Rivalry Login | Sign-up for Esports Betting | Pros & Cons

Rivalry Login — the platform is One of the most viable sportsbooks comprising varied options that range from e-sports to Counterstrike and Rushlane.

It also includes several options like the ones below.

Dota 2 Betting


League of Legends

Sports Betting

Esports Betting

And the list goes on and on. There are simply lots of options for punters, and this is just a tip of the varied integrations that gamers can access.

Along with several bet categories, Rivalry offers good and reliable CS, which gives a 24/hour online support via the following platforms — Affiliate Program (for freebies, wins, and promos), Contact, Chat Support, and even job openings.

Only a few punting sites can boast of the clutter of opportunities available on the Rivalry website. With the Rivalry Login, punters get to stake on game mods and digital arts.

Rivalry At a Glance

Rivalry is a Digital Casino, an online sports betting pro.

The platform was started in 2018 as an esports-centric gaming app. It also offers much-needed insights on various sports books, match plays, scheduled games, and practical resource tools for fans to choose suitable options from the broad categories on the platform.

After a few years of picking its pace on the betting field, Rivalry has recently begun to get traction and acceptance from many angles. One impressive attache is the Alcohol and Gaming Commission of Ontario giving the Platform a pass.

Some of the broad use cases for the punting Rivalry Login portal include Leagues, retro brawl specials, digital hyper arts like the League of Legends, and several others.

Sports betting via Rivalry Login involves using options in North America — MMA, volleyball, super bowl, poker, and boxing.

On the court-focused games (basketball, volleyball, tennis, etc.), Rivalry offers a more complete value, including leagues and interesting matches.

Although the platform doesn’t offer much in terms of unique sports betting options, it, however, promises a lot of deals on the added esports.

Even when some bets, especially pro-soccer, aren’t in play due to seasonal hiatuses, you can access other in-play sportsbooks via the Rivalry Login portal.

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Rivalry Login | How to Sign-up on Rivalry

You can access the signup portal via different procedures. Eventually, the one you opt for will determine your entry point and the Sort of details you will subsequently need while logging into your account.

Use the Mobile App

There is still some fuzzy debate on whether Rivalry has a mobile app, at least one on Google Play Store.

If you can find a good entry (possibly an isolated mod that links to the sportsbook), use the following steps to download it on your mobile phone.

Search the official app title — Rivalry

Usually, you can set a tag for the game apps that integrate Rivalry.

Once you have a good entry in view you can click on the INSTALL tab (verify that the app is from the company).


This download procedure is merely speculative. Rivalry has most of its features compressed into the official Rivalry Login Portal, leaving little for any mobile apps. Regardless, you can access the sportsbook using any mobile phone (iOS and Android smartphones, preferably).

Pros & Cons

Just like every high-end asset — whether digital arts punting, outright soccer leagues, or tack events —, but the most rewarding of these options will have to offer maximum value for punters while maintaining its appeal and overall general quality.

So far, Rivalry has ticked off the positive boxes, but there are still some works to be done.

Here are the unique and overall good features of the sportsbook.


It supports HD streaming — this is very good in terms of aesthetics and replay, keeping the punter glued to the TV Screen

Offers up to fifty (50) bet spots for all users

Also, it includes over 20 eSports games all available for bets.

Rivalry is highly rated for security pay options and a reliable and user-friendly sign-up procedure.

Attached to the string of Pros is the Matched Bonus, which pays 100% (caps at $100), provided the punter already made up to a $15 deposit. The bonus will last thirty (30) days and can be unlocked by the play staking at least five times the original deposit amount.


It offers limited options in overall International leagues

The supported sportsbooks aren’t as varied as some of the popular platforms out there.

Although this is only a trifle detracting, Rivalry has close competitors (but ultimately such alternatives help the company to grow).

See how the Rivalry Login procedure works in the section below.

How to Login to Rivalry

You can access the Rivalry Login portal using the following procedure.

Go to the official websiterivalry.com

Look for the login option from the drop-down menu tab.


Rivalry Login
Enter your Email Address and Password to Login to Rivalry

Select log in from the options.

Now, enter your email address and password.

To speed up the process the next time you log in, tick the Remember Me box.

Alternatively, you can get to the Rivalry Login page using the official redirection portal, rivalry.com/login.


Rivalry is one of the best options for a reliable, well-structured, and complete sportsbook. If you are looking for an option that cuts down the unwieldy details and disorderly icons littered on the UI, then Rivalry is your best bet.

It currently offers one of the best bonuses and promos, as seen from the official esports site (see below).

New customers can benefit from a good value welcome offer at Rivalry, which sees them receive a 100% Matched Deposit bonus up to a maximum of $100 when they make their first deposit and use the Rivalry promo code.

Further, the sportsbook has gained increasing acceptance in many places, with a recent provincial pass from Ontario, where the platform Is currently getting increasing traction from lots of users.

Re: The Rivalry Login portal offers you access to the following bets.


League of Legends

Sports Betting

Esports Betting

The League of Legends option opens vistas into a plethora of bets involving HD game installations from the franchise.

Also, the promos and bonuses from the affiliate programs laced with a list of sportsbooks make Rivalry one of the best platforms for betting.

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