L7Dex Review | Is l7Dex.com Legit or Scam?

L7Dex Review in this article, brings to your notice, the important things you should take note of before investing in the cryptocurrency investment platform.

This platform poses as a sort of investment platform for people who have the idea of crypto investments and casinos, however, it is said that; from different reviews from both customers and review platforms, the platform may not be safe for users.

The business of this platform is requesting users to send cryptocurrency to enable them to make any purchase they need to, this is a crypto con but different people have fallen victim to this scam.

Read this post to the end to find out every evidence you need to not fall victim to any sort of scam by this platform and any other of its sort.

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L7Dex Ponzi Overview

L7Dex Review- This platform is a Ponzi scheme that shows off as an investment platform to capture individuals who are trading enthusiasts.

Different reviews say that the platform, does appear like a scam and this conclusion comes from the fact that there has not been any way for the management to prove its legitimacy.

Unlike most cryptocurrency trading platforms, this one appears very suspicious in every way even as the trading looks way cheaper than every other of its kind. on L7Dex, you may be able to purchase coins for three times less than the normal trading cost.

However, for whatever you trading, this platform requires its traders to send crypto coins no matter what the terms of the trading may be. In a case where you are normally, required to send your currency or dollars, it will require you to send in your cryptocurrency.

Additionally, just like every other trading platform, the cost of trading on this platform fluctuates as sometimes, it goes high and comes down but this is just its way of making traders believe that whatever it poses as is what it is.

L7Dex Price

As has been mentioned, L7dex looks like every other trading platform in the site and app therefore, the trading price fluctuates just like every other’s.

Like the Ponzi scheme it is said to be, the platform does not let traders find out the cost of trading until one has gone into it already.

Over time, the coins traded on this platform rose from $28.82 to $78.46and other times, it had dropped to a very low price. Currently, it is said that the L7Dex review price is at $29.42.

This does not guarantee anything as there is not a verified comment from the platform owners about its price. Therefore, traders are advised not to take this analysis to heart and let it affect their trading determination.

L7Dex Review Working Domain URL

L7Dex Review is a Ponzi scheme and has been marked as not legit by different reviewers therefore, there is no known working domain or URL for it except l7dex.com.

This is common for every illegitimate platform that poses as something else that it is not, whether movie platforms, Ponzi schemes, or any other platform of such.

The reason these platforms do not have a working platform can be narrowed down to the few listed below ;

  • A scam platform cannot have a stable working domain URL because it will implicate the individuals behind it
  • The operators could be tracked using the domain if they have one
  • Different people who may have fallen victim to their scam may resolve to report the domain thereby causing them so much loss
  • It will be easier to find out what the motive behind the development is keen investors therefore, it may not be easy to scam people like the intended

Therefore, a much easier way for these developers to hide their motives and work their way into people’s heads who may not be willing to do every necessary research to make their findings about a platform before going into it is by developing apps.

So, the L7Dex Review app could stand as representative of a working domain URL for users to download and use in trading when l7dex.com does not seem to work properly.

How Legit is L7Dex, Is it a Scam?

L7Dex Review is important for every investor who may have the intention of investing through the platform, to read and find out what important information they may be missing out on about the platform even before they go ahead.

Most people who may have fallen into the trap of these scammers may not have taken the time to read what other people have to say about the platform based on the activities already going on with it or what other users have to say.

On that note, users are advised to withdraw their steps in investing through this platform. L7Dex Review says that the platform may be a scam as there has not been any means of proving that it is legit, among other reasons.

Part of the reason it is said to be a scam is the fact that traders are required to send in cryptocurrency in their trading which seems to be a major turn off thereby making the platform illegitimate.

Therefore, whether L7Dex Review says that the platform is a scam, it looks like one so investors should avoid making use of it.

Is it Safe to Trade on L7Dex?

Having mentioned that this platform is not %100 safe for traders, you may need to make every other necessary finding about it(if you are not yet convinced).

Therefore, using some of these websites that analyze the trends and every other detail of an online platform could make it easier for you to check the kind of reputation the site has, such web analyzers as Trustpilot, quora, etc.

However, for as far as I know, L7Dex Review proves the platform to be a scam so trading on it is at your own risk. It is safer to avoid trading with the platform as has been emphasized in this post.


L7Dex Review covers the trading cost of the crypto con platform and Ponzi scheme which has not been able to prove itself legit for traders to invest in.

This platform is said to usually request crypto currency for every trading on it and this happens to be a major red flag for every investor and trader.

On that note, traders and every other individual are advised to steer clear of the platform to avoid falling victim to their con.

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