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Yelp Reviews — offering career options, holiday spots, lifestyle, and generally top-class restaurant services, Yelp has garnered increasing positive trust scores polled from customers.

It covers a broad range of services that you may possibly wish to enjoy at any restaurant, regardless of one’s preferences. Yelp has great cuisine and maintains the same policy across several service categories.

Also, it offers a mobile app, which allows the user to easily access the items on the menu, besides the other food options that are readily provided on the prompt.

Periodically, Yelp supports a careers placement program that is not only inclusive but also receptive to all genders.

It looks to be a good platform for business. But how good is it?

Let us begin with a popular feedback spot, Yelp Reviews on Trustpilot. Most people aren’t satisfied with the restaurant generally, considering that it has only a 1.5 score out of a total of 5 stars.

Company Selects Only Positive Yelp Reviews

You don’t often come across a company that tweaks its consumer feedback box, but Yelp might just be the outlier case here.

According to this customer, Yelp is unprofessional and meddlesome. It tends to interfere with the feedback, retaining only the positive reviews and discarding those that point out lapses in the company’s services.

Algorithm Is Overhyped

Just a little way down, another customer asserts that the company manipulates reviews, corroborating the previous feedback.

Impliedly, the company doesn’t have any algorithms to match its storied advert giant status. So, the person alleges that Yelp crops some of the reviews out of the front end, pending an advert subscription from a client.

Site Is Useful — A Yelp Reviews Poster

Refreshingly, all the reviews aren’t negative — although a good number are downvotes —, which leaves room for improvement.

Here, this Yelp Reviews poster on the site says that the site is ultimately useful because people reference it for reliable information. This doesn’t contradict the previous remarks from other Yelp Reviews that the site is crappy, though.

So, is the thrust of the whole discussion that Yelp has its downsides although it is ultimately useful? Not exactly, as someone reports seeing his private info published on the site without his consent. That’s a red flag.

What Does Yelp offer and why is it getting downvoted? Let’s find out in this article.

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Yelp Reviews | Optimizes Businesses Via Online Reviews

Yelp does the same thing as Google My Business. It offers almost the same features, except this time reviewers get to publish their reviews which helps clients make decisions.

Customers will also use the Platform to get useful information about the services, reach, and items offered by the company. That is what Yelp offers — reliable unbiased reviews and adverts. While many clients have keyed into the range of services, some of the reviewers are unsatisfied with the strategy used by the platform.

Regardless of the negative Yelp Reviews though, the services remain the same, no alterations have been made so far.

Some of the covered services include the ones below.

Restaurants — Delivery, Reservations, Thai, Japanese, Burger, Chinese, Mexico, etc.

Yelp Reviews
Yelp Crab Meal

Home Services — Home Cleaners, Contractors, Landscaping, Locksmiths, Movies, Plumbers, etc.

Auto Services — Auto Detailing, Parking, Towers, Auto Repairs, Car Dealers, etc.

It offers other services along with these ones.

Most Yelp users (apart from those who post reviews on the website) find it helpful and handy in the long run, despite any problems with advert policies. So, the Yelp Reviews may get better once the company goes through a few checks.


Yelp isn’t anything remotely close to being crappy. On the contrary, it remains one of the best business optimization sites, albeit behind several names that have better upvote counts and user feedback.

How to Download Yelp App on Play Store

You can download the mobile app, which typically contains the same features as the official web portal. Also, you get to access any feature on the site easily.

Here is a brief procedure for downloading the app.

Go to Google Play Store.

Search “Yelp: Food, Delivery & Reviews”

Yelp Reviews
Download Yelp on Play Store

Check that the app is provided by Yelp, Inc. (It contains ads and has over 50M+ downloads).

Yelp is rated T (can be used by teenagers).

Once you have verified these details, click on the INSTALL button.

You can expect to get a good list of businesses in your locale, restaurant reservations, food delivery, pet sitter, home services, reviews, etc.

As outlined on the Google Play page for Yelp, the company “…connects people with great local businesses! The one-stop travel & local app to discover nearby favorites.”

Pros & Cons

Most of Yelp Reviews online tend to point out one thing about the company — it is grossly remiss about providing balanced reviews.

However, there are still many takeaways for customers, and positive ones too. So, below are some of the pros and cons of Yelp.


  • It offers very competitive business advert options
  • Yelp reviews are widely used, especially in the US
  • It is generally affordable
  • The company offers a mobile app that has all the requisite features that are also available on the website.
  • It has a reliable CS on all platforms.
  • Yelp App has a 4.5 star on Play Store, despite the low rating the platform gets on feedback sites.


  • Yelp has a generally poor trust score on many review platforms.
  • It interferes with the uploaded reviews, putting up only positive ones.

Conclusion | Is Yelp a Viable Option?

To get a balanced idea of how good or bad the company’s services are, consider comparing feedback from different Yelp Reviews platforms. Likely, those reviews submitted within similar periods will tend to be quite similar (and they are usually negative ones).

Further, the services seem to pale in comparison to the reported downsides, but this isn’t the scale of Yelp’s oversight in reality, although the company ought to address specific reports.


Yelp isn’t reliable for unbiased reviews most of the time. However, it offers generally good services.

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