Jeff Lerner Reviews ENTRE Institute | Are the Courses Legit?

Jeff Lerner Reviews — with the entrepreneur and business coach, people get motivated and inspired to take on the tasks that are necessary for starting up a business.

The brand is actually ENTRE Institute and Entresoft, but after periods of sustained outings and workshops, everything about the company has been identified with just the Jeff Lerner tag. Broadly speaking, there are organizations and other likely firms attached to the company.

In terms of pushing a brand based on just the founder’s curriculum vitae, Jeff Lerner Reviews has been a mine of information, explaining the roadmap. So, we start off with an overview.


You might be wondering what Jeff Lerner is all about. Questions like, “Who is Jeff and how did he start his career?” often pop up online every now and then. Clearly, you aren’t the only one who is just getting to learn about him — not just as a business personality, but also as a brand.

Apart from being the founder of Entresoft and the more popular brand that would headline his current career iteration (ENTRE Institute), Jeff has headed 2:20 Investment Group in St. George, UT.

In 2018, he rounded up his leadership as Xurli’s CEO, handing over the software and digital products company to his successor.

According to reports on many PR Jeff Lerner Reviews, Jeff has been made one of the Forbes Business Council members, heralding more wins and invites for his brand.

Jeff’s other career highlights include PRO U, where he worked as a head operator, and as a co-founder of WHAMmobile, a group that he was a part of prior to joining the iterations mentioned previously. His stint with WHAMmobile ended in 2010.

On a more personal note, though, Jeff Lerner is an accomplished music enthusiast, with a good spell playing the piano.

If you are looking to get a unique intro on the sort of coaching (or possibly career preview) of Jeff, check out his Podcasts and YouTube channels (look up uploads if the chunk of entries on YouTube isn’t limited to a single channel).

Why He is unique — What Some Jeff Lerner Reviews Say

On all Jeff Lerner Reviews, one thing seems to be the consensus: Jeff is a legit trainer. Here are the most recurring reasons for the above surmise.

First, he actually has some experience in the fields he coaches, instead of playing on the craving of his audience.

Jeff Lerner Reviews
Jeff Lerner Has Become A Sensation!

Often, someone would claim to be a business coach, invent loads of high-sounding career roadmaps without solid recommendations, then proceed to sell commonplace ideas as business insights.

Jeff Lerner Reviews report a different story for this brand. Is this how the actual stints at these companies and brands played out, or is there more to it? Find out in this article.

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Jeff Lerner Reviews | Previous Stints At MLM

Things aren’t all smooth and sleek with brand personalities who suddenly get the vim to start a career coach workshop. Jeff is not left out, sadly. He previously ran a multimedia marketing gig, which ended in controversy.

His stint with Wealth Masters International (WMI) — the MLM company he worked with — was marked by a censor and public warning from relevant Norwegian authorities, which subsequently stopped the company from operating within Norway’s jurisdiction.

Perhaps striving to get off clean, Jeff began severing ties with WMI, leading to a stand-off at court. WMI would wind up like most MLMs.

After getting hints of possible clamp-down from authorities, such brands would abruptly quit the business.

What’s the Aftermath of Jeff’s gig at WMI? The company closed without any details as to possible future reboots. However, Jeff merely transitioned to a different brand.

After Wealth Masters International, Jeff tried several other iterations of the same MLM niche. One of these outings, My Online Business Education, was closed by the Federal Trade Commission (FTC).

Subsequently, an incurred loss totaling $4 million was recorded for a consumer infringement investigation by FTC.

Despite this unsavory roadmap — this sort of backstory doesn’t get highlights on sponsored Jeff Lerner Reviews —, the man is back with another batch of business education gigs. The question is, “Are people going to buy into the hype this time around?”. It depends on who you ask.

For some people, career experiences are not all gained on a bed of roses (supposedly on the good side of the law). So, Jeff gets a pass on this aspect.

On the flip side, there are other Jeff Lerner Reviews that share a different view. In this case, no brand gets off lightly with so much legal baggage. At the time of writing, Jeff is estimated to be worth about $4 million dollars.

Moreover, the ENTRE Blueprint course run by Jeff is currently sold for $39. And guess what — it teaches Affiliate Marketing! So, the skepticism about the whole outing is not unfounded.

Jeff Lerner Reviews | Is the Brand Legit?

The short answer to this is clearly no. If you want a more detailed reason, check out the case between WMI and Jeff’s cohort for a start.

As for the Jeff Lerner Reviews online, most of the entries that make it to your page will likely come from sponsored PRs. Instead of a balanced evaluation of the sort of gigs (and the legitimacy of said gigs) run by the man, such PRs would focus on the sensational soundbites and lead-up stories that Jeff uses for traction.

Even while promoting WMI, Jeff was implicated in an insider trading scandal, prompting his employers to sue.

If you could access the coverage of the abridged court proceedings, you can glimpse charges based on breaches of non-disclosure agreements between the brand owners and the defendants — Michael Force, Aron and Sophia Rashkin, and Jeff Lerner.

Also, there is no question of Jeff Lerner coming off unscathed in this instance, considering that WMI is clearly a pyramid scheme. That is one record that factors in a lot on whether Jeff Lerner’s brands are legit or not.

Jeff Lerner Reviews Conclusion

Currently, Jeff Lerner is currently running another stint in the series of MLM businesses to his record.

Already, his courses are being criticized as no-brainers, with increasing claims that the usual 15-20 mins stand-up motivations are typical stinkers.

If you are merely looking for a gutsy motivational headliner, Jeff Lerner would be a perfect cue. However, there isn’t much to glean from the courses about entrepreneurship. The seminars aren’t different from the usual motivational videos on YouTube.

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