HSCC Ponzi | HSCC Ponzi Withdrawal, Is it Scam?

HSCC Ponzi scheme may be encountering some recent downtimes and investors are advised to take certain actions regarding their investment on the platform and this post is to enlighten you on that.

Like every other Ponzi scheme, HSCC has tried every possible means to win over the trust of investors and traders by way of its %2.5 return every day from the day of investment, but there is more than meets the eyes for you to take note of.

Despite the aggressive marketing of the platform, it is not long since it started looking safe in the eyes of traders that a lot has been revealed.

Therefore, this article holds a collection of every little and bigger detail about HSCC Ponzi that you should know as well as any trader and investor before making any moves towards investing in the platform.

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HSCC Ponzi Scheme

HSCC Ponzi is a platform that looks like it is for trading but does something else outside allowing investors to trade on it and earn profits.

Before now, HSCC Ponzi was said to be a little different from other Ponzi schemes by its way of letting traders trade in all transparency and allowing them to withdraw their money as fast as possible, but a lot has changed since.

HSCC Ponzi operates in the crypto MLM niche and its CEO is known as Rav Singh, is headquartered in India. However, no product or service of HSCC is retailable by individuals as every of its affiliate members is marketable by affiliates only.

This is done in a way of investment as affiliates are expected to invest a certain USD amount by its worth in cryptocurrency. This means that you cannot invest your USD as every trading on this platform is done in cryptocurrency.

HSCC Ponzi has its affiliates ranks which require certain qualifications from traders to be able to unlock them, every of these ranks has rewards embedded in them which are intended to push traders towards striving as hard as they can to unlock them.

Also, traders are prone to enjoy a certain worth of USD when they recruit affiliates personally.

Notable HSCC Ponzi Features

Different add-ons make HSCC Ponzi stand before traders as the best option for them which may be proven otherwise.

Traders who must make use of this platform must take note of these features and pay attention to the conditions that may be attached to anyone for it to be unlocked.

That said, below is an outline of some of the features of this Ponzi scheme for everyone who must use it to take note of;

  • Traders can earn an extra $5 by recruiting other affiliates personally
  • Taking note of the rank unlocking conditions may be necessary to earn extra on this platform as well as to be able to withdraw certain amounts as the rank a trader is on could determine and restrict how much they can withdraw
  • This platform promises traders an advanced return when they enter a USD cryptocurrency equivalent on the platform
  • There are no products and services on this platform that you can retail rather, only the HSCC affiliate members are affiliates permitted to trade

There may be more things to take note of as you trade on this platform some of which may be determining factors to your success in using the platform therefore, [pay attention to everyone you come across.

HSCC Ponzi withdrawal

As has been mentioned, HSCC Ponzi withdrawal has a greater part of it determined by what rank a trader is on. This means that, if you are on a much lower rank in trading with the platform, there is a limit to how much you can withdraw on the platform and this may not be up to your expectations.

So, for a trader to rise to certain withdrawal benefits, they must strive to unlock different ranks. This, however, requires certain amounts of USD earnings in cryptocurrency equivalent.

That said, as of recently, HSCC Ponzi withdrawal was disabled which means that no withdrawals can be made on the platform and this clearly states that every investment on this platform has been lost access to.

Although there was a fixed time for the restoration of what was said to be more like downtime for the platform which has come and gone, it is most likely that there is no more hope for the restoration of the withdrawal access on this platform for investors.

However, there may be a way of fixing the downtime shortly but that has not been done yet so for now, there is no hope until a means whos up.

This is breaking news for every investor on HSCC Ponzi.

HSCC Ponzi Working Domain URL

HSCC Ponzi is an online platform therefore, it tried as much more than some other platforms of its kind to develop a site for access to everyone.

Currently, the platform’s website domain is thehscc.co.uk and investors or anyone who wants to go through it to find out any information relevant to them, can go ahead to access it.

On that note, there is no form of subscription requirement for users or even visitors to access this platform when it is just to view information. However, you may be required to provide some details to access the platform when you want to become one of its affiliates.

Is HSCC Ponzi Safe? Is It a Scam?

HSCC Ponzi is a Ponzi scheme and has had negative ratings from previous users and other review platforms online which have joined hands together in proving the platform a a scam and illegitimate.

Therefore, traders are advised to steer clear of the platform in their business as part of it requiring cryptocurrency equivalents of USD for trading is said to be a major turn-off.

That said, HSCC Ponzi may be unsafe for trading and investments.


HSCC Ponzi is an online platform that promises to repay traders and investors a certain percentage of about 2.5 per day from the day of their sign-up to use the platform.

There are different ranks on the platform attainable by how much investment you make to unlock them, this is the major determining factor to how much a trader can be able to withdraw from the platform.

However, it is said that the withdrawal access on this p; artform is currently disabled so, traders may not have any hopes of retai9ning their investments on the platform at the time until something happens in the future.

Therefore, different reviews and a larger part of them say that HSCC Ponzi is a scam and should be avoided by traders and investors.

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