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Do you intend on repairing or want a warranty claim on your OPPO Nigeria Office smartphone, and contemplating on which address to go to? Actually, this post has you covered that aspect.

Here, we have details & address of the OPPO Nigeria Office & Service Center in Nigeria, to find out the location & contacts of these offices & service centers within Nigeria, carefully consider this article.

OPPO Nigeria Office & Service Center in Nigeria – Details

OPPO smartphones & android devices are devices, you’ll probably like to use once you get a hold of them or check out their mobile features in mobile markets.

Smartphones from the OPPO tech company, are always sleek, and sturdy, and are developed with advanced multi-features, with enough battery life.

And this means that you don’t need to worry about the battery capacity once you get an OPPO smartphone.

Not only that, the OPPO smartphones are devices with nice camera features and can capture images or visual realities in a clear format.

If you’re a Nigerian using an OPPO smartphone device, and your device happens to be faulty, you can easily get it fixed in 48 hrs by the nearest OPPO service centers around you.

Moreover, the OPPO Nigeria Office & service center offers extra assistance to interested customers.

Inclusively, the service centers & offices in Nigeria will move to an extent of fixing any of your OPPO devices or accessories, including guarantee offers.

Unfortunately, you could only find one OPPO service center in Nigeria currently, which is the Lagos service center that’s equipped with unique technologies & facilities in order to offer first-class support to OPPO users & customers around & within the country (Nigeria).

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OPPO Nigeria Office, Location & More

In the meantime, OPPO as a brand is yet to grow large like other smartphone brands in Nigeria, which means that its brand is flowing with ease & progressing on a low key till it becomes large in Nigeria.

To compare OPPO to Xiaomi smartphones, OPPO is not as popular as Xiaomi among Nigerian citizens & in the mobile markets. Other brands you can find competitive & quite popular than OPPO in Nigeria include:

  • Xiaomi
  • Samsung
  • iPhone
  • Tecno
  • Infinix

These brands listed above are quite popular compared to OPPO brands in the smartphone markets, and other accessories markets in Nigeria.

Meanwhile, OPPO only has one center in Nigeria, which is not commendable for an uprising brand that tends on becoming popular in Nigeria.

But, Hopefully, as OPPO is becoming popular & growing vast within the streets of Nigeria, we think in just a few years, they’ll probably extend their centers & offices around & within states in Nigeria.

This also shows that if you’re not leaving or situated in Lagos in Nigeria, it’ll probably be hard for you to locate the OPPO office & center, where there’s only one in Nigeria and located in Lagos.

So, do you intend on going to Lagos just to repair your OPPO smartphone & get a guarantee? Absolutely not, we don’t think you waste much time & resources to just go to Lagos to get your phone fixed in their office or center in Lagos.

But if you still insist on going we won’t stop or refuse your trip to Lagos to fix your OPPO smartphone.

Meanwhile, some individuals don’t like visiting phone repair stores to get their smartphones fixed, instead, they prefer going to the brand’s office or center to know the actual problem going on within their smartphones.

See below for the address of the OPPO Nigeria Office & service center in Lagos, if possible you can pen down the address for the next time maybe when you visit Lagos, so, you can easily locate the office instead of asking around.

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Trinity Mall, 79/81, Obafemi Awolowo Way, Ikeja, Lagos.

The OPPO Nigeria Office & service center has its opening hours, which are from Monday – Friday, active & working from 9.00 am the morning to 6.00 pm in the evening.

While on Saturdays, they close earlier compared to weekdays, which is from 9.00 am in the morning to 5.00 pm in the evening.

To locate the avenue fast you can contact the OPPO Nigeria Office & service center via the mobile number or hotline below:

OPPO Nigeria Office Hotline: +234 708 060 1148

As a reminder, you probably can still purchase OEM parts for your OPPO smartphone devices from Gearbest or Aliexpress. The OEM comes to use if the person in charge of the service doesn’t have the damaged parts within the stores.

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Frequently Asked Questions about OPPO Nigeria Office

Is OPPO available in Nigeria?

OPPO smartphones are currently available in Nigeria at phone & mobile stores, and it’s sold at a very competitive price, among OPPO brands in Nigeria, the best & selling OPPO phones in Nigeria today include oppo a9, oppo f11 pro, oppo a3, and other.

How do I contact the OPPO service center?

To contact the OPPO service center call this line – 12279180

How much is OPPO A92 in Nigeria?
Name Oppo A92
New Price NGN. 112286/- Approximately
Used Price NGN. 89829/- Approximately
Release Date Released 2020, May 09
Specifications 6.5 Display, 8 GB RAM, 128GB storage, microSDXC, 48MP Camera, 5000 mAh Battery.

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