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PointPay_The PXP price has decreased by 17.64% within the past 7 days, and the price also went down by 1.08% in the past 24HRS. Not long from now the price shrunk by 0.14%.

Meanwhile, the current price of PXP is NGN10.821977 ($0.025447446556) for each one. And Point Pay is currently below the all-time high by NGN 63.852339 with a circulating supply of 0 PXP.

PointPay seems to be an all-in-one crypto platform that offers all crypto traders their crypto products & services. it is an asset seen as a one-stop fintech platform, which offers massive financial services in all the released products on its platform.

Some of these products & services that PointPay offers are:

PointPay CryptoBank – A Blockchain-based bank that enables users to open saving & deposit accounts, and also earn on regular terms in a form of interest depending on their crypto asset.

PointPay Exchange – In this platform users get a custom trading UI with the market, stop-limit, and limit orders of their crypto assets.

PointPay System – this is a network where customers on the platform can trade with ease, and also trade popular crypto assets like Bitcoin, USDT, and others, and all these are done directly from the user’s debit & credit cards.

PointPay Wallet – this is a digital wallet where users can store their funds securely, and always track any changes in their cryptocurrency portfolio.

PointPay Crypto School – This is a learning platform for crypto rookies, and it was created to support global education of cryptocurrencies & blockchain.

The PointPay Token (PXP) seems to be an ERC-20 token of the PointPay platform. The token was released on the Ethereum platform. PXP holders receive discounts for trade transactions on the PointPay crypto exchange platform, and higher yields on PointPay crypto bank deposits.

The users on PointPay can receive up to 40% of tokens just by joining the PXP staking program and accessing the premium videos from the PointPay Crypto School.

PointPay was released on June 25, 2018, and launched its first whitepaper on October 14, 2018. Currently, the currency has reached about 1M supply of PXP coins.

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PointPay Overview

PointPay is a cryptocurrency banking platform that has existed since 2018. The company’s current HQ is in St. Vincent & the Grenadines, Estonia, and Lithuania. Pointpay serves about 1 million active users globally.

According to the company, they stated:

We strive to provide the broadest range of crypto banking services to every person with Internet access.

PointPay’s Lithuanian company UAB Orzinga has a license to operate & offer services via digital assets & currencies.

The company’s ecosystem comprises a Blockchain-based bank, an exchange platform, a crypto wallet, and a payment system. Meanwhile, the PointPay crypto bank enables users & investors to earn interests on a daily basis according to their funds’ amount, and also receive instant loans.

Moreover, PointPay will soon release/launch crypto debit cards to equip users in a way that they can make money online, and also carry out in-store purchases. It will be similar to an ordinary debit card and also carry out most of its functions.

The company’s blockchain-based bank enables users to earn interest on 13 platforms that seem to be considered popular digital assets, including stablecoins USDT, USDC, and DAI by funding their Checking or Savings accounts.

Additionally, users are free to stake PXP tokens in order to earn up to 20% each year on their PXP token holdings. By just clicking a few things on the platform, customers can lock their holdings for about 3, 6, or 12 months in order to earn rewards within a progressive scale – the more users invest tokens, the more reward they will receive at end of their investment period.

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PXP Price Statistics & Marketcap

PointPay Price Today Statistics
PointPay Price $ 0.02531
Price Change 24H -$0.0003882
24H Low/24H High $0.02503/$0.0257
Trading Volume 24H $3,315,840.24
Volume/Market Cap 0.2894
Market Dominance 0.00%
Market Rank #2778
PointPay Market Cap
Market Cap $11,458,900.83
Fully Diluted Market Cap $25,334,842.22

PointPay Supply

Circulating Supply – 452,298,093 PXP

Total Supply – 858,598,093 PXP

Maximum Supply – 1,000,000,000 PXP

PXP Contract & Web Address

The PXP contract address  – 0x95aa5d2dbd3c16ee3fdea82d5c6ec3e38ce3314f




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Conclusion – FAQs on PointPay

Is PointPay a good investment?

The PointPay crypto exchange is a safe platform for trading cryptocurrencies. Do you think the platform is Legit? Honestly speaking, the platform is legit & reliable. Crypto transactions on the platform are functioning securely and always complete its transaction. As earlier stated, PointPay is one of the most secure crypto exchanges.

How much is PXP worth?

The current live price for PXP today is $0.028184, with a 24HR trading volume of about $3,798,194. PXP to USD price in real-time is always updated.

How do I Buy Bitcoin on PointPay?

Download a Metamask Wallet, set up your Metamask, Buy Ethereum as your base currency, and send ethereum from your Binance wallet to your crypto wallet. Select a Decentralized Exchange (PointPay), connect your Wallet, and finally, trade your Ethereum with a coin you want to receive.

For further updates on PointPay, feel free to visit us here again on our website at Start Easy Crypto, and don’t forget to share our articles. Leave a comment below if necessary.

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