UCLA Waitlist 2022/2026 | Stats, Dates & Acceptance Rates

UCLA Waitlist: The University of California, Los Angeles is at the top of the list of universities in California, and getting admission into such a university is quite hard for someone who wants to study in California.

Actually, a waitlist is to place a student on a list containing people’s info vouching/waiting for a thing that is not yet on but will be available in the near future. Meanwhile, the UCLA waitlist is one of the most competitive & selective lists in the country.

Read on below and find out more about the UCLA waitlist, how to apply, its acceptance rate, how it works, how to get off the list, the UCLA waitlist decision date for the 2022/2026 session, and how to be rejected, and go off the waitlist.

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About the UCLA Waitlist

According to UCLA, they estimated a total number of 4,912 applicants who applied to the undergraduate program in the year 2017. Among all the applicants, only 805 were admitted from the waitlist. This means that only 85% of students had the full opportunity to study at UCLA.

Students who applied for the undergraduate program at UCLA are placed on a waiting list. And the students will be informed by the institution’s admission staff if they eventually got admitted into the institution.

The waitlists seem to be a popular opportunity for students who have the prospect of further study, and students who end up applying on the waitlist are higher than the existing places on the waitlist.

When will the UCLA waitlist be released for the 2022/2026 class?

There are no fixed decisions yet as to when the UCLA waitlist will be released, we suggest you wait some more, due to the fact that the list can come out at any time. Therefore, it will be good if you check on the UCLA official waitlist portal for updates on a weekly basis, if not daily.

What was the last acceptance rate for UCLA?

The previous acceptance rate for UCLA in 2021 was 5.9%

How does Waitlist work at UCLA?

UCLA is operated by enabling students who have not been offered & accepted into an accredited institution for a major to align themselves on the waitlist with their majors listed as well.

And then after the general admission, if there is an open space for the major which you applied for on the waitlist, you might be offered  an admission to study the major to cover up the spot.

Being on the UCLA Waitlist, What does it mean?

Bieng among those waitlisted for the UCLA admission means that you have completed and passed all the requirements for admission. But the UCLA has not yet reviewed your application for the major which you are to study.

Actually, being on the waitlist does not mean that you have being considered for admission, but it means that you have the chance of getting admitted into the institution, when an available spot comes up in your major.

What if you want to take your name off the UCLA waitlist, do you think that there is chance of getting off the list? See the next section below.

Get Off the UCLA waitlist? Is there a Chance?

The recommended way of getting off the waitlist is to instantly decline the offer once you receive an email about the waitlist after your initial application into the UCLA. Also, you can easily contact the Admission office, and ask that your name should be removed from the list via emailing.

The UCLA Waitlist Decision Date for 2022/2026 Class

You might want to ask, when the UCLA waitlist will coming out public? Currently, there are not specific dates of when the waitlist decisions will be out publicly.

However, we know that the waitlist admission will only be successful for on LUCK, because chances of getting admitted via the waitlist is very low as of now.

Similar process also applies to transfer students, first-year students who wants to apply during the Early decision/Early action. Meanwhile, be cool and keep on checking your application status at least every week till the decision date is out.

Conclusion – FAQs on the UCLA Waitlist

Applicants are fond of asking questions like these while the waitlist application form is still on:

How many applicants get waitlisted on the UCLA waitlist?

The amount of applicants varies as the years go on, so there is not specific amount of applicants that get waitlisted on the UCLA waitlist. However, it can be estimated to about 10-30% of applicants who have chance of getting waitlisted.

Can you get rejected after being waitlisted?

The answer is No, there no way of being rejected after you’ve being waitlisted. However, there is one way of knowing if you’ve been accepted, and that is to receive an informal letter from the UCLA school of your choice.

What are my chances of getting off the waitlist?

All you are to for now is to apply on time, before the application ends, tale note of the school’s requirements, and follow instructions carefully.

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