PayPal Mpesa 2022 | Link PayPal to Mpesa in Kenya, How?

PayPal Mpesa: Today, in this article, you will find out how to link your PayPal account to Mpesa financial service, as you read through this article, you will find possible steps which you’re to apply when linking your Mpesa account to PayPal.

Also, you will find out how to withdraw & funds your Paypal account directly from Mpesa and vice versa.

Not long before now the Mpesa financial service & Paypal partnered to enable the transfer of funds across the two financial channels. So, as the PayPal Mobile Money service is being used as time goes on, it has eventually changed the digital payment system specifically in Kenya.

Now, PayPal users in Kenya can pay directly from their Paypal account to their Mpesa registered mobile money accounts via their debit & credit cards.

However, the Mpesa users can also top up their paypal accounts, and make use of PayPal’s online payment services to carry out their transactions.

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Link PayPal to Mpesa, How?

PayPal Mpesa 2022: Linking your PayPal account to Mpesa is quite simple, to successfully link the two financial services together, follow these procedures below.

Note: Before linking the two accounts, you need to have a verified payPal account & Safaricom mobile Account.

  • Visit PayPal Mpesa’s official page via
  • On the page, locate & click on the login button to access the login page, and then log in.
  • Accept PayPal’s terms & conditions for the service.
  • Sync the M-Pesa number that you would like to link with the PayPal account
  • Automatically, PayPal will send an SMS Verification code to your Mpesa number for account verification.
  • Finally, type in the verification code PayPal sent to you on your Mpesa mobile number, and complete the linking process.

PayPal Mpesa – How to Fund PayPal from Mpesa

After linking your Mpesa to your PayPal account, you’re free to use the service to top up your PayPal account anytime. Meanwhile, to fund your PayPal from Mpesa, follow these processes below.

Firstly, visit the PayPal Mpesa via this link _ paypalmobilemoney.comand access your account. Also, as a citizen without, you can top-up your account via a currency converter from Ksh to USD to know the actual amount you’re funding into your PayPal account.

Next, access your Mpesa account on your mobile device, click “Lipa Na Mpesa”, and then Pay Bill. You are to use the Mpesa pay Bill number _ 800088, and your phone number as the account number for the Top-up.

Lastly, queue in the amount, you want to send to PayPal, if sufficient, and submit it. Immediately, the transaction will be successfully & Instantly processed. Automatically, you will get a message from Safaricom verifying that the transaction was a success.

However, you will still get a confirmation email in your inbox from PayPal directly. Note _ If you’re using a different mobile number the transaction will not be successful, and also, the normal charge for that transaction from Mpesa wil be changed & applied.

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Withdraw Funds from PayPal to Mpesa, How

PayPal Mpesa: Immediately after you’ve linked your PayPal account to Mpesa, you now have access to all activities done on both platforms. More significantly, you can withdraw from your PayPal directly to your Mpesa account.

The converter will do its job by converting the funds from USD to Ksh, and then transfer the money from your PayPal to Safaricon Mpesa account. See below to find out how to withdraw money from your PayPal account.

  • Visit the PayPal Mobile Money offiial page
  • Log into yoiur account using your Login details.
  • On the acount, click on Withdraw from PayPal
  • The following page will show you the amount remaining in your Paypal account
  • Then type in the amount you want to withdraw from your Paypal account, and click the Continue to Withdraw
  • Finally, the funds will be sent to your Mpesa account within a few minutes.

Note: The maximum withdrawal amount from Paypal to Mpesa is 150,000 KES, any amount more than this will be invalid.

PayPal Mpesa – Possible FAQs You can Find

See the following Faqs below, and answers to them, you might find what you are looking for through these faqs below.

Some People Ask:

Why is my PayPal account not linking with Mpesa?

PayPal Mpesa 2022: Are you having trouble linking your PayPal account to Mpesa? If so, the reasons could be:

There must have been a mix-up during your registration, your information might be incorrect, countercheck, and try registering again. Ensure that your names on your ID match those in your Mpesa & PayPal accounts respectively.

Then if it’s still the same as the first time, close the browser & try using a different one till it successfully links.

PayPal Mpesa – How do i receive money from PayPal from Kenya?

After linking your accounts successfully(Mpesa & PayPal), you will have access you sending & receiving money across the two financial companies in Kenya. The process doesn’t take time and it’s simple.

For further information on the Mpesa & PayPal financial services, stay with us here at Start Easy Crypto, or check back later for daily updates, and dont forget to share.

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