Swingheaven Tours | Bali Swing Jungle Locations & Experiences

Swingheaven is the optimum tour experience for couples, singles, or just about anyone who intends to relish the thrills of a rumble through Bali’s jungles.

It is a unique vacation spot, and yet it also provides a momentary escape for folks looking to catch a breather from a tightly-booked calendar. More to the point, the tours are affordable! So, you can check it out if you want to change the holiday vistas in your travel list.

Every package on the Swingheaven platform seems to be very specific about the sort of feature it provides for users/customers. Hence, you can find swings with water, swings over a thicket of lush green forest, and many more. They are all crafted to suit the visitors’ expectations.

Are you new to the entire Swingheaven services? Well, perhaps you have heard of the rendezvous in places like New Zealand Turkey, Bali, and so on? Each of these locations offers the same unique experiences as the other.

Typical activities on the grounds include popular sporting events like boat races, safari hikes, themed treasure hunts, and countryside cruises.

By providing an escape into a unique paradise, Swingheaven is able to capture the sort of vacation concept that appeals to its varied customers — who’re usually from different backgrounds, cities, professions, and with varied aesthetics.

All year round, there is always something in the bag for any paid customer, depending on the specific location.

You can check out the official website for the complete details on the available packages.

Let’s take a quick look at one of the tour packages, Volkswagen Safari Tour, as advertised on the site.

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Swingheaven Volkswagen Safari Tour

In this part of the package, getting down into the gritty and rolling landscape of a chosen jungle is brought in relief. The Safari tour forms the highlight of the hike into the jungle.

Also, it makes for a good view and first-hand experience of the rustic living that usually occurs in country-themed homes.

However, there is more to enjoy from these hikes than the general activities. These include:





Selfies in the wild,


And so on.

Sometimes the customer gets on a flexible package — typically through a coupon — which allows him to access more flexible features on the hike. In this case, one can usually create fascinating Pinterest-worthy concepts. Swingheaven is the perfect plug for fun.

The package is offered as VW SAFARI TOUR along with SWING HEAVEN PACKAGE. Also, it provides the entries below.

A bed in the Jungle

A stairway (specifications are probably available on your package details)

A stone mount that offers an amazing aspect of the Ayung River, including all the surroundings.

Food a la carte and drinks

Jungle swings are made to enhance different holidaying moods (romance, explore & adventure, and double swings).

Even if the tagged bookings are unavailable at the time, you can always get a similar package from similar Swingheaven sites, but this time in a different location.

Swingheaven White River Rafting

If you are interested in a tour event that coopts some sort of competition — regardless of the theme and details of the main events.

The Swingheaven package offered up for the Bali location usually features a boat race, a tandem tussle upstream, and winding rows up a river mouth. Each of these trips is provided In different activity periods, such as the ones below.

Short Trip _ one-hour (1hr) trip just along the river (the particular river isn’t specified).

Long Trip _ two-hour (2hr) trip just along the river (also, the location isn’t specified).

Swingheaven White River Rafting Price

Further, the package allows you up to eighty-dollar ($80) USD that covers your itinerary in places like Payangan, Sayan, Seminyak, Legian, Sanur, Canggu, Kuta, and Pejeng. Other than the $80 for the above sites, there is also a $70 USD that covers hotel and villa itinerary for at least two (2) people in places like Ubud.

Swingheaven Swings & Inclution

Swings are basically how Swingheaven derived its name, covering sites in the Ubud jungles, which forms the highlight of the Swingheaven Bali packages.

You can enjoy a lot of unique experiences on this package, which includes an island trip with a sort of esoteric theme about it. At this point, you get to navigate the local roadmap, go past setbacks, and bypass various hurdles on your journey with the best thrills of it all.

Enjoy Fun Swings on Swingheaven!

A typical Swingheaven Swing offers different highlights, starting from a basic road trip, a winding stair rise, and eventually the actual swing itself.

Do you want to enjoy a good road trip and a high-rise swing that overlooks a lush green jungle? If yes, Swingheaven is your best bet. No other platform offers as complete and varied a package as the platform.

It combines a good range of fun-filled events and well-structured pricing to provide the best deal for the customers. The most appealing aspect is that the individual packages have specific thrills and experiences, allowing the hikers to enjoy a wide wild jungle in safety.

Conclusion | Why Swingheaven Is the Best for Field Tours

For clarity, the field tours in the header refer to all the outdoor events and schedules that feature, safari hikes, boat skiing, swings, etc.

In all the above activities, Swingheaven provides adequate personnel that serves as tour guides and security outfit at once. Of course, this is done so professionally that it doesn’t look intrusive or very conspicuous.

Everyone gets to enjoy the trip without feeling like they’re being led all through the hassles and dangers of it. The personnel merely blend in with the tour group and provide the best guides on how to go through the roadmap  — jungle trips, boat races, adrenaline-pumping safari rides — without making the details overly obvious.

Usually, the nuanced methods for getting through the tasks are provided on request. However, since Swingheaven is available for everyone, there is a good relationship between the tour guides and the visitors. In this way, everyone feels comfortable. Anxiety is poor company for luxury hikes.

Book a trip on Swingheaven for a great experience.

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