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Tubidy Mobile _ provides an exotic song list, culled from different genres like afrobeat, afro-fusion, soul/RnB, Pop, and so on.

And it doesn’t just stop at the audio music chart! Tubidy Mobile also contains quality videos of these songs, allowing users to easily download the songs in their preferred video quality. If you have a 3G mobile device, consider using the 3GP file download option.

However, the site isn’t limited to the low-data vid options, since Mp4-upward content is also available on the website.

Right off the bat, the following options are easily accessible on the platform:

  • Share and upload vids/audio,
  • Refer other users to a favorite,
  • Download files (all kinds of media files uploaded on the website).

The best deal yet is that these contents are available for free. You don’t even have to sign up or generate an avatar before accessing the platform (unless you wish to upgrade to My Account). So, what does it take to get started?

Find out in this article.

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Tubidy Mobile: What to Expect

From the get-go, you will enjoy an orderly and updated platform, with an uncluttered user interface. That is the first impression visitors have about Tubidy, especially as most third-party sites tend to feature click baits and harmful malware. So, zero unnecessary icons on Tubidy Mobile also means less harm to your device.

Also, you can expect the following typical features from the platform.

Categories _ contains vids and other uploads arranged in different caches according to search results. For Example, you can find Popular Searches, Favorites, All Time Searches, etc.

Recently Viewed _ shows the recent uploads, which could also contain the latest Eps from your favorite artists.

Top Videos _ includes the most searched vids, selecting from any of the previously-mentioned categories.

Further, you get to manage a private space saved as My Account, but you may need to create a profile to get started.

Here, as in all referenced music download websites, the categories allow the user to get to contents without any instance of accidentally downloading undesired files.

So, along with a zero-icon interface, the Tubidy Mobile provides an ordered dossier for users to easily retrieve their preferred content. At least, this reduces the stress and amount of time spent downloading songs online. You don’t see this feature often, especially from third-party sites.

Although you need not get an in-platform profile to download a song, you may need to create one to transition to the fun part of the website. You also get to explore once you upgrade to the profile stage. What happens next?

My Account

Under the Tubidy Mobile My Account, you can access the following features: Upload, My Playlist, My Stats, and other Sign-in/Sign-out portals for accessing your profile.

Moreover, you get to experiment with your playlist, culling only the grooves that brighten your day. Tubidy Mobile playlists typically function as the users’ library (same as in Audiomack or Boom Play) and, among other things, allow the users to do the following operations on the platform.

Set the playlist on repeat,

Repeat only the current song (the song playing at the moment),

Random play (indicated by a shuffle symbol) randomly selects entries from the list and plays them.

Top Searches

One thing is sure better than Search Boxes on an interface _ search suggestions. While searching content on Tubidy Mobile, you may likely get search suggestions detailing the top searches in the last twenty-four (24) hours at least.

It also displays the trends, allowing the user to get the latest entries on the site without any stress at all.

Alternatively, you can use a more direct (less random than relying on suggestions) approach by clicking on the Search Box. Then search for the song you wish to download and click on the best result that pops up.

N/B: you may need to avoid random uploads and remixes from some upcoming artists or mashups from DJs using the site.

Additionally, you can set visibility to the desired range, which can vary from local to global. All you have to do is click on an icon showing the switch tag.

History/My Recently Viewed

It shows you your most recent activities online, detailing your last streams, viewed media, and uploaded files.

Also, it allows you to delete some options, since the Tubidy Mobile My Recently Viewed doubles as a backlog of sorts. On the bright side, you can easily recover a lost title or bookmark (on other media) by checking the My Recently Viewed cache. In that way, you will see the desired titles. So, it’s a reliable repository, if only in the short term.

Tubidy Stats

Unlike the typical app starts that tracks profile visits, impressions, recent activities tags, etc., Tubidy Stat merely shows an access portal.

Once you sign into (or log out) the platform, the activity is logged in your Tubidy My Stats, showing that the activity somehow uses a part of your data. It could be a red flag for people who do not accept cookies from a third-party website, especially on a non-subscribed media platform.


You can make your own songs and upload them under an eye-catchy header on Tubidy. That is the part of the site that allows you to explore unless you wish to stick to the more popular pattern of sharing trending songs with other users on the site.

One single downside to this feature it is not compatible with user tags, meaning that you may not be able to tag other users.

N/B: you can upload a song after ticking all the T&C boxes and selecting your desired music.

See below for how to download songs from Tubidy Mobile on your mobile phone.

Download Mp3 & Mp4 Songs from Tubidy

As we mentioned at the start, you can download songs in different formats from the Tubidy Mobile platform, including files in Mp4 or Mp3 vid (or audio), using only the search box. Here are the steps involved.

  • On the official website, search for the artist’s name (or the artist’s trending song).
  • Select the preferred title from the Search Results
  • Set a vid download quality (Mp4 might become blurry once compressed and uploaded, leaving Mp3 as the better option of the two).
  • Also, select a folder to save the video (or audio you wish to download).

After the last step, your video will download immediately without further cues on the interface.

If you find it hard to download from the site, despite attempting the above steps, consider signing up for a Tubidy My Account. Use the following procedure to create a profile easily.

How to Sign-up on Tubidy

  • Visit the website (tubidy.com)
  • Select My Account and then opt for Login/Sign-up
  • Enter your Sign-In details and generate a password and username.
  • Retrieve the validation code and confirm it in the specified box.
  • Finally, you can click on the register/sign-up icon.

Where necessary, indicate your gender and current age as such information factors into the suggestions you are likely to get from the app. Remember, it uses cookies to personalize the user experience.

Subsequently, you can sign into your website whenever you wish to use your now-functional account via the steps below.

  • Go to tubidy.com
  • Either use the usual login icon or click on My Account.
  • Select the Sign-in option and enter your password and username.
  • Finally, click on Login.


Tubidy is a third-party website with several domains (and possible clones). As such, some users may not be eager to use the site, especially as the cookie issue could become worrisome. You can see variations like .com, net. co, Mobi, etc. domains.

If you would rather use a more reliable platform for downloading songs, consider the following options.

Boom Play




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