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Mobiletvshows Series offers premium entertainment for fans of movies, providing videos from Hollywood series, Bollywood, and related dubs.

You can get content from the site without any subscription or download limit. The video qualities range from the obscure 320GP to the relatively popular HD 720p.

Mobiletvshows Series offers one of the best non-subscribed torrenting for movie fans. It has one of the best TV Shows and Series. Those are the best content niches on the platform.

Currently, the site serves as a FzMovies proxy, although it mostly focuses on providing the best series and TV Shows. If you are looking for where to download your favorite videos (TV series and shows), click on the next best thing to FzMovies. Mobiletvshows Series is better in this sense since it just curates all the fascinating drama.

Also, the movie list is easy to access. Starting from the homepage, you get to choose from a list of favorites and all-time best movies. If you prefer the new titles to the oldies though, you can look up the Newly Added tag for recent titles.

Just like on the Fzovies site, you get a clutter of options on the Mobiletvshows Series. Packages like documentaries, Tv Seris, Anime, and even Netflix-niche kinds of movies are on display for you to download.

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Mobiletvshows Series | Fztvseries Shows & More

If you have been using the Fztvseries site to download movies while it was still accessible, try out the current Mobiletvshows platform for a similar experience. The only difference is that the Mobiletvshows domain is still up and running, whereas Fztvseries seems to have infrequent downtimes.

Both Mobiletvshows and Fztvseries are alternatives from the same site, with options for users to get all their movies and TV shows for free.

It doesn’t just stop there. Every day, the site is constantly updated with loads Of new and interesting movies ranging from Hollywood blockbusters to Bollywood movies. Locals can also enjoy their favorite shows in the dubbed version, especially if the subtitles are working nicely.

Which one offers the best content, Mobiletvshows or Fztvseries?

Mobiletvshows Series
Download Fascinating Movies from Mobiletvshows

The choice may vary depending On the individuals, but Mobiletvshows is obviously the more updated of the two platforms. It typically supports AVI, 3GP, and high MP video qualities like MP4.

Another thing is that nothing really distinguishes the two websites. Most people would normally go for the one that contains the titles that they are currently looking for online. For the most part, these movies and Tv series are available for free.

On the flip side, both websites just have to click baits and other concealed ads on the UI. It could be a major downside for many people who love playing it safe. Even users who don’t have any problem at all going around such pop ads may complain about the frequent redirections while trying to open a movie download webpage.

All the same, you can still get your full-length movies despite the ad splash on the UI. So, Mobiletvshows is worth the try.

Popular Titles & Tv Series | Mobiletvshows Series 3GP, AIV, & HD

On visiting the website homepage, you will see two options _ Series and Episodes _ for available movie categories. Most of the new entries are in the Episodes cache. So, if you are looking to finish a series, just click on this folder and search for the title.

Further, you can get to a movie title by using any if the following options:

  • Search for the name of the Movie Director,
  • Lead/Start cast, or
  • Name of Movie (Movie Name).

To shortcut to the titles faster, use the category below the movie search options _ All, Bollywood, Hollywood, and Dubbed.


If you don’t have any particular movies in mind, use the search by Director or Lead cast to find other equally interesting movies in that niche. Spielberg is likely to have only the interesting movies on the site.

Below are some other interesting Mobiletvshows Series category.

The Queen of Flow

3afé con aroma de mujer

La muchacha que limpia

Café con aroma de mujer

Quem Quer Namorar Com o Agricultor?

De Oranjezomer (Veronica Inside Oranje)

Love Island


Mobiletvshows Series
Mobiletvshows Best Place for Tv Series!


Rick and Morty


The Good Doctor

Superman & Lois


Mr. Queen

Grand Sumo

Metal Family

You can get these movies and series from the website. Also, you can download (or stream a preview) the episodes on your mobile phone and watch them later, All the videos are available in High MP4, AVI, and 3GP. So, we recommend the relatively high-quality versions for you if you want the premium screen time experience from this site.

Use the steps in the following section to download your favorite Mobiletvshows Series episodes.

Steps to Download Mobiletvshows Series Net Episodes

The first thing to note here is that the episodes are added singly. You cannot get all of them at once unless they’re all probably released on cinema long before you look it up on the Mobiletvshows Series net website.

Second, you have to check that your device has enough memory capacity before downloading the episodes. If all the episodes for a particular series have been released, check that you have adequate space before deciding to download the entire episodes, that is if you wish to binge-watch.

You can download titles from the site using these steps.

  • Visit
  • Opt for the Series/Tv Shows category.
  • Either use the search feature to find any series you have in mind,
  • Or look through the categories to select the series.
  • Go through the listed episodes under the series and click on the one you want.
  • If a scabble shows up, fill in the indicated space with a copy.
  • Finally, select video quality (this feature isn’t always available).

After the last step, your videos will automatically download to your mobile device. You can now retrieve it from the designated download folder and watch.

Mobiletvshows is a free website, implying that visitors can download and watch any number of titles without making a subscription.

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