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Toy Street Reviews — shop the best deals in one of the UK’s biggest online toy retailers, Toy Shop, and get freebies on how it works, and event updates, including slides from popular Disney Animations.

The unmatched Toy Street creativity speaks volumes. If you go through the daily uploaded games, you can find intuitive games to add to your collection.

Also, they do not work on complicated models, although the brilliance of the idea is still intact.

If you are a fan of simple and fascinating games, then this platform is for you. But before you start on the store, ensure you have a good preview of the Toy Street Reviews online.

As is the case with most deliveries, Toy Street products tend to have mixed reactions from customers, considering the poor rating it gets on feedback platforms like Trustpilot. But on the whole, the platform is quite a viable option with more deals for customers.

Here is a brief look at some of the feedback.

Package Damaged During Delivery

One of the first negative votes on the Toy Street Reviews Trustpilot page only ticked a red star with a scar title Avoid This Shop. What was amiss? Apparently, the customer paid 180 pounds for Wooden Kitchen but was disappointed in seeing that parts of the toy are damaged upon delivery.

Subsequently, he contacts the CS, which promises a quarter chargeback but never paid it.

That’s a red flag, especially considering that this was purchased as a Christmas Gift. Regardless, there are other Toy Street Reviews attached to the same page too. So, we’ll look to these reviews for perspective.

Are There Any Positive Toy Street Reviews At All?

Yes, if you scroll down the page a bit. In fact, the fumbled delivery is the only downvote on the page. The chunk of reviews following it are decidedly positive.

On the site, you see people appreciating the site for delivering just what was ordered. That’s a breather from the online vendor issues rife with retailers.

What Does This Show?

Of course, it points out that the Toy Street Reviews online are clearly in favor of the company. Toy Street has 3.8 of 4 stars on the page. The same pattern recurs in most of the other popular customer Toy Street Reviews feedback sites.

Although this isn’t necessarily a consensus, It helps you to know if the products are viable at all. Toy Street ticks all the positive scores.

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Toy Street Reviews | Gift Delivery & Drop Offs

Suppose someone wishes to purchase a Toy Street toy, where does he place an order and who delivers the products? That’s easily solved. You can do all of these on the official website, especially for UK residents.

Toy Street Headquarters is located in Norwich, England, making it a handy drop-off for gift toys, which Is precisely what people use the products for.

With the platform, you can get your little ones a gift. The website has many options in stock. So, you can select any piece of your preference, make payments, then wait for delivery.

Also, you can expect special deliveries — Yodels!

The idea of dispatch riders merely going by the Delivery tag is getting quite stale, more so if a kiddies’ toy store uses it. In this case, Toy Street decides to get creative once more with its dispatch.

So, when you expect a delivery underway, look out for a Yodel instead.

Does Toy Street support international deliveries? Yes, but it depends on a few details, which in turn means that you will part with extra cash.

As the company does not have any foreign dispatch, it uses alternative itineraries — shipping. This process factors in the weight of the product, delivery time, etc. However, this service is not constant, depending entirely on proximity to England.

We summarize the pros and cons of Toy Street Reviews in the section below.

Toy Street Pros & Cons

Generally, there isn’t any technical issue with the platform. The problems that have been reported by a few customers are mostly due to Issues that develop during delivery.

Further, the available Toy Street Reviews may be influenced by the fact that most of the company’s customers are close to the company. It doesn’t really cater much to prospects outside the UK.


  • It uses intuitive and simple game rules that kids can relate to.
  • The games are easy to pick up without much prodding
  • It supports delivery to a broad customer base, including abroad deliveries.
  • Toy Street is affordable
  • Yodel arrives typically within 24 hours, although this isn’t guaranteed.


  • The CS is only functional on weekends
  • Despite attempting to resolve reported issues, the CS tend to offer terms that they end up not meeting.
  • Products can be damaged during delivery (but this doesn’t happen often).
  • Abroad deliveries are slow and relatively expensive.


Toy Street is quite good for kids’ early learning stage development. It doesn’t use methods that would require monitoring by an older person. Also, the games are quite immersive and exciting, which makes it easy for the kids to catch on to.

Below are some Toy Street brands to try out.

By Brands

Posh Paws

Toy Street Reviews
Buy Posh Paws from Toy Street
  • RavensBurger
  • Lego
  • Star Wars
  • Suki
  • Tenderleaf
  • TY

By Categories

  • Pre-School
  • Puzzles
  • Soft Toys
  • Sale
  • Outlet
Toy Street Reviews
Cuddly Dolls from Toy Street
  • LEGO
  • 3D Puzzles
  • Football
  • Building
  • Bathtime
  • Bikes
  • Scooters
  • Educational
  • Party Bags

Toy Street Reviews Conclusion | Is It Legit?

Does Toy Street sell good toys? The answer is YES, of course. You can get toys for multiple purposes — as gifts, educational toys, recreational, etc.

One thing that catches the eye about the toys is how practical and easy it is to use. No additional preps are required, once you have the details in the appended manuals. You can easily teach your kid how to use the toy.

Moreover, the delivery period, 24 hours, is a good deal. Overall, Toy Street gets a 90% trust rating on popular Toy Street Reviews sites.


Toy Street is legit and quite viable. It supports chargebacks and offers generally good customer service.

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