Max Bupa Life Insurance Renewal | Check Features, Benefits & Review of Bupa Max Now

Max Bupa life insurance renewal process is easy and free. And it takes just a few steps to complete the process. After completing it, they will take you to more years of absolute stress-free life insurance coverage.

This life insurance makes sure that the customers don’t go through any problems when renewing their life insurance like the way it’s services.

And when you are submitting key details to make premium payments, each step does not take much of your time, so you can enjoy yourself or life without being worried.

Let’s talk about Max Bupa, Max Bupa which is now known as Niva Bupa is known as a standalone life insurance that provides for India.

This company is a joint venture between Fettle Tone LLP and Bupa Singapore Holding Private Limited. This Fettle Tone LLP is known as an affiliate of True North Fund VILLP and it is a private equity of India.

And Bupa is globally known as the leading healthcare provider. So, both companies came to give a comprehensive solution to life insurance for the Indian masses.

Benefits of Max Bupa Life Insurance Renewal Policy

Here, we will list the benefits of the Max Bupa life insurance Renewal policy.

  • You can get cash processing within 30 minutes of time. And you can process all the claims directly without the need to involve anybody.
  • Get access to a strong network that is more than 8600 hospitals.
  • The policyholders do get 30% off the premium on the renewal of reassuring plans.
  • It is very easy and stress-free during the time of renewal because a new policy kit can be expected to be emailed within 48 hours.
  • They don’t give a claim bonus to their policyholders in case there is no claim in the past year. This is to tell you that the policyholders may be entitled to a bonus discount in the form of a lower premium or increased insurance coverage.
  • A policyholder is not expected to enjoy the facility of going through a medical test from the time without paying anything at the time of renewing a policy.
  • The policyholders are also offered a co-payment, where a particular amount of the treatment is borne insured. While the remaining ones of amount will be taken care of by the insurance company

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Max Bupa Life Insurance Renewal Online

To perform the Max Bupa life insurance renewal online, you will need to follow the steps below.

  • First, you will have to visit the official website of Max Bupa Life Insurance, then click on the “Renew” button shown on the top.
  • Then you need to put your 14-digit number and the date of birth of any insured member of the policy.
  • After that, you will then click on the submit button and the payable annual premium will be shown on your screen.
  • When you are done with that, you will then make payment and you must click on the “Pay” button.
  • After the payment is made successfully, you will then receive a policy transaction number. Then, you wait for the next 48 hours so that you can receive the new policy kit.

The Top 3 Life Insurance Plans Offered by Max Bupa

The max Bupa life insurance renewal has a variety of plans in its kitty. It also has some of the leading of the company and they are available at PayBima, and the following below

  1. Niva Bupa Reassure Life Insurance: This health insurance plan is available on an individual and family floater basis, all the coverage that your family needs can be provided by Reassure. And we will list down some of the salient features of the policy.
Features of Max Bupa Reassure Life Insurance
  • Unlimited Sum Insured Reinstatement: When you allow the unlimited sum insured reinstatement, the plan allows unmatched coverage. Therefore, if you suffer multiple claims in a year and your sum insured gets used up, the plan would refill the sum insured as many times as you want.
  • Healthy Living Benefits: This plan has a wellness program where you can accumulate points of reward every time you go walking and it takes a special number of steps. It also tracks your steps and depending on the time you can accumulate your reward points. Note that these points can be used to claim a discount on the premium renewal.
  • Double Your Sum Insured in Just 2 Years: The plan also has a booster on claim benefits where the sum insured would increase by 50% if you don’t make a claim in a policy year. Therefore, if you don’t claim about two successive policy years, the sum insured can be doubled by you and it is free.
  • Air Ambulance Cover: If you require transportation for hospitalization, coverage for the air ambulance expenses will be allowed. So in case of the cashless claims, the coverage is allowed up to the sum insured. For the reimbursement coverage claims the coverage limit is Rs.2.5 lakhs.
  • Range of Optional Benefits: This plan has different types of optional coverage benefits that are under the policy that can help you enhance the coverage as every one of your needs at an affordable premium.
  1. Max Bupa Life Companion Plan: This is also one of the common life insurance policies that covers your actual medical cost. The salient features will be listed below
  • Different Coverage Variants: The coverage variants of this plan are four and have different coverage benefits that are limited and sum levels. Therefore, you are allowed to choose a variant that is the best and also matches your coverage needs and affordability.
  • Refill Benefits: The plan allows the sum insured to refill benefits where you sum insured is used on a previous claim in the same policy year, but the sum insured will be refilled to the original amount so that you can pay for any upcoming claims.
  • Vaccination Cover: This is for the case of animal bites and the coverage of the cost of vaccines is allowed by this plan.
  • Coverage for Modern Treatments: The plan makes up for modern and robotic surgeries and treatments, and the coverage allowed is up to Rs.1lakh.
  1. Health Recharge Plan: The plan is the highest that has a sum insured and a deductible. If your aggregated claims exceed the chosen deductible, the policy will pay for the excess claim. Therefore, we will be listing the features of this policy.
  • The Facility of Online Consultation: You can assist some multiple online and teleconsultations with expert medical practitioners. You have to get connected to a network service provider and then consult with a doctor for free.
  • Coverage for Treatments Due to Mental Disorders: For people who are hospitalized because of mental disorders, the cost incurred on treating such disorders will be covered by the policy. , This will not stop you from getting coverage because you can enjoy your coverage up to the sum insured.
  • Loyalty Benefit: Each year that you don’t claim your policy, you will get a loyalty benefit of about a 5% increase in the sum insured that is without any additional premium. You can also continue to accumulate the increase for the claim-free which is a maximum of 50%
  • Coverage for HIV/AIDS and Artificial Life Maintenance: HIV/ADIS coverage and the maintenance of artificial life are allowed under this plan while the other plans might not be among them. So, you are allowed to assist the coverage up to the sum insured.

Max Bupa Life Insurance Renewal Review

  • This company offers the facility to compare the different plans that it offers. It also allows you to compare the plans and select those that give the best protection for each of your needs.
  • Max Bupa companies do not have any TPAs for claim handling. Its claims are handled internally so that it can give you the smoothest settlement
  • The company is always active 24/7 in case you want to complain about anything or you have questions for them.
  • Most of their health plans cover COVID-19 claims.


The max Bupa life insurance renewal is very easy and stress-free during it process.

And if you want a reliable online payment system that is a simple and secure transaction that can function for your max life insurance, Mobikwik is the best.

I believe that you can get a lot from this article, all you need to do is to follow the instructions above and do the necessary things that are required.

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