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Most Scoreblue Reviews online invariably wish to resolve one issue about the company’s product: Is it any different from other sildenafil-using formulas in practice or is there more to it?

Beyond all the cloying media marketing rounds, what does the company offer? To cut to the meat of the whole conversation, Scoreblue sells an erectile dysfunction tablet, which helps men have healthier sex lives.

Ultimately, the aim is to provide a medication that is different from Viagra. The solutions are proffered as sildenafil and tadalafil, both of which are already in popular use in pharmacies. However, Scoreblue Reviews point out that the company claims to have a unique deal in the offing.

Case In Point: Sildenafil & Tadalafil

A major component in the ED (Erectile Dysfunction) formula used by many companies, Sildenafil has been shown to improve erectile periods, allowing the person up to eight times better performance than previously.

It also doesn’t increase blood pressure or cause complications such as irregular erections. Also, was widely peer-reviewed and approved by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration, prompting its widespread reception by the public.

Further, there is Tadalafil, which also improves performance during intercourse, allowing up to 50% ED reduction.

Inference — Scoreblue definitely has a good mix for ED issues. But for the most part, it seems that other properties claimed for the pills by Scoreblue aren’t exactly true.

Regular Stuff or Is It Unique?

This is where some Scoreblue Reviews downvote the brand. It is a legit and viable drug, considering that it mostly uses FDA-approved drugs.

Still, there is the issue of Scoreblue using heavy PR to market its drug way beyond the possible reach than if it had simply advertised it as a sildenafil and tadalafil formula. Inflating the efficacy of a drug through celebrities doesn’t make things better.

Perhaps a quick look at the Scoreblue Reviews online will highlight the uniqueness of the drug. So, here brief overview of the popular feedback (the most recurring ones from people who actually use the pills).

Same as Viagra

Based on the effect, users can seem to tell the difference between Viagra and the generic Viagra, preferred by Scoreblue.

Scoreblue Reviews
Scoreblue Generic Viagra 100MG

It isn’t unique when compared to Viagra, according to a specific user, who goes on to cite that the overall effects, in the long run, are much the same.  Typically, this generic Viagra comes with a one-all prescription.

However, it doesn’t get the job done.

It Works — Most Customers Recommend

So, here is the part that really matters. Most people find the pills to be effective and satisfactory.

This would imply that most of the negative Scoreblue Reviews (quite a few downvotes on the whole, actually) might be due to extraneous factors. In such cases, consulting a medical doctor would be the best option.

Out of 111 reviews, Scoreblue scores 4.4 stars out of 5 total. That’s a good record.

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Scoreblue Reviews | Why Use the Pills?

There are many reasons a sex pill might be on your market list, all of which are probably related to health.

In this case, the generic Viagra, as the PR puts it, serves to boost your performance. Already there are studies proving that sildenafil actually helps reduce EDs, without making the person entirely dependent on the drug.

Also, there is no overtly adverse effect outside the usual ones that users are familiar with. So, this makes it easy to catch on to the pill, especially since it works so effectively.

Apart from its intrinsic use against erectile dysfunction, is there any other reason people, may want to purchase the product?

Left to just the prescription and dosage, the pills will still be in demand. However, celebrity PRs advertising the products online influence the public sentiment towards the drugs.

Chris Hansen — Emmy Winner Promotes the Pill

An Emmy Winner, Chris Hansen has supposedly conducted a Scoreblue Reviews roundup, which submits that the pills are unique. Also, it says that Scoreblue is the leading service for ED medication. This is a bit off the mark, but the PR doesn’t stop there.

Should you buy because a celebrity is in the PR? Of course not, it actually is a red flag to defer to PR Scoreblue Reviews instead of contributions from medical journals.

Instead of packing it up at that point, the pitch gets blown up.

Scare Tactics

Whenever a brand leaves the essentials of the product to focus on what happens if the product were not immediately proliferated in the markets, that is a scare strategy. It makes people insecure about market decisions, giving the seller an advantage to pitch their own brand.

This issue isn’t rife on Scoreblue’s PR, though, but you can catch hints of it here and there.

Consistently stressing that there are fake ED medications in the market only serves to curtail the available options to purchasers, instead of alerting them to the dangers of buying fake pills.

Scoreblue Reviews | Compare the Pros & Cons

Is it generally easy to access sildenafil via Scoreblue?

Granted, the platform has a legit ED pill, but it isn’t all the options in the Market. Cost Plus Drugs and Roman, for instance, are other sellers.

Considering that Cost Plus Drugs offers more affordable pricing than the others, you may want to see if Scoreblue has an edge over some of the options on your list.


  • Offers a reliable pill with an overall high rating on many Scoreblue Reviews user feedback forums
  • Components of the pills are FDA-approved
  • Also, the pills are generally affordable


  • It isn’t as unique as the PR team makes it out to be.
  • Some users report issues canceling an auto-subscription initiated by the company.
  • Further, some users complain that the company isn’t specific about its prescriptions.


Scoreblue has a good trust score on many platforms, showing that the pills are quite effective. The only part blown out of proportion is the uniqueness trope. Sildenafil is not a special formula owned by Scoreblue.

Scoreblue Reviews
Pricing & Discounts

20mg Sildenafil costs $1/pill

5mg Tadalafil costs $1.50/pill

visit the official website.

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