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Roban stores recruitment – are you idle and searching for a job? Have you heard about the Roban stores Nigeria limited? Are you interested in working for this company? How can I apply for a job at Roban stores? The answers to these questions are here in this article.

Roban Stores Recruitment 2023

Roban store is a one-stop superstore that contains every household’s needs ranging from types of equipment to groceries and food. These chain stores have about 6 branches in different states in Nigeria, six of which are located in the southeast.

Roban stores date back to 1999 with the rebranding of ‘ultimate gifts’ to Roban stores. The store was just a mini-store in Enugu, providing for the needs of those in the area. At inception, Roban stores dealt with food products alone.

However, in 2000, came the expansion of the store. This also brought about the extension of their products to non-food products. The store underwent subsequent developments until it got a distributorship deal as a superstore in 2009.

Furthermore, the sales of fresh food products like fruits and vegetables began in 2010. This was followed by the inception of a bakery in 2011. Roban pastries and confectionaries are one of the best in the country today, and an anchor stone to their present level.

Due to the high demand from the citizens and aliens in the state, the store opened another store in Agbani, Enugu, in 2014. Sequel to this, another store was opened in Awka, Anambra state in 2016. The store in Awka is by no doubt, their biggest store in Nigeria.

Moreso, the expansion continued with the opening of more stores in Abakaliki, Ebonyi state in 2017, and another store in Trans-skull, Enugu in 2018. And finally the Nnewi store in Anambra, in 2020. With the expansion of the store, the superstore was able to reach out to more consumers in the southeast.

With three stores in Enugu state, one in Ebonyi state, and two in Anambra state, this superstore is the biggest in the southeast with a vast coverage of products.

Roban stores’ products

The Roban stores market all kinds of household products including cosmetics, groceries, bakeries, clothes and fabrics, fruits and vegetables, drinks and wine down to kitchenware & electronics and lots more.

The store is divided into different departments, each with its own coverage of products. This is to aid customers to locate desirable materials with ease in the vast stores.

The departments in Roban stores and their products include:

  • Cosmetics – lotion, washing/cleaning liquids, hair conditioners, etc.
  • Groceries – cereal & oat, flour & pasta, cooking oil, etc.
  • Bakery – fresh bread, cookies, cakes, pies, etc.
  • Fashion – men and female wear, children’s wear, perfumes, etc.
  • Fruits and vegetables – organic fruits, organic vegetables, etc.
  • Beer, wine, and drinks – whiskeys, wines, beer, etc.
  • Household – pillows & bedspread, flower vases, etc.
  • Baby and toddler – milk, cereals, feeding & bathing items, baby wears, etc.
  • Frozen – chicken, beef, fish, etc.
  • Kitchenware and electronics – glassware, dinner sets, coolers, etc.
  • Furniture – sofas & office tables, dining tables, cabinets, etc.
  • Gym accessories and bags – treadmills, dumbells & barbells, etc.

Roban stores 2023 Workers Recruitment

Apart from the consumable services and products that this superstore offers to its customer, it also serves as an employment opportunity for others. The production, management, distribution, and storage of the vast products of the store can only be managed by efficient staffing.

Due to the increase in demand over the last few months, the need to employ more workers to match the subsequent increase in production arose. Enugu state has the most stores in the country, and consequentially the most demanding for workers.

The Roban stores branch in Enugu is currently searching for young talents who can fill in for vacant positions in the different departments of the store. Citizens who are computer literate and medically fit are eligible to apply for these positions.

Job vacancies that are available for application in Enugu state’s branch include:

  • Sales/counter assistant;
  • Kitchen assistant;
  • Baker; and
  • Customer service.

Application Requirements

The general application requirements to apply for any position is computer literacy and medical fitness. However, the following are inclusive:

  • Nigeria citizenship;
  • No criminal record;
  • An average height of at least 1.6m; and
  • O’ Level certification.

How to Apply for Roban stores 2023 Recruitment

To apply for a position in any of the stores in Enugu state, follow the steps below:

  1. Visit the Roban stores’ official website.;
  2. from the menu at the central top of the page, click on ‘jobs’;
  3. there are three placards that read ‘the management’, ‘application process’, and ‘apply now’ consecutively. Click on ‘read more on the card that reads ‘apply now’;
  4. on the application/recruitment page, click on ‘apply now’ under the position you wish to apply for;
  5. you will be redirected to an assessment site titled Testgorilla;
  6. create an account to proceed;
  7. note that only work emails can be used while creating the account, if you have only a personal email you will have to create a work email;
  8. after registration, log in to complete your assessment;
  9. the form will be submitted to Roban stores;
  10. await an approval email.

Roban stores 2023 Recruitment Deadline

There is no deadline yet for this recruitment exercise. However, since the job slots are limited, recruitment will cease after the targeted number of workers has been realized. Interested candidates are therefore advised to apply as soon as possible.


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