquiries & queries related to the Moniepoint POS & transaction services, feel free to contact the following numbers & addresses below:

Then if you eventually face a network problem, and failed to contact these details above, see the Moniepoint head office below:

Moniepoint Lagos address – head office: No. 12, sole ariyo street, Lekki phase 1, Lagos state, Nigeria.

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Frequently Asked Questions about How Much Does Moniepoint Charge Per Transaction

Which bank owns Moniepoint?

TeamApt is the bank that owns Moniepoint. And it is a Nigerian fintech startup, which is relaunching its Moniepoint product as a business bank in order to provide a vast range of services to its customers & users.

How much does Moniepoint charge per transaction?

For withdrawals between N1 to N20,000, Moniepoint POS charges only 0.5% of the transaction amount. For transactions above N20,000 Moniepoint charges a constant rate of N100.

What is Moniepoint’s daily target?

Moniepoint agents’ daily target should be a 70,000 Naira transaction rate. Once you decline on reaching the daily target for about three times the least, there is a high chance that Moniepoint will tack back your POS terminal.

Who is the owner of Moniepoint?

Tosin Eniolorunda appears to be the founder & CEO of TeamApt – which is an engineering and sales company that created Moniepoint and was announced at a media parley, in Lagos State, Nigeria.

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