How to Check PalmPay Account Number | Recover PalmPay Account

How to Check PalmPay Account Number

How to Check PalmPay Account Number — you can recover your PalmPay Account Number in a few steps, since PalmPay app automatically generates one for each customer using a simple format. Similarly, you can as well check your account balance using the mobile app. It takes getting familiar with the basic app features to learn … Read more

GTBank Fixed Deposit Rate | 4.95% Best Bank Interest Rates for Customers

GTBank Fixed Deposit Rate

As a customer, you can access the GTBank Fixed Deposit Rate of up to 4.95% by meeting the annual deposit sum and other criteria. Currently, GTBank looks to promote a good relationship with its customers and hopefully, get them to use other GTCo packages. They already have the targets working nicely with their mobile banking … Read more

UBA Fixed Deposit Interest Rate 2023 | Nigerian Banks Rate

UBA Fixed Deposit Interest Rate 2023_an account of short-term investment that enables you to deposit a particular amount of fund, and receive interest at the end of the investment period, which is from 30 to 180 days. Immediately you fund your Fixed deposit account, you cannot withdraw the fund until the certified time. However, if … Read more

How Much Does Moniepoint Charge Per Transaction & POS

How much does Moniepoint charge per transaction

Once you get to use the Moneipoint transaction services, you might be wondering “How Much Does Moniepoint Charge Per Transaction?” not only that, you’ll also ask how much is the Moneipoint POS charges? Do not bother yourselves in searching the whole internet for the right amount of charge Moneipoint collects for all their transaction services, … Read more

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