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Kimoitv App contains an internal player that allows the users to enjoy multiple streams of animes, 2D retro, cartoons, TV Shows, and movies on a mobile app. This is made easy and accessible through the APKs.

If you have streamed free Kimoitv movies, then you probably wondered at some point whether the platform has a mobile app. That’s just the software that it currently offers via the Kimoitv App APK webpage.

Once you have the correct APK vendor for the latest Kimoitv App content, you can easily download any uploaded title of your choice from the comfort of your home and enjoy it. The Kimoitv App is meant to cater to the fans’ entertainment craves.

So, here are the things you need to know about Kimoitv content, app, and streaming channels.

Free Streaming

With the Kimoitv App downloaded on your smartphone, you can stream any number of movies, TV Shows, dramas, documentaries, K-drama series, animes, and more.

This time, you don’t have to subscribe to a streaming network, unlike the options on Netflix and HBO. Everything is free on Kimoitv. All it takes is enough download data — lots of it since Kimoitv uses many ads on the UI.

24/7 and all week, Kimoitv App doesn’t have a moot period, as it is functional throughout the calendar year.

Kimoitv allows you to stream and download unlimited content from the website or mobile app without any subscriptions.

Unlimited Downloads

As we hinted already, you are free to download any Kimoitv content that appeals to you.

Instead of the upgrade-to-the-premium wall that pops up every time one tries to access some kind of content, the app provides everything on the homepage, with a few headers on the menu to ease the search load.

One other interesting aspect of the unlimited downloads feature on the Kimoitv App is the varied categories that it offers. Starting from cartoons, all-time oldies, remakes, sci-fi adaptations of novels, trending movies, and epics, to comedy, Kimoitv has one of the best allures for movie lovers

Multiple Streaming Options — KissTVSeries Proxy

Some third-party apps merely provide a single platform for all their content, making it an easy target for hackers who spam the UI with harmful malware. Proxies help to circumvent shutdowns from malware attacks.

In this regard, Kimoitv has a reliable proxy, the KissTVSeries site, although none of these free torrenting sites are currently under attack.

This broadens the Kimoitv App opportunities, implying that the app users don’t get to experience any shutdown glitches since there Is always a second option — KissTVSeries.

Download the mobile app using the brief easy download procedure in this article. See below for details.

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Kimoitv App | How to Download the Mobile App APK

At the time of writing, there are no download links for the app on the official website. Once a reliable and secure URL is provided on the site, we will update this page.

Regardless, many APK providers would usually generate an emulator — some look-alike for the actual software. You can as well try the following general approach for downloading the mobile APK on your smartphone.

AppGeyser has an APK library for free third-party platforms like Kimoitv. So, you can download the mobile app from the site.

How Does It Work?

If you wish to download the application from AppGeyser or any other providers’ sites, ensure you have enough bandwidth, a purview of the software details (to avoid downloading malware), and storage space.

Subsequently, you can download the Kimoitv App using the following steps.

  • On the webpage, click on INSTALL
  • Alternatively, retrieve app info to verify that the software is legit.
  • If possible, inspect the link on a browser with an ad block to verify that it isn’t just a redirection page for ads.
  • Click on Download or INSTALL, depending on the functionality indicated by the app provider.
  • Lastly, retrieve the app from your smartphone, check that it is enabled, then accept the request for access.

Once you complete the download and installation procedure, you can now enjoy unlimited streaming and free downloads on the app.


Kimoitv App is not on Google Play Store, which means there is no Play Protect. If you use a third party to download the APK, you will likely get software that doubles as both a free torrenting plug and an ad stash.

The web option is preferable to the app, because the former doesn’t require any app downloads or installations, and consequently no threat to your device security.

Alternative Kimoitv App | Download KissTVSeries

KissTVSeries is the same as Kimoitv — compare the UIs. Each one easily serves as the alternative proxy for the other.

If you don’t have any reliable provider for the Kimoitv App APK, consider searching the KissTVSeries app option. You can use a similar method (as in the Kimoitv App APK Download Procedure above) to download it on your smartphone.

Go to the official website.

Scroll down the page to retrieve the KissTVSeries download URL.

Open the link and opt for INSTALL.

Alternatively, you can search for the APK provider online using a web browser. Once you spot the download link on the page, use the following preliminary check to verify that the details are genuine.

  1. Retrieve app info to verify that the software is legit.
  2. If possible, inspect the link on a browser with an ad block to verify that it isn’t just a redirection page for ads.


Kimoitv App is a software that provides all Kimoitv contents in one interface. It doesn’t require any subscriptions from the users. So, you can download it from any reliable and secure APK provider using your smartphone.

However, the possible downsides to the Kimoitv App are the ads littered on the UI and the lack of variety. Although there are several categories indicated on the homepage menu, the chunk of content on the site is just shuffled old stuff.

You can get better options from these free streaming sites below.

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