How to Check PalmPay Account Number | Recover PalmPay Account

How to Check PalmPay Account Number — you can recover your PalmPay Account Number in a few steps, since PalmPay app automatically generates one for each customer using a simple format.

Similarly, you can as well check your account balance using the mobile app. It takes getting familiar with the basic app features to learn how this works. We explain how this procedure works below.

Check PalmPay Balance

PalmPay offers multiple benefits upfront. It doesn’t require the account owner to provide supporting details or extraneous documents like a National ID card, a copy of utility bills payment receipt, or a deposit.

So, you just sign up for an account and fund it at your leisure to get started. Also, PalmPay doesn’t spam your inbox with Messages. It conducts every transaction (including notifications) via the mobile app.

You can check your PalmPay balance using the procedure below.

Dial USSD *652#, then wait for an instant reply that typically contains your account balance.

How to Check PalmPay Account Number
Dial *652# to check your PalmPay Account Balance

The *652# code leads to a reference menu that comprises several other transactions that you can access. If this option doesn’t show your account balance instantly, use the serial tag appended to each descriptor.

This is quite similar to the way a telecom network USSD service works. Usually, an MTN or Glo USSD leads to a transaction menu, from which you can specify the one you want by entering the corresponding number in the reply.

Check PalmPay Account Balance in a simple format: Dial *652#>>enter the number that corresponds to the specific transaction (Check Balance, in this case)>>Click on SEND. After the last step, wait for a reply — this comes within several seconds of sending the request.

Suppose you want to retrieve your account number on the app, though, how do you go about it?  If you wish to learn How to Check your PalmPay Account Number, then stay on this article for details.

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How to Check PalmPay Account Number Using the App


The above method is only an intuitive bypass. We will provide a very convenient How to Check PalmPay Account Number method shortly.

Regardless of the media you use to download the mobile app, the features are all the same. So, these steps for How to Check PalmPay Account Number using only the app works for both iOS and Android devices.

To retrieve your PalmPay Account, use the following steps.

Open the app (download the app for iOS on App Store or check the Play Store for the android version).

Download PalmPay on App Store or Google Play Store

Go through the features on the homepage to select the Check Account Number icon.

Click on the tab

Also, enter the account name if required.

Finally, click on the SEND tab to forward the request.

Then, wait for a subsequent message that contains the requested account number. You can use this method on the PalmPay app for any device (tab or smartphone), although there is no difference in the UI features on each one.

Looking for a How to Check PalmPay Account Number guide? Here are some general features to note about the software.

PalmPay App executes typical banking services like deposits, transfers, and credit recharge at zero costs to the user/client.

Also, it allows the clients to pay utilities, subscribe to a paid service, or purchase from an online store. Considering the cache of transactions run via the simple app User Interface, PalmPay definitely offers a lot in one stroke.

Additionally, PalmPay provides instant loans apart from the primary banking functions. With the mobile app, you can access a reliable mobile banking solution in a simple UI.

Instead of running the How to Check PalmPay Account Number procedure via the mobile application, consider using the methods in the following section.

How to Check PalmPay Account Number | Easy Procedure

While opening a mobile account on PalmPay, you get an automatically generated account number cropped from your mobile phone number.

Here is how this works.

Suppose your mobile phone number is 08177432481, PalmPay typically uses the figures after the first digit as your account number.

To retrieve PalmPay Account Number, remove the first digit in your mobile phone number, then the remaining combination is the account number.

Similarly, your PalmPay Account name is merely a permutation of your first name and phone number. Usually, the first three letters of the first name and any random number are suggested, although any name preferred by the account owner is equally acceptable.

How to Check PalmPay Account Number | Alternative Procedure

Besides the request hack and the second method that preempts a typical PalmPay Account Number generation method, you can also check your number using a different approach.

This doesn’t require any format outside the basic functions of the mobile app. So, it is the best approach and the most intuitive method to use.

Here is how it works.

Request any transaction on the app.

How to Check PalmPay Account Number
Download the PalmPay app on the Google Play Store

Enter your details as indicated by the onscreen cue.

Now, retrieve your PalmPay Account number on the final page — this contains your PalmPay Profile info, including your account name and number.

Then opt for Cancel Transaction.


PalmPay offers a series of structured mobile banking services, making deposits, transfers, utility payments, and subscriptions quite easy and seamless for clients.

It also uses a simple format to index registered accounts — virtually every digit after the first one.

So, you can use the procedures above to retrieve your PalmPay Account Number. The best way to do this is to use the mobile number that you used to register on PalmPay. Just keep the numbers coming after the first one.

Please, note that only the second How to Check PalmPay Account Number option in this post is the designated account number checking procedure (i.e., the method referenced here too). The others are basically just hacks and possible bypasses.

Alternatively, you can call the customer care hotline to request your account number. You can contact customer service via the following Google mail address, If you wish to get a specific reply in the instant, drop a request for the account number on the official PalmPay social media support.

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