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SolarMovie is one of the best hosts for streaming free TV Shows, movies, and other entertainment nuggets that piques your interest.

The platform comprises a lot of fun titles culled from popular genres like Comedy, Action, Romance, and so on.

After a long, tiring week out in the field or slogging off at your job, a good movie plug is sure a handy to cool off with on the weekends. SolarMovie is one of the best options there is online. It provides a good mix of interesting oldies, trending movies, and popular titles that could brighten your mood.

Are you looking for a free, reliable, and ad-free public torrenting platform? SolarMovie is making waves for its plethora of movie categories and TV Shows.

Well, if you have made a quick search through some user platforms online, you will have come across downsides attributed to the site. One of the most recurring cons about the site seems to be about the UI ads and the various URL clones.

This isn’t much of a problem, considering that the owners Have down some retouches here and there, with the aim of providing a user-friendly UI.

With the current iteration of the SolarMovie interface, you can easily search for your preferred movies without resorting to an endless movie library. The search function simply maps to the movie that is entered in the search box, retrieves the title, and provides the movie category.

So, the interface is neat and well-ordered with zero ads — at least, the current interface on the the domain is reasonably ad-free.

Admittedly, SolarMovie has witnessed a short downtime, during which most of the users transitioned to other alternatives. However, these last-minute substitutes can’t hope to match the vast electronic media library on

Instead of jamming the traffic by using one server path for all download requests, SolarMovie has been rebranded to accommodate more bandwidth by using several domains at once. That is why the .cc, .do, and .to domains are available online.

You can download the SolarMovie APK and use it to stream movies and access other electronic media files that you want. Learn more about this in the sections below.

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SolarMovie Features | Amazing TV Series & Movies Catalog

Most free public torrenting platforms online are well-provided with daily uploaded movies, ranging from newly-released trailers to interesting Hollywood all-time popular shows (oldies or newbies making waves on cinema).

However, these contents are often enmeshed with loads of trinket titles that could exhaust the viewers before they get to the actual interesting content. The story is different on SolarMovie. On the website, you can cut through the mass of uninteresting titles that are typically strewn on a movie site’s homepage. How is this possible? uses a prominent search function on the homepage.

On getting to the site, you will see an alternative request to revert to the older SolarMovie site. Just above this caption is a search box. No movies are available on the web homepage.

From this point, you can easily pull up a download subpage by entering the title of the movie or TV series, and then clicking on the search box. That is all it takes to find the movies on the site.

Here are some features on the website.

Easy compatibility with Android Devices

The platform, along with its APK versions, is all compatible with most android devices (tabs, phones, and more).

You need only click on the specification for android phone devices, regardless of the users’ preferred tethering. Also, the movie download options on the Android APKs are as easy to access as the ones on the website.

As long as you have the movie title or other reference, you can easily get to the actual movie subpage by following the onscreen prompt.

No Ads

Maybe there are SolarMovie spoofs online that contain loads of ads on the UI, but the current website doesn’t contain any adverts or any other files that could compromise the users’ mobile devices.

As in the movie download option, you don’t have to rummage through the clutter of irrelevant gaud media before getting to the content you want. Everything on the webpage has been cleared to provide room for a smooth and orderly search — visitors practically have to use only the search box to get to their preferred movies or TV Series.

Free App and APKs

If you are looking for a handy tool for downloading your favorite movies and TV Series, SolarMovie is well-prepped for that sort of thing. The reason is that it has released a series of movie apps and APK versions.

Before the website was revamped to include improved features on the UI, it typically had the download links for all of its recently released apps or improvised APKs.

Currently, the only utility that is remotely similar to this app is the web option, which already has several iterations online. So, pending when a new app is provided, the sites are practical substitutes with a good and intuitive UI.


The app isn’t available online at the time of writing. Regardless, we will be sure to provide an update on this post if any SolarMovie App or APK version is released.

See how to download movies from the website.

How to Download Movies & TV Series from SolarMovie

You can easily find any movie you want by following a few basic steps on the SolarMovie website. Once you have the movie title, all you need to do is to use the procedure below to complete to download without stress.

Go to the official website — click on (alternatively, use the other domain options to access the homepage)

Enter the movie (or TV Series) title in the search box.

Select Interesting Free Titles on SolarMovie!

After that, click on the search box.

Allow the movie cache to load completely, then click on the movie title result that you searched for.

Subsequently, you can go to the redirection page (if this sub-page is available) to complete the movie download process.

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