Old Bet9ja Coupon Code Mobile | How to Check Coupon Details

Some claim that they prefer the Old Bet9ja Coupon Code Mobile version, yes, especially the Old bet9ja coupon code, because it gives a higher chance to check your sports predictions online. Moreover, this article discloses the Old Bet9ja Mobile coupon codes and free guides on how to use them effectively.

Old Bet9ja Coupon Check Overview

The Old Bet9ja Coupon code and the mobile website version concentrated primarily on offering the primary service, online sports predictions, in a straightforward manner. This layout became popular among players, which explains why many gamblers still like the previous Bet9ja mobile site.

Continue reaching out with the rapidly evolving technological requirements for design & visual layout was among the key factors that led Bet9ja to decide on redeveloping its outdated mobile version of Bet9ja Coupon Check.

Even though the Old Bet9ja Coupon code enables you to check results, there’s more to the newly updated platform:

Old Bet9ja Coupon Code

The previous mobile site was meant to have a similar less effective and optimized design than the latest one. Via the LINK, you’ll get directly to the page where you can view the details of your Bet9ja coupon while using the old mobile coupon checker on an Android or mobile device.

The operating Old Bet9ja Coupon Code will be updated from time to time. Once there’s a new prediction, you’ll find it on the slip you get once you place a bet.

How to Check Old Bet9ja Coupon Code

If you’re looking for the Old Bet9ja Coupon Code Checker, and how to use the Coupon checker via the Old Mobile version, this section is for you. To use the Old Mobile Coupon Checker page, simply consider the easy procedures listed below:

  • Once you place your wager, look for or copy the coupon number on your prediction slip.
  • Then type the code or coupon number into the text space.
  • Finally, click the “Check” button to double-check the details of your wager.

Because the coupon checker page loads very fast compared to the new one and uses less data, consumers prefer the Old Bet9ja  Coupon Code mobile website. By clicking on the link to the homepage, users may easily navigate to the previous Bet9ja website.

How to Login to Old Bet9ja Coupon Code Mobile

You must be a registered Bet9ja user in order to access the old Bet9ja mobile coupon. Follow these easy steps to sign up for an account on Nigeria’s largest online sports site:

  • Visit https://old-mobile.bet9ja.com/home.aspx
  • You must sign in if you don’t have an account.
  • If you need to register, enter accurate personal details, including your email address, name, and birthdate.
  • To receive a 100% bonus, don’t forget to apply the Bet9ja promotion code.
  • You’ll be redirected to the following page after clicking “Continue.

Before you click on Continue, enter all the remaining information, which includes your username, password, mobile number, and state. You can now fund your account with money because the Bet9ja registration process is now complete.

Use the username and password you generated while registering an account from the official website or the mobile app when you want to access your account and make predictions on the Bet9ja old mobile site.

Download The Old Bet9ja Coupon Code Mobile App

It’s not just about Bet9ja Old Mobile coupon check codes. Below is how to get the old Mobile app downloaded on your phone today.

  • Visit the bet9ja website.
  • Click on the “apps” symbol in the rapid links block at the bottom of the page as you scroll down.

You will be directed to a different website where you can possibly download the Old Bet9ja Mobile APKs. You may find links to both the latest and older APKs here.

For further information or updates about the Old Bet9ja Coupon Code, feel free to visit this page often on Start Easy Crypto, and don’t forget to share or leave a comment below for informational purposes.

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