How to Check UBA Account Number via SMS | UBA USSD Code

Are you in search of How to Check UBA Account Number via SMS? Then know that you’re in the right place at the right time, because in this article, you’ll consider all you’re looking for regarding the UBA USSD codes, which you can possibly dial via SMS.

Having an account number is the most relevant thing when it comes to creating a bank account in Nigeria or anywhere in the world, and it is also a number that is not meant to be forgotten.

Why do we say so? A bank account number is an asset that is meant to be kept personal for bank authentication, and other bank-related services both online & offline.

Meanwhile, in this article, as you read on, you’ll find out step-by-step guidelines on how to check & retrieve your UBA account number in Nigeria.

The UBA bank currently offers digital banking services to enable customers to access their banking products without much stress. This means that the bank has made it very easy to perform bank transactions from the comfort of your home.

UBA bank’s digital banking services can be accessed easily once you start making use of it. However, most people prefer using the UBA USSD services to carry out transactions. Why?

Customers see the USSD service as a data-free service that only deals with good network connection, and fast SMS retrieval system.

Meanwhile, our main discussion in this article is how to check your UBA account number via SMS when it is forgotten. If you think you’ve lost your UBA bank details, you can possibly retrieve them instantly & in different ways.

Moreover, in most cases, some financial platforms might request your NUBAN number for transactions online, which they meant was your bank account number.

So, do not be confused, when platforms mention that you provide your NUBAN number, you should just know that they are also asking for your Bank account number. NUBAN number & Bank Account Number are similar.

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How to Check & Retrieve UBA Account Number in Nigeria

There are various methods which you can easily apply, check, and retrieve your account number, these methods are:

These are ways we are sure you can possibly use to check & retrieve your UBA Bank Account number. So, now you’ve known the methods, let’s see what is required to check the UBA Account Number with Code.

Requirements for Checking UBA Account Number with Code

The following outline below is the things that are required before checking your UBA NUBAN number via code & SMS:

  1. Your mobile number must be linked to your UBA Bank account for SMS.
  2. You must have the UBA Bank USSD transfer code for Nigeria – *919#
  3. UBA mobile banking or transfer PIN for mobile banking app services.
  4. A mobile device that makes outgoing & incoming calls.

Check your UBA Account Number on Mobile via SMS & USSD Code

To check your UBA Bank Account number, see the following procedures below:

  • Firstly, get your mobile device, and dial *919#, be it that your mobile number is linked with your UBA account
  • Select an option to “Check your Account Balance
  • Input your mobile banking PIN
  • Immediately, you will receive an SMS bearing your UBA account number.

And then once you get your NUBAN number, you can copy the number from the SMS, and use it for other financial/banking purposes. See how to get your UBA account number via other methods in the following section.

Check your UBA Bank Account via UBA Mobile App

You can also retrieve your UBA Bank account number via the UBA mobile app, but to get the bank account number, you need to have the UBA mobile app registered & synced to your account.

If you don’t have the UBA Bank App, you can currently download the app on the Google Play Store & App Store. Once your download the app, you can now proceed to opening the app and accessing your account.

To access your account, you need to provide your login details, which may include, your email address or password. Once you access your app’s account, navigate to the profile section on the app.

On the profile section of the UBA app, you’ll find your UBA account number there, and then, you can copy, and use the account number for financial transactions outside UBA banking services.

Visit the Nearest UBA Bank Close to You & Check your UBA Bank Account Number

This can be another option for retrieving your UBA Bank account number, you just need to locate the nearest UBA bank office close to you

Once you arrive at the bank, locate the customer care service, and tell them that you would like to know your UBA Bank account number. And then, you will be given a form to fill in some details that verify you as the owner of the account.

If you provide the correct information, and it shows that you’re the owner of the account, your UBA Bank account number will be disclosed to you for retrieval.

Frequently Asked Questions on How to Check UBA Account Number via SMS

How to check my account number on UBA?

Dial *919# on the mobile phone number associated with your UBA bank account to obtain your UBA account number.

Your account number will be sent to you right away through SMS or on your phone. Before applying this method, make sure you have enrolled for UBA mobile banking.

Can I find my UBA NUBAN number online?

YES, of course, you can check your UBA account number or NUBAN number online, you just need to chat with UBA Leo on WhatsApp or the mobile app, and other methods.

What is the USSD code for performing UBA USSD Banking transactions?

The USSD code for performing UBA mobile banking transactions, and participating in banking services is *191#, once you dial this code, you can then proceed & select among the options what banking service you want to perform.

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