Nigeria Immigration Service 2022 Recruitment Exercise

Nigeria immigration service 2022 recruitment exercise – the Nigeria immigration service which is one of the bodies with the most lucrative job opportunities, is currently recruiting new members. 2022 online recruitment is ongoing and that is why we are writing this post.

In this article, we will be guiding you on all you need to know about this service (Nigeria immigration service), the requirements for the application, where to apply, and how to apply successfully; we shall also provide miscellaneous information that may be of importance to in the course of application.

To this end, we urge you to read this post carefully to the very end, so that you will grab all the points. As we proceed, let us take a quick glance at the topic of today, reminiscence on its root, and better understand its objectives.

A brief history of the Nigeria immigration service

In the introduction, we promise to educate you thoroughly on the subject matter. We cannot achieve that without placing foot on the history and development of the immigration service.

It is better and advisable that one is informed about what he/she is about to get into as a foretold war does not take even the cripple unawares. Try to follow up the history of this body which is out with fresh employment opportunities for us.

The government agency which is responsible for the management of immigration (the coming in of aliens/foreigners into to country) in Nigeria, the Nigeria immigration service (NIS), was drafted from the Nigeria police force in 1958.

For years, the immigration service has undergone several changes. It was formerly known as the immigration department and was headed by the first chief federal immigration officer, Mr. EH Harrison. It only handled core immigration duties with the authority of the immigration ordinance of 1958 for its operation.

In the beginning, the department had a limit to its power, the operated on a low level and attained the goals and objectives of the government through simple approaches’. Only the Visa and business sections were functionally in existence at that stage.

The Immigration Department, however, came of age on August 1st, 1963, when it was formally constituted by an Act of Parliament, Cap I71, Laws of the Federation of Nigeria. The department’s chief was given the title of Director of Immigration.

As a result, the first Immigration officials were NPF officers. As a Civil Service unit, it became a department under the direction and supervision of the Federal Ministry of Internal Affairs (FMIA).

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The designation of “Director of Immigration” was changed to “Comptroller General of Immigration Service” on October 1, 1992, following significant institutional reforms and a Government white paper, affording the Service a paramilitary status.

As a result, CGI Garba, the previous Director of Immigration, became the first Comptroller General of Immigration (CGI). Consequentially, the Service has come a long way in its reform and restructuring efforts and is now in a better position to undertake modern migration management.

During this time, the Service’s organizational and operational structure underwent adjustments that were unavoidable, in order to accommodate new tasks and evolving regional and sub-regional political alignments.

The ECOWAS and African Affairs division, Aliens Control and Border Patrol Management, and other new tasks for the Service were among them.

Furthermore, in 1988, the Service was entrusted with the function of issuing all Nigerian travel papers, including passports.

The NIS has had three (3) Chief Federal Immigration Officers (CFIO), three (3) Directors of Immigration, two (2) Acting Comptrollers General, and eight (8) substantive Comptrollers General since its foundation in 1963, with the current Comptroller General, CGI Muhammad Babandede MFR.

He is taking big measures and breaking ground in order to modernize and standardize the Service’s operations while ensuring that timely and effective service delivery to its many constituents is not in jeopardy.

Requirements for the 2022 NIS Recruitment

The Nigeria immigration service has the vision to be a modern, efficient and effective immigration service, staffed by a well-trained and motivated workforce. Consequentially, the body can only accept candidates with a certain level of qualification.

We implore you to go through these requirements carefully as they are the factors that will determine your successful entry into the service.

Candidates who want to apply under the NIS must fulfill the following:

  • Firstly, all applicants must be of Nigerian origin i.e. must be Nigerian citizens;
  • All applicants shall have a valid means of identification. It can be a national identity card, a voter’s card, a driving license, an international passport, or even a national identity number (NIN) slip;
  • Applicants are to be within the range of 18 years to 35 years. It is believed that people in the age bracket are better off physically and otherwise;
  • Those applying for hire based on experience, must not be over 45years as at the time of application;
  • Sequel to the rule above, applicants are to have a valid birth certificate or an affidavit of declaration of age;
  • Certificate of state of origin. Your certificate of origin must be valid;
  • Present and valid first-school-leaving certificate (class six certificate);
  • you are to have either a B.Sc. certificate, B.ED, B. An (Ed), HND, OND, or NCE certificates; O’ level certificate with credit in five (5) subjects including English and mathematics; B.Sc. and HND holders are to have an NYSC certificate or letter of exemption;
  • Good speaking and writing skills;
  • Computer literacy.
  • You must have a certificate from any Government Medical office which certifies that you are mentally and physically fit.

Aspiring candidates who have some medical and postural defects are not to apply. These can be any of the following:

  • Speech impediments;
  • Defective eyesight;
  • Impaired hearing;
  • Gross malformation of teeth;
  • Obesity;
  • Knock-knees;
  • Lordosis (pot belly);
  • Kyphosis (hunch back);
  • Scoliosis (bent shoulder);
  • Amputation of any part of the body; and any other physical deformity not mentioned here.

Pregnant women should not also apply under this recruitment exercise.

How to apply under the NIS recruitment

We are finally getting to the end and most important part of this article. We are keeping our promise to guild you on how to apply under the NIS. To apply under the NIS, follow the following steps:

  1. Visit the NIS official website by clicking HERE;
  2. On the webpage, search and select ‘Application Guidelines’;
  3. Select the ‘jobs and careers’ section;
  4. Click on ‘available spaces’;
  5. Proceed to register with a valid email address;
  6. Fill in every required information;
  7. Verify your application; and
  8. submit your application.

Deadline for the NIS 2022 recruitment application

For now, the deadline for the NIS 2022 recruitment is yet to be out. Recruitment is currently ongoing and it is only advisable to apply now that there is still time. Besides, we will continue to update you on this recruitment exercise, therefore try to visit us again.

In conclusion, visit us for more updates. If you find this article interesting, do not forget to drop a comment.

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