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Shein Reviews is a trending Chinese-owned fashion retailer that sells clothes in very practical, less formal (or even casual), designs. It is a growing brand, among other online retailers globally.

The first thing people seem to notice about the company is that it provides its wares with affordable tags. Sure enough, a  cheap fashion line makes for the perfect attraction for customers shopping online.

Apart from being cheap, the clothes are actually made in different rich textiles, all of which come with smooth and dense piling. One Shein Reviews site particularly talks about the knitting and stitching patterns used in the designs. It’s quite the offer!

However, considering that reviews could get mixed feedback from product users, Shein Reviews isn’t exempt from this trend. It garners some markedly popular reviews as well. Let’s take a quick overview of the complaints on popular media platforms.

Stolen Designs

A designer, Tracy Garcia — she works on the Transformers by Tracy line —, had been on the media highlights for pointing out details coopted by Shein in its supposedly unique designs.

Other reports have similarly been forwarded regarding possible replicas that eventually trail off in Shein. Most of these reports were decrying a rip-off incidence and giving other designers a heads-up in the process.

Also, judging from Shein Reviews on media like Reddit and Quora, the designs have been made out as inscrutable from those of other retailers in circulation.

Of course, ideas are bound to coincide, but the details aren’t supposed to have exact matches on every store in sight. People seem to point out this issue with the company. We haven’t been able to verify that the individual complaints are legit, though.

The purchased Cloth Doesn’t Fit

You will see this complaint about products very often if you keep a tab on consumer feedback. So, we are not giving this section of feedback an easy pass.

Sometimes an order is easily misunderstood, although this could go both ways. Depending on the purchaser’s age bracket, gen-z tends to order in a slightly dandy way, preferring an expensive design but making payment for scruffy clothing. In that case, the money’s worth is what they get.

In one hilarious Shein Reviews platform, a user uploads a picture of a cat headwear, only this time the dog gets to wear it.

The rest of the comments are actually related to the ones already outlined above. So, we’ll just go with them.

Are the Shein Reviews Complaints Anything to Go By?

Not quite. If you set much stock by media buzz, you probably won’t get to place an order on any online retailer. Shein has catalogs of very fascinating fashion lines, including accessories like eyeglasses, headgear, socks, dolls, and more.

We outline the features, products, and other services offered by the company in this post. You can read on below for details.

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Shein Reviews: Buy Cheap Cloths, Plus Size Available

One thing we wish to tick off the box right away is the fact that Shein doesn’t go with the conventional fashion fad of trim and ripped body-type clothes.

Instead, it allows for a wide range of designs, providing items, products, and wares for plus-size purchasers. Now, although other retailers have the same plus-size stocks, they barely make it obvious. The customer will have to locate the line from an obscured department.

Shein Reviews
Shein Clothes & Cheap Accessories

So, a retailer that is in touch with the reality of practical wear that Could be suitable for all user categories certainly deserves a good trust core on Shein Reviews.

Also, the Shein prices are cheap. Sadly, this bit of information about the company has been reproduced on most Shein Reviews sites in a bad light, which gives a different cast to cheap products.

If you have seen the cheap tags in Shein Reviews voted downsides, though, kindly ignore the bulk of it. Why? The fact that a product is affordable does not mean that it is not quality stuff. People can’t just put twos together because of mainstream market strategy.

According to one reviewer, Shein is cheap and affordable because it uses fast logistics, cheap labor, and offers discounts. Most people would definitely go for these terms. In fact, the company is more popular for its affordable wares than for luxury or high-brow designs.

Reported Downside

The only report that could possibly detract from the cheap price tags on Shein products is the one that claims Shein employs — read exploits — cheap labor. Nobody has published any insights on the work conditions on the platform. So, at this stage, this might only be speculative.

Regardless, Shein says it uses fast fashion (cue logistics). That’s a lot of concepts packed in one line. Fast fashion is a dub for borderline ultra-consumerism, which thrives in highly commercial hubs like several Chinese retailers online.

Although the clothes are affordable, they are reportedly (fast fashion) made through cheap labor.

In its blog, the company has been trying to diffuse complaints about its preferred fast fashion tactic, as Shein Reviews online have begun calling it.

Here is a clip from the post.

We require our direct suppliers to certify that materials incorporated into products they supply to SHEIN comply with laws and company standards regarding slavery and human trafficking.

There is no disclosure from the company about how it enforces this ethic on its workers. By the way, the outrage is that “fast fashion” is more than a catchphrase — it is possibly the adopted ethic on the platform.

We summarize the pros and cons of the company in the section below.

Shein Reviews: Pros & Cons

As a preview, we would like to point out that the pros and cons here have been checked against Shein Reviews from both customers and former workers.


Shein is produced in large quantities in a short time, which ensures that they always have enough stock in circulation.

The products are cheap and varied.

Also, the products are easily delivered within the purchase time.

Shein provides good Customer Service.


The Fast Fashion gimmick isn’t catching on with most people.

Shein has been criticized for branding sub-par products as high-grade.

Customer service tends to provide rote automatic responses, which doesn’t solve significant concerns from customers.

Moreover, the company doesn’t seem to have any worthwhile high-grade or luxury products.

Shein Reviews: Is Shein Legit?

It clearly depends on the sort of products the user is interested in at the time. You can trust to find legit clothes from Shein if you are looking to buy from the company.

However, most prospective customers might get a moral tinge regarding the method used to produce these clothes. No matter how many times the company tries to overlook the issue by making a generally abstract statement, the fast fashion plan isn’t getting accepted — if only on moral grounds.


Shein offers legit products, although they are not a luxury brand. Also, most of these aren’t high grades.

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