Who Owns Bet9ja | Biography | Career & Net Worth Answered

Since when Bet9ja was launched online & established as a physical betting brand & company, have you ever wondered Who Owns Bet9ja, his biography, career, and net worth?  If yes, you might also be looking for answers, which we have installed in this article for you. See below.

Who Owns Bet9ja – Full Biography

Unlike other people’s opinions, Kunle Soname is the major owner, founder, and chairman of Bet9ja. He’s the one who established the betting company in Nigeria in the year 2013.

And also, Kunle is a politician, entrepreneur, and sports lover. Bet9ja seems to be tagged as one of the best betting companies in Nigeria, and across Nigeria. It is a company that pays off sports lovers & players cash for just predicting game scores and other related betting activities.

Kunle Soname is a married citizen of Nigeria, bonded with Kemi Soname and his dear daughter. This article explains everything you need to know about Kunle Soname’s biography, career, lifestyle, background, and Net worth, so keep on reading…

Who Owns Bet9ja
Kunle Soname – Bet9ja’s Owner & CEO

Kunle’s Background & Education

Kunle Soname is a citizen & bonified person of Ogun State, who went to Federal Government College for his SEC. school. Also, Kunle is a graduate of Lagos State University (LASU). He graduated in the year 1996, with a bachelor’s degree in Political science.

Even though Kunle is an entrepreneur and the owner/CEO of Bet9ja, his not that popular & known to many who use Bet9ja, because of the little information that was discovered about Kunle Soname.

See about his Career in the following section of this article…

Kunle’s Career As the Owner of Bet9ja

As a graduate of Political science (1996), Kunle Soname involved himself in Politics in the year 2003. He was then elected as the Chairman of Ikosi-Ikori Local Government till 2011 when he left his position.

Who Owns Bet9ja

Moreover, Kunle is the owner of Remo Stars Football Club that’s currently located & seen in Ogun State. The club was previously named FC DENDER and was founded in 2004.

Later on, in 2013, Kunle Soname and Ayo Ojuroye established Bet9ja as one of the best betting companies in Nigeria. Bet9ja Betting brand is currently managed by KC Gaming Networks Limited including many shareholders in the company.

Meanwhile, Ayo Ojuroye seems to be the current CEO of the company, while Kunle Soname is the major owner of Bet9ja.

Soname’s Family & Relationship


Who Owns Bet9ja
Kunle Soname’s Family

Kunle Soname, Who Owns Bet9ja is happily married to Kemi Soname with a Beautiful daughter, Erioluwa.

As said earlier, Kunle is not that popular & known to many who use Bet9ja, because of the little information that was discovered about Kunle Soname.

Kunle Soname’s Age

We refuse to give false information about Kunle, which is why we would honestly tell you that we were only able to get little information about Kunle Soname, which was accessible to the public. So, till now Kunle Soname’s age is still unknown to many. Who Owns Bet9ja.

Kunle’s Net Worth

Bet9ja was estimated as the 3rd most visited platform in Nigeria, excluding Google and Youtube. Also, Bet9ja is popular & licensed by the Lagos State Lotteries Board (LSLB). This means that the betting company contributes enough to the wealth of Kunle Soname as the owner of the company.

In accordance with online reports, we discovered that Kunle’s net worth is estimated at about $100 million. He is tagged as one of the richest men in Nigeria and is reported as the first Nigerian to buy a European Club.

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