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Wapday is a website that provides free download links for games, themes, mp3 music, photos, and Mp3 videos. You do not have to create an account to access the content on this site.

Regardless of the kind of smartphone you are using, Wapday offers the best content that you can get from any third-party music streaming site. But specifically, Wapay is pro-game, as it has files and mods for trending and popular Android games.

If you are looking for legit URLs that you can use to download interesting games, then check out the Wapday Categories below.

PPSSPP files for trending game mods (this allows you to play your favorite Android games on PSP without losing the resolution or speed).

iOS (Wapday also provides access to games for iOS devices, crushing the large data size to only a megabyte)

Download free Games on WAP DAY.com.ng

APK Games

Java Games — includes typical 2D games and PES football matches for Java OS devices.

PC Games — check the website for the broad range of free PC Games provided for free.

The best part of it all is that you do not have to create a profile or subscribe to the platform to get these games. It only takes clicking on the relevant site categories to access the game franchises on the list. As long as you have a device, you can easily download and play as many games as you want.

How do you find a suitable Wapday game for your smartphone? Of course, this determines the sort of games you can play, unless you have all the widgets for every game type on the site. See below for details.

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Free Wapday Games | Download PPSSPP & PC Games on Wapday.com

Depending on the type of games you wish to play, WapDay offers the varied categories explained below.

iOS Games

This is mostly for football. It covers different leagues in Europe, including the Premier League and the Spanish League (La Liga). Although the EPL is the main focus of the iOS game versions on the site, other outings are also uploaded on the site. These include Bundesliga and Italian standoffs like the Scudetto.

If you would like to play iOS games (available to only iOS devices), use the procedure below.

Go to wapday.com.ng,

Click on iOS from the categories outlined on the homepage.

Then select your preferred league match from the game options on the iOS page once it loads.

Search iOS Games to download Premier League and La Liga Games

You can choose from Ranked Matches, Live Arenas, Career Match, Elite Duel, etc.

Finally, use the onscreen prompt to download and play the game on your iOS smartphone.

APK Games

Instead of iOS games, which are off-limits to non-iOS device users, you can get APK games for your Android smartphone. Don’t worry about the downgrade to APK mods, you will still find the same game types in this category.

Here is a sneak peek at the APK Games available on Wapday.

Download Fifa 16 mod 23 apk obb data

Download Fifa 16 Mod 23 APK Mobile ANDROID

Download the Latest CR7 Matches in Al Nasr

Football Manager 23 APK OBB

Mogul Cloud APK. Play PC Games On mobile Android Devices

Wapday provides download links for these franchises so that users can enjoy the matches offline. Going by the Mod upgrades for Android (from v4+ upwards), these matches are typically rendered in HD format. So, you can enjoy the games with the APK alternative since it is as good as the iOS Games.


In this category, you can find titles from wrestling matches, movies (such as Mortal Kombat), and soccer. They may not be available in similar high-quality formats as the iOS or higher versions of APK games on the site. Regardless, they are regularly updated and don’t require subscriptions.

Below are some titles that you can download and play offline from Wapday.com.

WWE 2K23 Highly Compressed PPSSPP ISO


Play WWE Matches with the likes of Brock Lesner and Roman Reigns


eFootball PES 23 PPSSPP ISO Qatar Edition

eFootball 23 PPSSPP ISO with CR7 in al-Nasr

Other interesting files & contents you can find & download from the Wapday official platform are wallpaper, animations, java games, and game cheats for those who love playing hacked games.

The platform has created different interfaces for different devices so that a particular game will be compatible with your device. If you are using a Java/Symbian device, there are different interfaces for those devices comparing them to games found on Android/PC devices.

Free Wapday Android Market

This is a game market on Wapday.com that is specifically created for Android sma. Also, it offers you all the needed games, apps, wallpapers, themes, videos, and many more. It is a tad like Play Store, where you can search and download any game or theme using just the title tag.

However, to complete a download process, Wapday usually redirects to a PlayStore page for that game. The same thing happens for the iOS Games, PPSSPP, and APK Games. You can then complete the download from the redirection subpage.

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How to Download Games from Wapday.com

For those making use of devices different from an Android, please visit www.wapday.com, and find & download all the apps, and games you want on your mobile device.

Can you download games & other content on this platform? The process is easy, all are to do first is to ensure that you have enough space & storage for the content you want to download to be successful.

Consider the size of the file you are downloading, and the level of storage you have, if you eventually have enough, you can go ahead & download the contents on your device.

Also, ensure that your browsing data & network is stable to avoid hanging or the download being canceled during the download process. And then, follow the procedures below:

  • Open a web browser on your phone.
  • Click on the address bar and search wapday.com.
  • On the page, search, locate, and click on the Game or app you want to download and click on them to open in a new tab.
  • Click on the Download button, and then wait for the game/app file to finish downloading, whichever content you are downloading you are to apply these same procedures.
  • And then, install the content, and enjoy your time.

See the concluding part of this article, and find out questions & answers people review on Wapday.com and the fact that “if the platform is safe or not for download?“.

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Conclusion | WapDay FAQs

What are Wapday features?

Some of Wapday’s features are:

  • Free games cheat & game downloads
  •  Free mp3 music downloads
  • Android Apps Downloads
  • You can now watch movies online on Wapday.com
  • Download free themes online
  •  Download free wallpapers and photos
  • Free 3D Animations
  • Full-length video clips downloads etc.

For more interesting features on Wapday, you can visit the official site & find out for yourselves.

How do I visit WapDay?

Visiting the Wapday platform is easy, you just need to follow the procedures below:

  • Open your browser, and search for Wapday or click the LINK.
  • Among the search result provided on your browser navigate through the first page, locate the Wapday official web link/URL, and click on the link to take you directly to the platform.
How do I download games on Wapday?

Downloading games on Wapday is easy, follow the steps below:

  • Visit the Wapday official platform (wapday.com).
  • Search & locate the games you want to download, and click on it
  • On the games’ download page, find the download button and click on it
  • It will redirect you to the Google play store, where you can download the games officially on your Android device or iOS.
Is Wapday Games compatible with Android devices?

There is an Android Market on Wapday.com, which is basically created for Android devices. It offers you all the needed games, apps, wallpapers, themes, videos, and many more. This is not like the Google play store, although they are somewhat similar. Its contents, options, and features are much more limited compared to Play Store.

For further updates on Wapday, and its interesting features, feel free to visit this platform again at Start Easy Crypto, and don’t forget to share our content. Leave a comment below if necessary.

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