SEIFAC Loan Disbursement Update | Next Step to Take on CBN/SEIFAC Loan

This article informs you about the SEIFAC Loan Disbursement update. All applicants who successfully applied for the grant are expected to consider this article carefully and take note of the SEIFAC Loan Disbursement update.

As we may know, the SEIFAC Loan was announced some time ago, and applicants who are interested & eligible for the grant went on with the application, and now the SEIFAC Loan has released another update regarding the disbursement, see below.

Since the SEIFAC Loan Disbursement took place, most applicants have been contacted via email & phone informing them about their account details for the SEIFAC Loan.

Firstly, you need to take note that the SEIFAC loan was specifically meant for farmers in Nigeria, and it is real if there are doubts about the loan disbursement.

The CBN is in partnership with Smallholder Economic Interest Farmers Agriculture Cooperative & also known as Anchor Borrower’s program. A message from SEIFAC’s official webpage, which is Seifac Organization, it clearly states:

This is to bring to the notice of SEIFAC esteem Members across the constituent states of the federation and FCT Abuja and the general public that SEIFAC National Headquarters Abuja has commenced the roll-out of SEIFAC Project Wallet Account bulk opening to complete step four of the membership registration process.

Applicants are yet to start receiving alerts from Participating Financial Institutions (PFIs), and then Heritage bak will now forward members’ login details to them.

Once you receive your Heritage Bank Plc Project Wallet Account Number, where members are expected to deposit a minimum amount of N2,000.00 to activate the account.

For this to work out, simply go to the nearest Heritage Bank near you, and make the deposit or you can possibly transfer the same amount.

Once you do this, simply submit evidence of payment to any SEIFAC agent, LGA Desk Officer, or State Officer, where you’ll be expected to fill out a SEIFAC Loan documentation form & a processing fee of N500.00.

SEIFAC Loan Payments 2022 Portal

The Smallholder Economic Interest Farmers Agricultural Cooperative official portal is currently accessible online at

If more intend to apply for this loan or get information regarding the 2022 SEIFAC loan disbursement, then it is important to let you know that there is no date that’s set for the commencement of the SEIFAC fund payments.

And also, we recommend that you avoid listening to fake updates & news, which is currently buzzing around regarding the SEIFAC loan disbursement. Take note that this article that’s based on the SEIFAC disbursement information can possibly change with time.

Additionally, to get the best out of the updates regarding when the 2022 SEIFAC Loan payment will begin, feel free to constantly check out the SIEFAC’s Portal

If you’re yet to still apply for the SEIFAC Loan, consider the following section below, and don’t forget to share this article, and get others updated.

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How to Apply for a SEIFAC Loan

Reaching out to all the requirements and conditions is more important than completing the online application to qualify for SEIFAC.

Finding the training facilities closest to you seem to be the best way to complete the training required before SEIFAC  approves your loan request.

Consider these simple steps and apply for the SEIFAC Loan Disbursement :

  • Visit. the official Portal at
  • Enter your name and address.
  • Create an account with your valid phone number or email address.
  • Submit all necessary documents.
  • Verify the documents & enter submit.

And then, you’ll be invited to the following process stage once your application gets approved. If you need assistance through this SEIFAC Loan Disbursement Update, you just need to reach out to us via the comment box below. Also, don’t forget to share this post so others know about this update too.

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