PalmPay Customer Care Number | How to Get PalmPay Email Support

PalmPay Customer Care and social media support provide fix-it prompts and guides for mobile app users, resolving possible issues that could arise on the UI or transactions.

There is a direct hotline for contacting the platform that differs from the options on messaging apps like WhatsApp, Facebook, Twitter, etc. If you are looking to establish oral communication with the app CS (also, Customer Service or Customer Care), check out the channels provided in this article.

Why Dial a PalmPay Customer Care Hotline?

For many and various reasons, people have been looking for the PalmPay Customer Care number on different platforms.

While the PalmPay contacts are fixed and work precisely for the specified support media, the complaints have been a different story entirely.

So, here are the likely reasons that people might be looking to access PalmPay Customer Care.

  1. For Reversal

PalmPay has gained increasing popularity with many users in Nigeria. It currently offers lots of payment solutions encompassing data subscriptions, water bill payments, utility payments, transfers, and more.

Most likely, any complaints for reversal will have to be processed via a CS since virtually all transactions are run via the mobile app.

This is when PalmPay Customer Care comes in handy. However, PalmPay has been exceptionally good in terms of network and quality service.

Also, PalmPay Reversals are quite automatic and typically occur within minutes of failed transactions — this could be transfers, subscriptions, or purchases.

  1. To Request a Lost/Misplaced Detail

If you have misplaced your PIN, account number, or other relevant details for the PalmPay mobile app, consider requesting it back from PalmPay Customer Care. That would be the ultimate recourse though, provided that other options on the mobile app have been exhausted.

For a misplaced PIN, use the following method to retrieve it.

On the transaction page, click on Forgot PIN.

Fill in the registration phone number (if required) in the subsequent subpage.

Check your phone messages folder for the backup link for PIN reset.

Then, choose a new PIN (combination of numbers and letters, with no two numbers consecutive).

  1. Report a Glitch

By glitch, we mean any other issues that could arise while using the app. Of course, this depends on the user and the tier.

Report Glitches to PalmPay Customer Care


For the most part, though, the PalmPay app has been amazing and super-efficient. So far, only requests for retrievals have been forwarded to PalmPay Customer Care. That’s a major plus for the providers.

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PalmPay Customer Care | Dial PalmPay Service Hotline

PalmPay can be reached via several media, although only a few of these have been the most active.

If you are looking to contact the CS via a viable hotline, then dial the following number.

018886888 — Dial this number to contact PalmPay Customer Care.

What Can You Do with The Hotline?

In case you are wondering about the range of services supported on the provided hotline, you can report any complications, incongruencies, or glitches that arise on your PalmPay mobile application.

It does not necessarily have to align with those addressed via the FAQs on the website. Once you spot any problem on the UI — this could be due to ads, poor network, hang-ups, or certain icons going faint —, contact Customer Care for rectification.

Contact PalmPay Customer Care Via Mail

Apart from the hotline provided on the previous page, the PalmPay Customer Care service is also reachable via a designated email address.

So, you can as well contact the CS using the following courier tag — This is only an alternative to the hotline in the above section.

Reach PalmPay Via These Contacts

Each method works in a similar way, with options for the user to select a resolution procedure. If the person prefers oral communication to message media, then the hotline is the better of the two options.

Sometimes, the procedure preferred by the PalmPay mobile app user depends on the urgency of the requests. For requests that require immediate attention, an instant voice call is the best option.

Alternatively, if the issue is not really all that bothersome, the user can drop a complaint on any messaging platform with the PalmPay Customer Care tag.


PalmPay app users in Ghana can use the alternative CS mail address

Typical Response Time for PalmPay Customer Care

This part of the PalmPayre Customer Care service will interest the app users a lot.

For instance, a recent function, Early Refund, announced on the PalmPay official Facebook account, PalmPay Nigeria, allows users to get refunds on pending transactions exceeding four (4) hours.

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Other CS services for the mobile app are not as specialized as this Customer Care cache, which only requires a legit complaint from the PalmPay mobile app user.

How Long Does It Take to Get a Refund?

PalmPay refunds occur within a few hours of the failed transaction. So, if you are looking to access the CS, wait a couple of hours for a possible refund (no delay records so far).

Here is the Bonus Point: for pending transactions made for food deliveries, school fees, hospital bills payment, etc., PalmPay pledges to return the exact amount.

That’s another major upvote for the PalmPay Customer Care Service. It proves to be as efficient as the mobile app payment solution.

Recently, PalmPay Customer Care probably peaked with the New Function Alert uploaded on the official PalmPay Facebook page.

However, there is just one caveat on this function — only transactions that are at least up to N5000 are covered. Also, this transfer must have been made via the PalmPay account. Any transaction made from a different platform (instead of PalmPay Account Balance or Overdraft) is not covered by the new function.


You can dial PalmPay Customer Care for any complaint ranging from reversals and possible glitches to particular issues on your PalmPay App.

PalmPay Customer Care
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Remember, the PalmPay Customer Care Service hotline and mail address are 018886888 and Contact the CS for any complaint you wish to get resolved. Good luck

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