Is Toluna legit & Safe? | How Much Does Toluna Influencers Pay Per Survey

Is Toluna Legit? This has to be the major concern of every intending user of this platform as it is said to be a survey site where users can sign up to earn extra cash on a daily.

Users of this platform can accumulate as many points as possible on this site and use them in exchange for gift cards for the equivalent amount that is available.

This means that, if you can accumulate about 5,000 points by answering the featured questions on Toluna, you can exchange the points for any available gift card for 5,000 points or, you can use your points for cash at the equivalent amount of US dollars on PayPal.

However, while this site is free to register and use and sounds so good based on its offers, it is only right that you want to know about its legitimacy to not waste a whole time on the site without anything to show for it at the end.

Therefore, this article on Is Toluna Legit is meant to give you every insight you need about this platform, how it works, and whether or not it is legit.

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Is Toluna Legit: About Toluna

Toluna is an online platform that was developed to enable users from different parts of the world to earn as many dollars as possible by simply answering featured survey questions.

Unlike some other survey sites that are just as simple as Toluna, it allows its users to withdraw their points exchange within a lower minimum limit.

That is to say that, while some other sites say you can only use your points in exchange for gift cards or cash when you have accumulated about 5,000, Toluna allows you to use your points within lower limits.

More interesting is the fact that you can even earn about 500 points simply by answering questions about yourself. These questions are arranged in categories to make it easier for you.

There is the lifestyle category, where you answer questions about your lifestyle, and then there are family, health and so many others.

However, users are advised to be as true as possible while answering these questions to help them improve their experience while they use this site.

Toluna is available for users worldwide although it is a UK-based company.

Is Toluna Legit: Does Toluna Pay Real Money?

Having read through the amazing Review of Toluna, you will understand why a lot of people are curious to know how legi9t the site is considering that the offers featured are too good.

Imagine you just earn $50 for giving a little of your time to answer simple questions.

As much as this sounds too good, what is better is that the site is legit. Toluna is a real survey site that pays users as long as they are on the platform. This answers you is Toluna Legit.

I must admit that there are a lot of clone websites out there and a lot of other scams where users sign up and instead of earning the promised cash, they lose their hard-earned money.

Toluna is not like those, this site is paying people and you can become one of them when you sign up no need to bother about is Toluna Legit.

Is Toluna Legit?: How To Register on Toluna

Is Toluna Legit
Register on Toluna, Click on Register

If you want to become one of Toluna users having answered the question of “Is Toluna Legit?”, it is very simple and free.

You can choose to sign up and register on this site through the online website or simply download the app from the Google Play Store and use it instead.

Whichever way, the process of registration on the site is the same. Whether you are registering from the app or via the website, you can follow the one-way steps.

Below is an outline of the process to register on Toluna and become one of its users to earn money;

  • Open the Toluna website or the app that is already installed on your phone (search Toluna on Google Play Store to download, if not)
  • When the homepage loads, click on the register option right on the face of the page, it is not hard to locate
  • You will be requested to provide your email address and a personal; password containing 8 characters of which a number, a sign, and a capital letter must be included, you can write down your password to not forget it when you need to log on the site
  • Confirm your email address by clicking on the link that will be sent to your inbox
  • Proceed to answer some questions about yourself to earn the points attached to each of them

After your registration, you may be given a first-time daily survey question to answer when it is completed, the attached point will be credited to your account.

Is Toluna Legit?: How Does Toluna Pay You?

Once you are registered on this site, you will not need much guidance to navigate through as the site was developed with a very friendly user interface so, you can find your way around.

However, immediately you start accumulating your points on this site, you will receive deals on how to use some of which may include donating your points for any featured case.

Donating your points could be a good way to invest them as the site could reward you for it but, if you are not convinced about this part, you can still use your points.

Another way you can make use of your points is by exchanging them for gift cards on Amazon or crypto or even other platforms as featured if not, you can transfer your points as cash to Paypal.

Paypal is the only featured space for the transfer of points to exchange for cash, it is usually fixed on how many points a user, must have gathered before they can use it as a gift card or transfer it as cash.

If your points are not up to the required minimum for the type of exchange and on which platform you want to use it, you cannot be able to do that.

Toluna pays you by allowing you to exchange your accumulated points for gift cards or cash (US Dollars) using PayPal.

This said, if you still are confused about it; is Toluna legit? You can read review platforms for reviews from users.

Is Toluna Legit? This is expected to have been answered in this post.


Is Toluna Legit? You may ask, the answer is yes! Toluna is very legit for your use. You only need to answer featured questions on this platform about products and services or give poll reviews to earn money.

Once your points are accumulated on this site, “Is Toluna Legit?” as many may still come up to ask will be answered by your review. You can give this site a trial to answer questions and accumulate points which you can use for gift cards or use as cash through Paypal.

Also, depending on the survey question you are featured to answer, Toluna pays its users 100 points for every question, you could earn more or less. is Toluna legit should not bother you.

Download the Toluna app or go to the website to create your account.

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