MTN Free Data Code | Get 10GB Free Data (100% Legit)

MTN Free Data Code: In this article, as you read on you will find out how you can receive 10GB of free data from the MTN mobile network, the Codes which you are to apply before getting the data, and how to upgrade your MTN SIM to 4G before getting the 10GB directly from MTN.

Read below, learn & apply each step given in this article, and don’t forget to share if you’ve benefited.

MTN Free Data Code – Upgrade your MTN SIM to 4G & Get Free 10GB of Data

MTN Network users are currently known as the Giant Telecommunication Network majorly in Africa, And they’ve decided to bring a smile to the faces of MTN customers.

As an MTN User, you are well eligible for the Free 10GB of Data offered by the MTN mobile telecommunication network, and the process of getting the accessible data is 100% legit.

Do not think this is a scam or a trick to deceive MTN users, NO, it is 100% real and working for all MTN users around the Globe.

According, to the MTN mobile network company, you need to upgrade your MTN SIM to 4G in order to enjoy this great offer (10GB Free). And also, you will still get an offer of a 100% data bonus that will last for 3 months as you upgrade the SIM to 4G.

See the steps on how you can upgrade your SIM to 4G below, in order to Enjoy the 10GB Free Data offer from MTN:

  • Transport your MTN SIM & its pack along with you, and visit a close by MTN office or Agent.
  • Inform them that you would like to Upgrade your MTN SIM to 4G.
  • Also, carry along your National ID or Identification card/details that make you a citizen of the country.
  • Among these Identity details, it can be your National ID/Voter’s Card/Driver’s License/ International Passport/ School ID.
  • Allow the MTN agent to register your SIM & get it ready for the Upgrading process.

See the next section below, to know how you can get the 10GB free data offer after upgrading your SIM to 4G.

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MTN Free Data Code – Get Free 10GB Data After Upgrading SIM to 4G

  • Immediately after you complete the upgrading process in the office, insert your SIM into your mobile device.
  • Send an SMS saying “4G” to 131 via text message.
  • Instantly your SIM will be credited with free 10GB of data.

Also, know that the Free 10GB data will last for 1 month, to check the data balance & confirm if the 10GB has been credited into your account dial *131*4#.

During the upgrading process, you might not be able to find the nearest MTN agent, which is why we are here to help you find one. See the next section below, and find out how you can reach the nearest MTN office.

How to find the Nearest MTN Office in your Area

MTN Free Data Code: Are you having a hard time trying to locate the nearest MTN office in your area? If yes, see & apply the procedures below.

  • Firstly, dial *123*1*7# and a message will drop on your mobile inbox listing MTN offices  & agents nearest to you, state, and local government areas.
  • If the code above doesn’t work out for you, try out this link:
  • Remember, come with your Valid Identity Card (ID) when you want to go for an upgrade.

Things to Consider about the Free 10GB MTN Data Offer

  1. You can only get the Free MTN 10GB data to offer, and use it on your 4G device.
  2. The MTN 100% data bonus gotten from the data offer can be processed on all types of devices starting from 2G, 3G, 4G, and 5G.
  3. The 100% data bonus will only be on for 3 months, after 3 months it will expire, and all these offers will be gotten from the 4G data offer.

See below for what to enjoy from the MTN 4G Data bonus.

According to the MTN Network, they said that regardless of other data experiences, you will mostly enjoy the 4G upgrade offer. This offer will only be available to customers who newly upgraded their MTN mobile SIM to 4G/LTE.

Price Normal Data Volume 4G Upgrade Volume Validity USSD Activation Code Price
N500 2GB 4GB 1 day *131*154# N500
N500 750MB 1.5GB 7 days *131*103# N500
N1000 1.5GB 3GB 30 days *131*106# N1000
N1200 2GB 4GB 30 days *131*130# N1200
N2000 3.5GB 7GB 30 days *131*110# N2000
N3500 6.5GB 13GB 30 days *131*107# N3500
N5000 11GB 22GB 30 days *131*116# N5000

Important Notice

The Free 4GB due to upgrade to 4G SIM will be valid for just 7 days. And the 100% bonus on every N500 to N5000 data bundle that will be purchased from 1 month to 3 months will be valid after upgrading SIM to 4G. See clearly from the table above.

You will get a 25% bonus on all data subscribed from month 4 to month 6 after upgrading your SIM to 4G. Meanwhile, the newly activated & existing 4G users will enjoy a 25% bonus for 6 months.

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 FAQS on the MTN Free Data Code

MTN users always ask the following questions about the MTN Free data code, after purchasing the MTN SIM for use.

How can I Hack MTN Data Free?

Follow these procedures below to activate the MTN data cheat.

  • Recharge your MTN SIM with over N50
  • Dial *131*25# to activate the plan
  • Instantly get 1GB free, and redo the process 5 times more & get more free data
  • Each Free data will be valid for 7 days.

How can I get 100MB of free data on MTN?

Make sure you do not have any airtime on your mobile SIM, if you have it should not be more than 100 nairas. Access your phonebook, dial *113#, and instantly get the 100MB free from MTN, if you want more you can dial it even up to 50 times.

How can I get 1GB for N100 on MTN?

Getting 1GB for N100 is simple simply try out the guide below.

Recharge up to N100 on your mobile MTN line, and dial *131*100# to activate

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